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from Our Previous TiVo and TiVo Upgrade Sales

We receive a lot of great feedback from our TiVo, DirecTV, and repair customers. We have listed some of those comments below. We hope that our customers' comments give you some insight into our product quality and service.

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2021-12-02   Dear Sir or Ma’am: I received my TiVo Bolt with the hard drive upgrade (500 GB to 2TB) with the premium option to copy my contents to the new drive. I am completely satisfied with the results. You are welcome to use this testimonial if you desire: I purchased a new TiVo Bolt in October, 2018 with a 500GB drive (i.e. 75 hours). For various reasons, this capacity quickly proved to be woefully inadequate. On one of the occasions that TiVo was planning to replace this unit under warranty, I offered to pay the price difference for the larger hard drive. I was informed that the only way to get a larger drive would be to purchase a new TiVo. This was cost prohibitive since I would then loose the lifetime subscription on my current TiVo. After my extended warrantee expired, I decided to purchase a 2TB hard drive with the premium service so that I would not loose any data. I was cautiously optimistic about this process and also a bit uneasy. My TiVo was recently returned to me and it works flawlessly. I am completely satisfied with the service. I saved more than $600 versus buying a new TiVo with the same capacity and lifetime subscription. Note to potential customers who live on the east coast: You may want to opt to pay extra for 2-day shipping (both to and from) so that you will ensure a turn-around of less than two weeks. More than that, and it becomes necessary to perform an extra initialization process to get channel guide data. It won’t be as severe as getting a blank (i.e. formatted only) hard drive, but not as simple as “plug and play”.
Mike C., Summerville, SC
2021-01-22   "I recently purchased your TiVo Roamio fan replacement kit...what a pleasure! Providing the not so common Torx tools shows superior foresight and a recipe for success! The YouTube video was very clear and concise and made the replacement very simple. The whole process took less than 30 minutes and the annoying fan noise is gone. Your kind of attention to detail is becoming more and more rare these days and it is refreshing to see customer service and concern still exists."
Keith Martin, Hesston, KS
2020-11-05   "Thank you for great service, support and forums. Weaknees surpasses TIVO in all three areas. We have been TIVO users since the beginning and your company is truly a standout. The recommendations to replace the aging fan in our Premiere 4xl and to change to the RF remote were spot on. The refurbished Roamio OTA is working great as well. I had to troubleshoot a menu issue on the Premiere and the help forum resolved the issue while I am still waiting for TIVO next level support to respond (it has been 3 days). Again, thank all of you from sales to support to the web team without whom I would not own my two TIVOS (3, but retired 1 out of stupidity)."
Craig Lewis, Tampa, FL
2020-05-26   "nstalled my repaired Model 3 TiVo yesterday and everything works as new!! Also, all my materials that were on the old HD got put on the new HD perfectly as well as the transferring of my lifetime license – I could not be happier or more satisfied with your work, and also with your reasonable pricing. Please convey my thoughts and thanks to whomever did the repair work – I believe I spoke with him when I called to ask a question about your ability to move the materials on the old HD to the new one. Feel free to use my review as you see fit."
Bill McCabe, Hillsboro, Oregon
2019-08-17   "Hello WeaKnees,I just wanted to share how happy I was with your installation instructions. The TiVo Bolt is rather a mystery to get into, but your instructions were clear and I was easily able to do the installation! Thanks! Sincerely,Bryan Morris"
Bryan Morris, Albuquerque, NM
2019-08-16   "Hi Guys. I almost never write something like this...but I think your work and company are so exemplary that I just wanted to let you know. I recently had work done on one of my TiVo units..the second time I have sent you a product. Without fail, you guys consistently repair a unit quickly and professionally and get it returned almost immediately...at a very fair rate. You guys are always available and responsive to questions and concerns and I've always appreciated that. Your website is straightforward and works well, quickly processing orders and information. I really appreciate the work you have done on my Tivo.....and it's always a pleasure to deal with you guys when circumstances dictate. Again, Thanks!"
Morrow Fisher, Safety Harbor, FL
2019-08-14   "Many thanks to Weaknees for your fine TiVo products and excellent customer service. I want to express my appreciation for your superior service. Here's my story: This past weekend I realized my TiVo HD was going bad. So I placed an order with Weaknees on Sunday. The replacement drive came today! My TiVo is now repaired. The installation of your HD took only a fraction of the time that it took to go through the TiVo complete setup process! Here are several factors that I really appreciate about your customer service. 1. You sent our the replacement HD USPS Priority Mail so I got the part very quickly at no additional charge. 2. Your installation instructions are very well written. 3. You included the Torx tools so that I had everything I needed to make the replacement. 4. Your replacement HDs allowed me to maintain my TiVo lifetime service. I've had that on one unit for over 16 years! This is the 3rd Weaknees replacement drive I've installed in 2 TiVo Series 2 Units. The HD in 1 unit has been replaced twice (because I've owned the units for so long!). Maybe one of these days I'll 'graduate' to the TiVo Bolt. Meanwhile I'm very thankful I can keep my TiVo Series 2 units running thanks to Weaknees. THANK YOU! :-) HAVE A GREAT DAY! "
Jim Negro, Wellesley, MA
2018-12-26   "Wow am I thrilled I found you guys! Drive replacement and instructions were perfect ... nice touch including the torx tools. I found time to get it replaced and reprogrammed in time for a Christmas morning surprise for my wife, and you know what they say about a happy wife:) Thank You!"
Steve Jaeb, Wake Forest, NC
2018-12-03   "Just wanted to let you know that I received my update kit today. Did the install and all went fine, this was actually a repair because my hard drive crashed."
Harrington Park, NJ
2018-10-18   "I'd like to commend you for quick service. I ordered on Sunday, you shipped Monday and I had the new drive by 4pm Wednesday on the East Coast. Your directions were clear and I changed out the drive and had the system up and running Wed night. I had a bit of a problem getting the Tivo software to recognize my wireless network, but we restarted the system several times and eventually we worked through it. Thanks for your advice and quick service. "
Paul Ryan, Arlington, VA
2018-08-19   "I recently ordered and installed the TiVo Roamio 846500 TiVo Upgrade Kit: Replacement 500 GB hard drive. The directions were very simple and straight forward, very easy to follow. I was able to swap out the hard drive in my TiVo and be back up and running in just a few minutes. I can highly recommend this product. PS.. Ive been a PC tech for the past 20 years so that helped "
Dennis Barnes, Cottage Hills, IL
2018-08-05   "I ordered and received the recommended adapter within 5 days. I hooked it up and after a little tweaking it was up and running. Thank you again for your continued support. You guys/gals are GREAT!! You're fast, efficient and always there with an answer/solution. I LOVE dealing with WeaKnees. You are a Godsend to TIVO owners."
Bernadette Doherty, Deer Park, NY
2018-05-24   "Received my new hard drive and fan last evening. Thank you thank you thank you. Was amazed at the fast shipping. The hard drive was simple to install along with the fan, and now I have a working and quiet TiVo. Again thank you thank you thank you."
Raymond Glas Jr., Madison, WI
2018-02-18   "Thank you Weaknees. You helped me breath new live into my 10 year old series 3. Your website is great. It is clear you are TIVO experts. Your troubleshooting tools were very helpful and I very much appreciated the prompted email replies when I had questions. Your instructional video was clear and useful and easy to follow. The best news is it all worked. I didn't think it was possible to repair home electronics. Before today I thought you just pitch them in the trash and bought new. Thanks Again"
George Morstadt, Melbourne Beach, FL
2017-12-31   "Weaknees is AWESOME!! I ordered a new hard drive (which according to my husband was not large enough) and a new fan. I am extremely happy with your service and your products!! I just installed the 2 new items and they work fabulously! Thank you so much for a great web site, great products, and wonderfully fast shipment. I would recommend you to anyone who has TIVO products! Thanks!!"
Kelley Miller, Everett, WA
2017-10-22   "We were bummed when the hard drive on our TiVo went kuput. We looked around for options and for a while settled for a cable box. When we learned that we could replace the hard drive ourselves and keep our lifetime service we were hopeful but apprehensive as we're far from being "techies." We ordered a replacement kit from you. It arrived in less than a week with clear and understandable instructions. In short order we had the cover off our unit, the old hard drive out, the new hard drive installed and the cover back in place. With fingers crossed we powered up the unit. Everything worked. We did it! (With your help! ☺️👍). We couldn't be happier to be back in TiVoland. If I was more of a techie I would have taken a selfie of us doing the happy dance in our living room in front of our fully operational TiVo. Thank you. We're happy and completely satisfied customers. "
Rick and Carol Melin, Spokane, WA
2017-08-10   "You guys are a godsend. Thank you for restoring my Tivo HDXL back to life. It had the dreaded 'blinking green light' and no video/audio output. After two service repairs, it's all as good as new, giving my 9-year old Tivo an extended life. The repair was certainly cheaper than buying another Tivo and had the added benefit of retaining all my existing recordings. WeaKnees is the place to go for the solution to all Tivo troubles . . . . ."
Dennis Degan, Springfield, NJ
2017-07-04   "Y'all are insanely awesome. More than 15 calls with TiVo and they gave 5 different excuses why they couldn't activate service, plus charged my credit card 4 different times for things they've had to refund. Yet 30 minutes and a simply series of emails, and here we are a few days later... got your replacement unit, spent an hour setting it up, and everything is perfect. Your customer service is second to none!"
David Friedman, Lewisville, TX
2017-06-14   "Thank you for the fast shipment of the fan for my Tivio Roamio OTA. Thanks to your YouTube video it is up and running "Quietly" once again. Thanks!"
Les Locklear, Gulfport, MS
2017-05-19   "Hello. A couple weeks ago, I replaced an older 1TB drive with a new 2TB drive from you guys. I was expecting half the recording time based on info from your website, but was pleased to see in fact I had doubled the total recording time. (too bad we really don't need all that space!) Anyway, I have the Premeire XL Tivo (with two channels) and it started to act goofy the past few months. The Tivo is around six years old, so no surprise the drive was getting tired. The new drive has been in use for the past couple weeks. Our Tivo works great now and performs perfectly again. Your instructions, Torx tools and drive all worked very well. My family and I are very satisfied. Thanks for all you and your people do. It certainly allows us to continue enjoying TV the way we have for the past six years - for relatively low cost. Sincerely"
Tim Lemmon, Roswell, GA
2017-04-16   "Great service, install and set up was flawless."
Jaime Herr, Rockford, IL
2017-04-06   "I am sooo happy with you! My Tivo froze and I googled the problem, which eventually led me to you. I read your website, found my tivo model, found the hard drive and ordered it. It got it pretty quickly, followed the very clearly explained instructions. Within just a very short period, it was fixed and like new. You are doing a great job and what you do. You deserve kudos and I will not only be a return customer but I will sing your praises to my friends and family. Atta boys and girls...all around! Thank you!!"
L Cooley, Houston, TX
2017-03-16   "Hello. I wanted to thank you for the information that you provided to me. I just got the power supply installed and it appears to have solved my problem. I do not believe there is any damage to the hard drive that I purchased from you either. I am so happy I wrote to you to get your advice. Your instructions for installation of the hard drive and the power supply were superb. I really love your company. Thanks again!"
Dawn Wells, Simi Valley, CA
2017-02-24   "I LOVE HAVING MY TIVO BACK!!! It works great! We took your suggestion and added the UPS. God bless,"
Rose Jones, Glendale, AZ
2017-02-02   "THANK YOU , THANK YOU , THANK YOU .... You guys rock ... I received my TiVo hard drive today ... Installed in less than 5 minutes ... Working great now ... Will have to get used to the new format but that will be easy ... Thank you again as I didn't want to buy a new unit being a retire on a fixed income ... It wad cheaper to repair than to replace ... I am happy ... "
Garry Tremblay, Windsor, ON
2017-01-29   "Super fast shipping! Very easy to replace I feel anyone can do it. Thank you so much Weaknees!"
Brad Baeten, Green Bay, WI
2017-01-29   "What a resource you are! My TIVO is perfect again after replacing the disk. Your service was terrific."
Carl Marbach, Boca Raton, FL
2016-12-22   "Received it last night and installed. U totally ROCK!!!!!! Quadrupled my storage and retained existing programs (recorded over last 8 years) Thanks so much for preserving all the concerts I recorded. Worth every penny. I have another unit in my living room and will probably request the same treatment after the holidays. Merry Christmas You made mine.........Ken"
Ken Whitmore, Clarinda, IA
2016-12-19   "Got this order very quickly! Packed well. Just installed the new hard drive. Being somewhat OCD, I meticulously read and followed the instructions provided. I kept thinking, "well, the next step must be trickier or something.." . Then I was done and thought, "really, that's it?" It could not have been simpler. Very concise and complete instructions. Almost a no brainer! Literally, anyone should be able to do this. The hardest part was getting the lid off. (Ha). When done, I plugged it back in, followed the prompts, and waalaa. Back in business.Absolutely love your service. Thanks so much! "
Gary Miller, Gary, IN
2016-12-10   "I just wanted to let you know that I hooked up my TiVo that you refurbished and it works like a charm. Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas."
James Caldwell, Morgantown, IN
2016-12-08   "You guys are the BEST! Thanks to your "toothpick test" I knew I only needed to swap out the fan in my Premiere. The new part arrived in 3 days and, with your tools and instructions, it took about 5 minutes to do the job. Don't know why anyone would take their TiVo problems anywhere else! Thanks."
Donna Rose Fletcher, Walnut Creek, CA
2016-11-30   "Thanks so much! I purchased a replacement hard drive for my HD Tivo from you. It arrived at my door the next day and I got it installed that night! Your directions were super clear and easy to follow. The images were clearly labelled with arrows pointing to each important piece. I was back up and running within 20 minutes. Thanks for the heads-up about contacting my cable company about the Cable Cards. I did need to do that. But now everything is working again. Thanks!"
Justin Hoffman, Yucaipa, CA
2016-11-05   "We recently bought your 500 GB hard drive kit, to replace the failed drive in our HD Series 3. Installation and start-up could not have been easier. I particularly liked that upon powering up, the system booted directly to TIVO's guided setup. (I had anticipated having to use TIVO's kickstart utility, to force the system to recognize the new drive's pre-loaded software. Glad that wasn't necessary.) Finally, shipping USPS Priority was a nice touch. (I'ts my wife's TIVO, and she wanted it back, now!) You deliver a great product and great and thoughtful service, and I just wanted to say Thanks."
Glenn Senters, Beaumont, TX
2016-07-16   "I just got my Series 3 HD XL connected back up. That blinking green light is back to a steady on. It works just like the day I first bought it - again. If it weren't for TiVo's dumb policy of lifetime service being attached forever to the box for which it was first purchased, I would've upgraded to a newer model. Since that wasn't an option, I'm so glad you guys are there. You provide an excellent service! Thanks so much for the repair."
Tom Whitlow, North Port, FL
2016-06-17   "I just wanted to let you know I got my tivo back on Wednesday. Thanks so much for doing a great job fixing both tuners and leaving our recordings intact. It's up and working great. I will definitely use you guys again if I ever need to, you're the best for these older units."
Rex Stauffer, Winter Haven, FL
2016-03-31   "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My TiVo froze up on me a few nights ago. When I went to reboot it, it just got stuck on the welcome loading screen. Did some research, found out my series 2 has issues with the power supply, and chances are that's my problem. Bought a new one from you awesome folks, and in five minutes pulled the old one out, plopped in the new one, and boom! My TiVo withdrawals disappeared. Thanks so much for offering this service. Switching from my satellite to cable wasn't an option, and without your website, i would be without my TiVo and probably spend forever grabbing at my remote trying to skip commercials. Thanks again!"
Nicholas Lawrence, West middlesex, PA
2016-03-18   " You probably don’t get kudos very often for support but they did a great job of diagnosing and recommending solutions for my external drive problems. They suspected that my drives were ok but he case/power supply failed. I order a new case/power supply and once I replaced it I had another problem. They quickly diagnosed that I needed to press the reset button to re-flash the system. That did the trick and minimal expense to me and without losing any programs. Thanks for the help!"
Craig Stull, Scottsdale, AZ
2016-02-18   "I received the Tivo and it works great !! Thank You for great service, fast repair time, low cost and fast shipping. I thought all was lost when I broke my Tivo 2000. I would / will advise other to use this company for the repair of there Tivos'. THANKS,"
George Hamilton, Henderson, NV
2016-02-01   "I want to thank you very much for your business. First for the great communication all the time and your fast answers. Then for how quick the order was processed and returned the same day, I couldn't believe it. And then when the hard drives arrived so carefully packaged and every single detail. I wish every business in this world runs like yours, The Tivo now has a 6TB hard drive (960 hours) and the shows recorded from the original 320 GB Tivo Premiere,everything works out of the box. Thank you very much. I was looking to post my comments on your review website."
Andres Coll, Miami, FL
2016-01-13   "My order arrived yesterday, just one day after being processed with free ground shipping. Great service! Thanks. It was as easy to install as you advertised - took about 15 minutes. And it worked perfectly right out of the box! I did have to call my cable provider for them to update the cable card. Thanks for the warning in the instructions about that. I wish you continued success and a long business life. Thanks."
Don Douglas, Newport Beach, CA
2016-01-08   "I received the hard drive for my TiVo RS-TX20 on Wednesday and installed it today. While I am very comfortable with computers and have taught teachers & other adults how to use computers and software programs for over 30 years, I have never swapped out a hard drive. I have written training manuals for years, & I compliment you on the excellent instructions you sent with the hard drive. They were so easy to follow, & I am delighted that my old Toshiba with dvr & DVD is up & humming. Even though it's 12 + years old, I am quite attached to it. I'm of the generation that likes things to last! Best wishes for a successful new year."
Sharon Flynn, Setauket, NY
2015-12-18   " You sent me exactly what I needed and I set it up no problem! You guys ROCK! Let me know where I can leave positive feedback. Online site or Facebook? I love TIVO and WEAKKNEES!"
Robin Taylor, Fallbrook, CA
2015-12-15   " "Hi folks! I just want to say what a great experience I had with ordering and updating my Tivo. Everything was amazingly quick, clear and easy. Thank you so much for a great product and great service."
Mark Renne, Sunnyvale, CA
2015-12-08   "You guys are fantastic!! Your site provides great troubleshooting tips, excellent instructions on how to remove and replace parts. I had a TiVo Series 4 that was malfunctioning, only fan would come on. Followed your troubleshooting steps to diagnosis problem as power supply. Took a chance and ordered a P/S from you guys. P/S arrived within two days. Popped new P/S in following your easy to follow instructions and 5 minutes later, my TiVo was as good as new. I only wished you guys either repaired or recycled the old P/S boards. I think the problem on my old one is transformer is bad. I have 5 TiVos with Lifetime service, so I will definitely be using your site to keep this machines operating for many years to come."
Joe Daniels, San Diego, CA
2015-06-20   "YOU FOLKS ARE THE BEST!!!! I ordered a replacement drive for a tivo that is over 12 years old and within 24 hours, i'm back in business... Its great that you include absolutely everything needed to successfully replace the drive.. Thank you SOOOO much! The Goldman Household "
Scott Goldman, Newington, CT
2015-06-15   "I'm really happy first with the way your site is designed which made it very clear which remote(s) were compatible with my TiVo. I opted for a less expensive one that didn't have the lighted keys. Also I was impressed at how fast you got it out the door. Also the how-to instructions you included allowed me to configure the remote for my A/V receiver in a couple of minutes. Very happy customer! Best wishes for your continued success, you deserve it!"
Tim Semic, Banning, CA
2015-05-18   "When the recordings on our Tivo started freezing, we dreaded having to replace it and lose our lifetime service. After doing some research, I came across the weaKnees website. Upon consulting with a weaKnees rep., we decided to order a new hard drive. It was amazingly simple to install; instructions were clear and even included two Torx wrenches necessary to make the swap. We are now enjoying viewing our favorite programs with no freezing, plus more recording space to boot. Thank you, weaKnees."
Joe Ferrell, Manhattan Beach, CA
2015-05-11   "I just wanted to drop you a line, now that I've finally started up my newly refurbished TiVo with 2tb of storage - wow! I was a little worried it wouldn't work here in NZ because I'd seen something on your forums about you have to connect to DirectTV services to get channels, but in fact it works perfectly. I had bought a TiVo expander drive from Amazon in the past, and hooked it up and my TiVo wouldn't recognise it. Fortunately it has eSata and USB connections so can be used as an ordinary external hard drive. This was the only expander drive I could find in NZ, TiVo.co.nz and TiVo.com.au stopped selling them several years back, poor uptake of TiVo around here I think. I bought a spare secondhand TiVo so I could upgrade one while keeping the other going. Turns out this was a great idea, now I have the two running together, and I programmed the DVR switch on the remote so it only operates one at a time. This means I can now continue watching the stored programmes remaining on my old drive, and I have the aerial connected to the new TiVo to record any new programmes. This setup is working brilliantly."
Jody W, New Zealand
2015-04-03   "Just a quick thanks for the wonderful service, and getting the orders out the day they came in. Turns out it was both the power board and the hard drive. Tried them in various combinations and with both new ones in, it is now working as it should, although losing a bunch of recorded stuff from the old hard drive. Again my thanks"
Joe Hartle, Minneapolis, MN
2015-03-13   "I have used Weaknees many times to order DVRs, drives etc and been fully satisfied with your products and helpful instructions. When my phone line was updated to a digital line (U-verse) the installer from AT&T told me that my Tivo DVRs would communicate with no problem. He was wrong. My newer unit was "no problem" since I could use the Internet to communicate but my 2 older Hughes DVRs could not dial out and they had no other connect-ability. I purchased an external modem from Weaknees that plugs into the serial port and changed the prefix in "setup" per your instructions. Now I'm good to go. Five minutes, plug and play. Thanks for the help...again..."
Tim Myland, Stone, GA
2015-03-08   "I received the 500GB upgrade kit for my series 3 Tivo. The entire experience with weakNees was seamless. The product was shipped, packed well and was delivered quickly. The instructions are very good and I was able to do the entire installation in about 20 minutes. I would definitely recommend this upgrade to anyone that is comfortable working with elementary electronic equipment. If not, send it in for an upgrade."
David Campbell, Plymouth, MA
2015-02-03   "Thank you for your help, and for an overall excellent experience. I ordered the upgrade disk and it arrived 2 days later, installed easily and brought my Tivo back to life! You guys are awesome."
Curt Allred, Bellevue, WA
2014-12-25   "When my Tivo Series 4 hard-drive crashed, I knew it was just a matter of replacement. I read all the articles about downloading tools, creating system images and creating a Tivo-compatible drive. I also read reviews that suggested Weaknees was overpriced. But my time is valuable, and I'm not inclined to waste it figuring out a technical challenge. So I ordered from your website on a Friday, paid a fair price, received the replacement drive on Monday (with standard/free shipping) and took 20 whole minutes to install it. I was back up and running after doing the initial Tivo startup, and everything is working fantastically. I'm sure I could have saved a couple of bucks by futzing around, but as I said, my time is worth a lot, and I think your price was a BARGAIN! No complaints, and I'd recommend Weaknees to anyone!"
Erik Renaud, Kirkland, WA
2014-11-06   "I've got my HDD shipment, it installed easily and my TIVO works again, perfectly. Thanks for your service."
Andrew DeSimone, Gloucester, MA
2014-11-03   "I was so happy that I found you guys and your hard drive upgrade kit. I had a life time subscription and love my Tivo. I did not want to face the time that I would lose it and my Tivo. Thanks to you guys and your great and helpful team I still have my Tivo. I first changed the hard drive and the ribbon wasn't making a good contact so I went back and redid again and pluged it in and it works like a charm. Thanks weaknees but I don't have weaknees any more."
Dennis Pfeifer, Las Vegas, NV
2014-10-27   "I received my TiVo Premiere HD Series4 replacement hard disk on Friday. I replaced the 320GB disk with a 1 TB hard disk on Saturday. The installation was simple, it took less than 1/2 hour. I have tripled my recording space with minimal hassle. Thanks for your great service."
Dan Martin, Richmond, VA
2014-10-19   "Just a short note to thank you. My Tivo drive went out after 10 years of hard work and I ordered an upgrade on 10/15/14. Received it in the mail on 10/18/14. Took about 20 minutes to install the hardware. After Tivo did it's magic, we're back up and running and enjoying it! Thanks so much!"
Raymond Langelan, Bartlett, IL
2014-10-06   "THANK YOU for offering this. My Series 3 with the external DVR Expander had started experiencing problems, after replacing cables twice I couldn't confirm what was failing first (the cable or the drive), and the cost of replacing the external drive approached the cost of a new unit. I had bought a Roamio Plus from Best Buy (the "Plus" because I need the additional storage space, the component connections, and streaming features would be nice to have too). Then I found out the Roamio Plus doesn't have support for a digital antenna. I could buy a Rovio and a DVR Expander, but after reformatting the DVR Expander a third time in less than a month, I just don't trust the DVR Expander. So I was in a quandary about what to do. Then Google gave me a weaKnees option, and I found I could get a Roamio, with the bigger hard drive I wanted, brand new, for about the same cost as a Roamio Plus. Doesn't have the component outputs I wanted but I can work around that. Again, thank you!"
Marc Miller, Livermore, CA
2014-09-17   "Just wanted to say thanks for a quick turnaround on my DirecTV DVR HR24 upgrade. The unit is working flawlessly, of course, and I had it back in my possession in just a few days. Thanks!!"
Dan Vaught, San Diego, CA
2014-08-17   "Guys - thanks! Tivo was stuttering and was no longer watchable - very frustrating .. was ready to get rid of it but the lifetime service can't transfer to a new unit as you know, so that really made me hesitate (even with the good specs on the new units). Ordered my hard drive, popped it into the tivo with your instructions and our beloved tivo is 100% again - family is happy again recording our favorites!! Took all of 15 mins. Was great! Thanks!!"
Dave Stern, Wyckoff, NJ
2014-08-14   "Received Hard drive today, installed and watching Tivo again.Did not expect it in two days. EXCELLENT SERVICE Thank You"
Henry Schmidt, New Ringgold, PA
2014-08-02   "I wish to thank you guys for the very prompt replies to any questions I have had. I received my 2tb upgrade within five working days and had no problem installing it myself. The longest part of the install was reading the instructions. I only have a basic electronic knowledge and found it very easy. I have family and friends who have TiVo here in Australia so will putting on to you. Thanks once again."
Knox Ruskin..Wilton NSW Australia
2014-06-29   "I received my TiVo upgrade/repair kit in good shape. The instructions were voluminous and clear. Even though I am a software guy, I was able to replace the hardware."
Lee Moore, Penfield, NY
2014-05-31   "Thanks for the great service and the new replacement drive arrived within a few days. It only took 15 minutes to remove the bad drive and replace it with the new drive! Several minutes later for some programming and we were back in business. This was definately the way to go. :)"
Celeste Shaw, Bensenville, IL
2014-05-21   "Good evening, This is a complaint letter. Your service was despicably outstanding. Not only was your site easy to navigate/price & order but the Tivo upgrade arrived very quickly here in Crestmead Queensland Australia. It was easy to instal and powered up perfectly. OUTSTANDING. I now have a very happy wife (she loves her Tivo) Thank you team , a very happy Australian customer."
Robert Chatwin, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
2014-04-08   "Hi, I wish to pass on my thanks to your company for your prompt service and delivery to Australia. I have installed my upgrade 2tb drive and new fan and all works fine."
Lyndon Christian, Queensland, Australia
2014-03-26   "I just wanted to thank everything over there for the great service I received concerning my repair. If there's anything I can do to let other people know, let me know!"
Jay Broussard, Baton Rouge, LA
2014-03-08   "After spinning for well over 10 years our original Lifetime TiVo Series2 hard drive gave us that endless "PoweringUp"/Green Screen of Death. Ordered your TiVo 24008A 500gb Upgrade Kit, received it two days later and after 30 minutes was up and running again! Nicely packed, good instructions and torque wrenches - what's not to like? If you can set up your TiVo, you likely will have no problem replacing the hard drive . . ."
Tom Bodiford, Charlotte, NC
2014-02-18   "Just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery of my new TiVo HD hard drive! I installed it this past weekend and now I no longer have to worry about recording 3 or 4 movies without losing other programs I've already recorded! Your service is awesome!"
Gail Batchelder, Carver, MA
2014-02-08   "Thanks guys.. My series 3 was rebooting constantly when I replaced my cablecards.. New power supply and I'm back in business.. Very easy to swap in the new one.. Thanks for being in business to save my lifetime subscription. "
Dave Stern, Wyckoff, NJ
2014-02-03   "Dear Weaknees, I'm just writing to let you know that, thanks to your excellent Tivo upgrade package and clear and accurate instructions, this upgrade went up without a hitch. We now have more recording capacity than we can possibly watch. J The upgrade package was perfect, including all necessary tools, cable, adapter, and excellent instructions with photographs. The instructions even warned me that I might lose local channels for a while, which I did, and what to do if they didn't return. Great job, Weaknees."
Ken Delpit, Petaluma, CA
2014-01-31   "Can't thank you guys enough! Ordered a new hard drive for my series 3 as a last hope of resurrecting it and it worked great! Couldn't have been easier to install and configure. I'll recommend you to everyone I know!"
Doug Strong, Medford, NJ
2013-12-15   "Just wanted to say thanks! Ordered a replacement fan for my TiVo Premiere and your instructions made installation a snap! Best $20 I've spent in a while!"
Everett Whiteley, Washington, DC
2013-12-08   "My Tivo Series 3 HD lost its hard drive last Saturday (a 160 GB drive). After a bit of testing (pulled the drive and popped it into my PC), I went and ordered a replacement (2 TB) late Saturday evening. The drive was here Tuesday evening, and I had the box back in service in less than 45 minutes (mostly because I had misplaced the bloody USB wireless ethernet unit). Thanks for a fantastic product and service - you guys rock."
Mike Heney, Rocket Scientist, Silver Spring, MD
2013-12-07   "I just received and installed a Tivo Series 3 HD Upgrade Kit and it has brought my Tivo back to life, just in time for the Pac 12 Championship game! Your website helped me understand that is was a failing hard drive causing the problem and the new HD was very easy to install -- thanks to your thorough instructions and the included tools. Thank you everyone at WeaKnees. Best regards"
Rob Babcock, Palo Alto, CA
2013-12-02   "To the WeaKnees Team, Thank you for taking the time to replace DVD burner on RA 901312. This device is the primary entertainment source for my sister, it is like her baby. Now, with the additional memory this Humax will provide years of joy. This is the second Humax I have sent in for repairs, and I will continue to promote your services in the future. A Very satisfied customer"
Rose Majeran, Detroit, MI
2013-11-05   "Dear Weaknees, I received my DVR yesterday and hooked it up and it works as good as new. Thank you so much, as I have lifetime service and my DVR has a new life I also want to thank you for the extremely quick turn around. I am 100% satisfied with your service. This was my first of three Tivos, purchased since 2005. I'm so glad that I didn't opt for month to month service. Absolutely best regards,"
Gilbert Tanner, Santa Cruz, CA
2013-11-05   "Dear Weaknees, I received my DVR yesterday and hooked it up and it works as good as new. Thank you so much, as I have lifetime service and my DVR has a new life I also want to thank you for the extremely quick turn around. I am 100% satisfied with your service. This was my first of three Tivos, purchased since 2005. I'm so glad that I didn't opt for month to month service. Absolutely best regards, Gilbert Tanner"
Gilbert Tanner, Santa Cruz, CA
2013-10-02   "First I want to say that I suck and putting things together. I always seem to wonder what "this part" that was left out is after I've completed the task. I was reluctant to order the replacement hard drive for my series 2 DT because I would have to replace it. It took me 20 minutes. Probably would have been sooner, but I have so little faith in myself, I couldn't believe I understood the instructions. Right away. Thank you. "
Ronald Zeigler, North Brunswick, NJ
2013-10-02   "All I can say is Wow! I ordered this Sunday, had it Wednesday and 30 minutes later I had my TIVO up and running. I had the never ending "Powering Up" screen of death and a dead hard drive. Great instructions, tools and packaging. I am very impressed with your service. Keep up the great job. "
Matthew Solberg, Wauwatosa, WI
2013-09-04   "Many Thanks, Hard drive arrived promptly, now installed and TiVo working perfectly. Great service, will recommend to friends. Cheers" Joe Capicchiano. Australia.
Joe Capicchiano, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2013-08-23   "Got the disk Wednesday night and installed it. TiVo is alive again. Thanks so much!!!"
David Beck, Carmel, IN
2013-08-20   "You certainly provide amazing service! We exchanged three emails Friday morning and I placed a HD order around noon. I received shipping information Friday afternoon and Monday after noon it arrived. By 4 PM it was installed and starting setup. Incredible service! Many thanks."
Ronald Jenkins, Lompoc, CA
2013-07-20   "We rec'd our new hard drive today and it's in and working 100%. Thank you SO much for the speedy delivery and your help! Tivo wasn't any help but you guys were! Thanks again"
Joanne Gens, Kings Park, NY
2013-06-26   "Thank you for the great service on my order for a Tivo upgrade kit. You sent it the next day after my order and I received from Canada Post a week later. The product was everything I had hoped for and I now have my Tivo running better than ever. Thanks again."
Norm Hawkins, Mount Hope, ON
2013-06-21   "My new upgraded hard drive was waiting for me when I returned from traveling, just as promised. The directions were very good and easy to follow (pictures are a big asset). I am a bit OCD about following them, so it probably took me longer than most to do the install. Then I had a problem with the phone line (definitely not your problem). Once that was taken care of, set up was a breeze. I am so relieved to have my TiVo back. We have had this TiVo for many years. It has lifetime service and I am SO relieved it is operational again and all for the cost of a hard drive! I will recommend you to anyone who asks! Thank you so much, you made my week!"
Susan Reynolds, Ogallala, NE
2013-06-17   "Hi. Just wanted to say thank you. Hard drive arrived today. Installed just as directions said. Almost done with TIVO setup. This is a much better (and cheaper) alternative to buying a new TIVO when my last hard drive got stuck at the reboot loop. Loosing the shows recorded on the old hard drive is a small price to pay. Check me off as another very satisfied customer."
Brian Benkel, Enfield, NH
2013-06-09   "A huge sigh of relief!!! Hard drive arrived on Wednesday, I replaced my Tivo'd failing drive Wednesday night and it's been working flawlessly since. Thanks!!! Telly"
Telly Stroumbis, Ellicott City, MD
2013-03-17   "Hello,I just want to tell you that my Tivo arrived safely,it is reinstalled and it works great,thank you very much for fixing it so fast,I just couldn't handle the Charter DVR. I also took your advice and hooked up the battery backup. Again, thank you very much for your help, Christel."
Christel First, Davison, MI
2013-03-12   "WOW! WOW! WOW! Thank you so much for saving me 600.00+ by helping me figure out the problem with my Tivo. Purchased a new hard drive, followed your instructions, Presto!! my Tivo is better than new. Instructions where easy to follow, explained well, even to a non-tech person like myself. Shipping was also fast. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!!"
Janet Ravellette, Jonesboro, GA
2013-03-07   "Awesome experience. Called in to make an order....What can I say, perfect! Stunning performance (in the best way possible)! Thanks,"
Jim Fitzgerald, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2012-12-14   "[T]he only way easier would be if you came to my house and did it yourself. worked great. I ordered the replacement on Thursday and it arrived Friday and it is up and running Friday evening THANK YOU!!!"
Ralph Arvizu, North Las Vegas, NV
2012-12-01   "So glad I found you guys...my Replay TV lives on with the new hard drive! Fast shipping, great selection, couldn't ask for more! Please post this to your testimonials and have a cold holiday drink on me! Thanks, TBone Clarks Green, PA"
Tom Malone, Clarks Green, PA
2012-11-19   "The HD in my HD Tivo was acting up so I ordered a replacement/upgrade. Installation was truly idiot proof and I was pleased that TIVO had more or less designed the unit with HD replacement in mind. You might tell folks that after HD replacement "Cablecards are not recognized and in my case I had to contact Time Warner by phone to get the job done. TW was very helpful after it took me 45 minutes and three tries to get to the right person. Rehearse getting to the Cablecard info page on setup before you call."
Richard Sutton, Wichita Falls, TX
2012-11-13   "I just want to convey my appreciation for the wealth of information and service provided by WeaKnees. My 7 year old Tivo would not get past the start up screen and I thought it might finally be time to put it out to pasture. After reading the troubleshooting information and running some tests on the Tivo I decided to try replacing the hard drive with a WeaKnees unit. Success! A few days later I had a Tivo that was better than new for just $99. Well worth it. Thanks WeakKnees, your guys rock!"
Ken Solt, Essex Junction, VT
2012-10-27   "You guys are the best! I've already received my TIVO back, and have it hooked up! It works like a charm! I will recommend you to anyone I know that has a TIVO! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Adrienne Schmitt, Barstow, CA
2012-10-15   "I ordered the 80GB upgrade for my semi-antiquated Panasonic Replay TV unit. The order was received promptly, the instructions you sent were explicit (most 7th graders could change the drive out), and my old skool replay unit is working like a charm again. Thanks,"
Phillip Ballentine, Mabelton, GA
2012-09-02   "I just installed your 80gb HD replacement on my Philips TiVo Series 1. The instructions were completely clear in describing the remove and replace. Everything worked as advertised on the first attempt. That is not normal for me. We were up and running very quickly. Shipping was prompt. Website was very instructive. Thanks for your great service!"
Robert Hare, Stroudsburg, PA
2012-07-27   "[Hard drive kit a]rrived, installed, simple, problem solved! You guys are great!"
Mitch Kampton, Rego Park, NY
2012-06-26   "I just wanted to thank you for saving my Tivo. After just a minute on the phone with one of your customer service people he realized I had a bad power supply and did not need a replacement hard drive or new Tivo like I feared. I ordered it Friday and it arrived in Chicago on Monday. It took me under 10 minutes to install and works perfectly- I didn't lose a single program on my Tivo. More companies need to run like yours!"
Matt Roben, Chicago, IL
2012-06-05   "Replacement drive instructions were absolutely perfect! I installed the new drive without difficulty. Thank you!"
Anthony Paulina, Piscataway, NJ
2012-05-23   "Hello, I am immensely surprised when I received the replacement hard drive for the wife's Humax 700 TiVo. I ordered it Friday and it was here Monday. Put it in , set it up and the wife was watching TiVo the same evening. This is was service should be ! I am really grateful. Best Regards,"
Antal O. Juhasz, San Antonio, TX
2012-05-23   "I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your service! I expected my machine to be gone 4-6 weeks but the day you received it from me it was repaired and sent back to me...on the same day. I'm very thankful to Tivo for recommending your company to me. I've had my machine for 7 years on the lifetime time and thanks to you my plan is still intact. I highly recommend weaknees to everyone!"
Cheri Meilert, Stafford, TX
2012-05-23   "Thanks for the new hardrive, the encouragement that I could replace it myself, 2 tools that I needed to do the work and the fact that my TIVO works again!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!"
Mike Defigio, Belle Vernon, PA
2012-04-28   "I promptly received an order that I placed and just wanted to say that everything about your WeaKnees including , web presentation, service, delivery, packaging, instruction demonstrated attention to detail and thorough planning. As a service business owner, over 37 years, it has been our goal to deliver excellence above price. WeaKnees ,you have accomplished that in all respects. Aside from being inspiring in an age where incompetence is abundant , it is uplifting. I would highly recommend WeaKnees to the world. "
Leslie Lief, Mt. Vernon, NY
2012-03-30   "Finally got around to installing the HD upgrade kit (and replacement fan) today. I ordered it because I was having a software (?) problem with my out of warranty TiVo after a power failure in conjunction with an external drive problem. Anyway, I took it slow and in about 30 minutes I had the unit back in operation and started guided setup. Everything went very smoothly and the cable card previously installed in the TiVo came up running with no contact required with the cable company (Knology-Auburn, AL). Very pleased and my recording time went up to about 1300 hours SD and 180 hours HD. My compliments to all at WeaKness and feel free to use this recomendation. "
R Smith, Opelika, AL
2012-03-19   "I just wanted to express my gratitude on the service. I had a Tivo HD (Series 3) that has been showing green screen for months - and the cost that Tivo wanted to fix was outrageous (including a $250 transfer of Lifetime service)! After asking and getting a response from your team, I ordered a replacement and popped it in and it was good as new (actually better - much bigger drive). I just wanted to say thanks and I am very happy to have found you guys. Will be keeping reference for future issues for sure."
Robert Weeks, Fort Wayne, IN
2012-03-19   "Thank you so much for your help!! We received our package today and I was able to remove the old power source and install the new one without any difficulty!! J Tivo powered up right away and we are back in business! I was amazed at how much dust was in our Tivo box and thoroughly cleaned it out. Works like new. I will refer you all to everyone!! All the best!"
Beverly Naten, Studio City, CA
2012-02-18   "I Received the new hard drive and all I have to say is wow ! It fired right up Perfectly and is much Quicker than the old hard drive ever was ! Your instructions were perfect and the hard drive adapter was very easy to install. My Wife is a very happy camper ! I will have no trouble recommending you to anyone. If you need I florida contact , don't be afraid to let me know. Thanks for being so professional and courteous from phone support to email support."
Scott Daycock, Fort Lauderdale, FL
2012-02-01   "I received the drive on schedule and it went it no worries. Works great. The torx wrenches were an appreciated touch and instructions were excellent. Exceeded expectations. You guys rock. Use me as a testimonial any time. Thanks From Valparaiso, suburban Eglin AFB, Northwest Florida (KVPS)"
William Bosley, Valparaiso, FL
2012-01-16   "Just a note to verify how easy your kit made replacement of my Tivo drive. I have a series 2 with lifetime service - a few days ago, it began to miss updates. When I called Tivo, they diagnosed the issue as a failure of the device to communicate and download updates. However, I do have a 2nd Tivo, and it did not have the same problem. A quick Google search brought me to Weakness Forum, and there I quickly determined that the issue was a hard drive failure after following instructions to test the drive. I ordered a replacement and followed the included (very clear!) instructions. In 15 minutes, the Tivo was back online. After the program updates, the unit works flawlessly. And a great side benefit, the Tivo system information now shows that I can store up to 395 hours rather than the 40 hours maxiumum before the Weakness replacement. In summary, this simple fix preserved my lifetime service and increased my recording capacity by nearly 10X. The pictures imbedded in the instructions were very clear and easy to follow - and included all the tools needed for the replacement. No need to hack the Tivo to format and replace a broken drive - it came ready-to-go out of the box. Great way to improve my investment!"
Ron Splittgerber, Fort Collins, CO
2012-01-05   "Just a quick note to say thank you. I ordered two of your upgrade kits and installation was a breeze. Your instructions were spot on as was your troubleshooting advice."
Garth Gelster, Dublin, CA
2012-01-04   "I received the replacement power supply today for my series 3 HD TiVo. Popped it in and all my problems seem to be gone. The old power supply is on its way back to you. Once again than you for helping me keep my various TiVo’s alive over these ten or so years."
Lew Miller, Setauket, NY
2011-12-28   "Just wanted to let you know the replacement drive I bought from you went in PERFECTLY! The instructions were easy to understand and everything went off without a hitch. Looks to be working great and all I had to do was call DirecTV to get my local channels, which i figured I'd have to do since it was mentioned on the instructions so that was expected. Thanks for your product and service! I will be telling everyone about Weaknees!"
Mike Gworek, Kernersville, NC
2011-12-06   "I was able to put in my new drive before my coffee got cold. I am 68 and not a technical person but the instructions were very clear. Thanks!"
Wayne Moon, Orinda, CA
2011-12-03   "I ended up just buying the replacement hard drive. It arrived today, I installed it in about 10-15 minutes, and now all works as expected. Thank you Weaknees. - duano!"
Duane Byram, Encinitas, CA
2011-12-02   "I just wanted to thank you so much! My TIVO was on but had no picture or lights! Fan and Hard Drive were still running. I read your troubleshooting and I thought no way would it be the power supply. Why would it be the power supply if the Hard Drive is still running? Well I was out of options so I figured I would give it a shot! Yep it worked! My TIVO is lifetime and you saved it! :) Super Fast Shipping too! Thank you!"
Keith Berenger, Franklin Square, NY
2011-11-10   I want to think someone in your repair dept for helping me get my TIVO back up and working properly again. I am sorry I do not remember his name but he was very patient and helpful to a 77 yr old man who is not too savvy sometime. Thanks again. Today is USMC birthday. Semper Fi.
Phillip Martin, Summerfield, FL
2011-11-09   "I want to thank you for your excellent troubleshooting guidance. I learned about burst capacitors. I ordered a new power supply for my TivoHD. It was shipped and received promptly. It was easy to follow the repair instructions. My TivoHD is running as expected and the family is happy."
David Bruhn, Highlands Ranch CO
2011-11-02   "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought my Tivo was done for and you walked me through exactly what I would need! The external modem I ordered came VERY quickly and was so simple to set up thanks to yuor directions. My Tivo is now working perfect and I am one happy and satisfied customer!"
Tina Macisco, Shelton, CT
2011-11-01   "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought my Tivo was done for and you walked me through exactly what I would need! The external modem I ordered cam e VERY quickly and was so simple to set up thanks to yuor directions. My Tivo is now working perfect and I am one happy and satisfied customer!"
Tina Macisco, Shelton, CT
2011-10-21   "I recently ordered a replacement drive for my TiVo. TiVo offered a replacement unit for $150 but required I renew my lifetime service for several hundred more. Instead I got a replacement hard drive from you, complete with instructions and tools. Now my TiVo is better than new with much more memory. Thanks for helping me keep my lifetime service on my older unit. "
Tim Martinek, Marion, IA
2011-10-10   "Just received the new Power Supply you sent for my HD Tivo. It was VERY easy to install taking about 10 minutes. The power now stays on and the Tivo is working perfectly again. Thanks for the troubleshooting info on your website...including the easy to follow do-it-yourself repair instructions. "
Jeff Jones, Shorewood, MN
2011-09-30   "I ordered a replacement drive for my tivo from you folks. It was so easy to install because of your detail sent along with the unit. You made my day. Thinking I needed to pay for a new Tivo, you guys helped me save a ton of money. Thank you. It is people like you that make this world fun. Thanks again."
Byron R. Engler, Beatrice, NE
2011-09-25   "My Tivo hard drive in my Toshiba RS-TX60 stopped working recently. After finding your website and doing some research I decided to buy a replacement hard drive. I was a bit anxious about installing it myself but thought I'd give it a try. To my pleasant surprise replacing the drive was a snap! Your instructions were easy to understand and made the procedure effortless. Thank you WeaKnees for providing such great service and support for older machines like my Toshiba. It is nice to know you are out there if I ever need parts or service again. "
Nancy Wiemer, Bradley, IL
2011-09-13   "Just received the new Power Supply you sent. Excellent. took all of 8 min. to install, connected all cables and pluged the unit in. works like a champ. Started recording the programs as before. Thanks you guys are great!!!"
Steve Cantrell, Loma Linda, CA
2011-09-12   "Drive arrived and installed with the utmost of ease. My trusty lifetime TIVO is again alive and operating perfectly. All TIVO clients with problems…use these guys! Thanks for an excellent service. Kindest regards ......Louis "
Louis Dibrell, Danville, VA
2011-08-18   "Last year I purchased a 160gb disk drive and my 7 yr old Tivo ran for 10 months. Recently it began freezing up and I had to wait several hours to reboot. It would only stay up for about 6 hours. I ordered and just replaced the power supply. It was a little difficult to get the old power supply off of those nylon stand offs. But after replacing the power supply, it is working again. Thank You for providing reliable parts and Good Service. My Tivo is running A-OK now and I can use my iPhone Directv app again to review and schedule programs. I am looking forward to Directv coming out with the new Directv TIVO HDTV. They have been slipping the date on that for over a year."
Bob Milonas, Affton, MO
2011-08-17   "Dear WeaKnees, I unboxed my repaired TiVo this evening, connected her up, and she's working perfectly. I was delighted to discover that the new hard drive you installed is ABSOLUTELY SILENT. It is a huge improvement over the noisy HDD I have been listening to for the last 4 and a half years. This is not a slam on TiVo; I bought my unit pre-upgraded with a larger drive. But boy, you could hear that thing clunking two rooms away. This (almost) makes up for the loss of the programs that had been recorded on the drive that failed! I also appreciated your speedy emailed responses to my questions during the repair process. I hope I won't be needing your services any time soon, but you can be sure that if my Series 3 breaks again I will be calling you first. Thank you,"
Holly Christensen, Plymouth, MN
2011-08-11   "I ordered an upgrade to replace a crashed disk, and I received it today, days sooner than I expected it. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and I had the TiVo back in service within 30 minutes. Thanks very much."
John Briggs, Midland, TX
2011-08-11   "My beloved 7-year-old lifetime-serviced Tivo's hard drive was failing. A friend recommended your site. I couldn't be more pleased. Your instructions were simple to understand and easy to execute. He's back up and running, and bigger and better than ever. Thank you, THANK YOU! "
Dina Brennan, Charlotte, NC
2011-08-09   That was just freaking awesome!!! I thought my Tivo 2/Toshiba hard drive died a few years ago when I ordered my new hard drive. For whatever reason, it pulled through by the time the hard drive arrived and I never bothered to replace it. Well, it acted up again - this time, it wouldn't pull through. Popped open the box and found super exact instructions along with tools. I needed nothing else to install this hard drive. I powered the unit back up, went through setup and it is back up and running with almost 3X the amount of space as the old drive. How awesome is THAT! Good job! Nay! FANTASTIC JOB!!! I hope I'm not a repeat customer, but won't hesitate when the time comes again. Thank you!
Patrick Lutwitze, Cedar Rapids, IA
2011-08-09   "Thank you for your help in isolating the problem with my tivo unit. I was hesitant about whether it was the power supply and which one would be the right one I needed. Your diagnosis was right on. I am happy to inform you I am up and running and a real hero to my family. No need to reply just wanted to let you know you I will highly recommend your company to all my family and friends. "
Dan Lim, Long Beach, CA
2011-07-25   "Dear Weaknees People; I wanted to write to you to say how happy my family is with the quality of your service. My father's 10+ year old TiVo recently "died", and you received it on a Friday afternoon. It was returned to us 3 days later, and we're pleased to report that the unit is working like new again. This is by far the fastest turn-around for an electronic repair that we've ever seen, and I will gladly recommend your company to others who own TiVos. Thanks for such a fantastic repair job!"
Rich McGee, Rialto, CA
2011-06-28   "Hello, I just wanted to say thank you! I thought my Tivo was dead and really didn't want to pay for another lifetime subscription. I was able to diagnose the problem, order the replacement part and get directions on how to repair my Tivo from your website. It took less than 5 minutes to replace the part and my Tivo is back up and running! Thank you so much! I've told everyone I know who has Tivo about your company! Sincerely, Maryjo "
Maryjo Sabalewski, Middleboro, MA
2011-06-20   "Dear WeaKnees, I just wanted to let you know that I installed the RS-TX60 TIVO upgrade kit with no problems, thanks to your well written instructions. It is so nice to read well written instructions for a change. My compliments to your people responsible for them. It was a pleasure doing business with you and thank you for the information I received over the phone. I look forward to future business. Thank you"
John McDonald, Mesa, AZ
2011-06-14   "Thank you for prompt resolution of my Tivo’s issues & the timely return of my recorder. The recorder is in very good working condition."
G. L. Stinson, North Vernon, IN
2011-06-12   "It had been about a year since my 5yr old TiVO w/ lifetime TiVO service began freezing before it froze up for good and sat there unused since gathering dust. I had just finally gotten around to pulling it from the cabinet under the TV and was all set to throw it away as I was under the assumption it couldn't be repaired and keep the lifetime plan it came with intact but thankfully before I did I gave it a google and wound up on the WeaKnees website. Fast forward a few days, I'm sitting here in amazement at how easy it was to get it going again good as new. The upgrade kit included the HDD, all tools needed & idiot-proof step-by-step instructions w/ pictures. It took less than 15 minutes before I had it hooked back up to the TV & was navigating TiVO's guided setup once again just like when it was new just out of the box. Sweeeeeeeet! I will forever love WeaKnees for ressurecting my TiVO!"
William Wheeler, Columbus, KS
2011-05-26   "My beloved 6- or 7-year-old TiVo 2 started having the picture drop out and freezing last week and I was cussing Verizon FiOS until I connected the TV directly to the cable box....then I knew it was the TiVo. Googled "TiVo problems" and the 3rd listing was your "TiVo Repair and Troubleshooting Guide". Since it looked like my hard drive was a goner, I was thrilled to see I could replace it and keep the lifetime service we paid $249 for years ago. Got it within days and, since my husband was taking too long getting it installed, I decided to do it. Took me about an hour, which most of the time I spent unscrewing the lid...with the small side of the tool...but when I discovered I could use the other end, it went much faster! :-) The directions (which I was afraid hubby wouldn't even look at!) were absolutely spot on! Had it up and running first time...and I'm a girl!! Can't thank you enough for tripling my storage space and making it so easy to do at a great price! Have already bragged on you on Facebook! Keep up the great work...I have bookmarked our page and I'll be back with any other needs!"
Robin Snelson, Plano, TX
2011-05-24   "The old drive didn't work. We bought and replaced the drive with the one from weaknees, and it worked great and we LOVE the extra storage capacity. "
Michelle Reavis, Madison, AL
2011-05-13   "Hello - I just purchased a replacement drive from you for my older TiVo and want to let you know it arrived in good shape, was not difficult to install and works just great. I really appreciate being able to keep my old TiVo going. I'd like a more advanced TiVo with an output at a higher level than just "S" but I don't want to give up the two tuner Directv receiver in it."
Bert Spangler, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
2011-05-04   "Dear Weaknees, Just wanted to let you know that you saved the day or should I say you saved my TiVo. Last week my 5 1/2 year old TiVo started running hot. After some research, I was 99.9% sure the fan had died. Luckily, I had found out about Weaknees a few years ago and I knew you would have exactly what I needed. I ordered a new fan and received it today as promised. I put in the fan and now my beloved TiVo is working perfectly again. I have a Humax DRT-400 and I have absolutely no desire to buy a newer model. This TiVo is perfect for me and suits all of my needs. I might be mistaken but I have not seen any of the newer TiVos with a DVD player or the ability to save programs to DVD. My TiVo has sentimental value to me because it was one of the last gifts my Dad gave to me before he passed away. I know eventually the day will come when I will have to replace my TiVo but thanks Weaknees I get to keep my old friend a little while longer and for that I am truly grateful to you. Sincerely, Christine Petruzzelli Extremely Satisfied Customer"
Christine Petruzzelli, Kenneth City, FL
2011-04-23   "The modem in my series 1 TIVO failed. I emailed WeaKnees several times for help and each time I got a prompt response, not in days, but in hours, even one on a Saturday afternoon. That's unheard of these days. I sent in my TIVO for the flat fee repair. The website said they would fix it in 3 days, and 2 days after it got there, I got an email saying it was fixed and on its way back to me. It now works perfectly. This is by far the best service I have ever gotten from any on-line company. Wow!"
Clem Wehner, Lawton, OK
2011-03-16   "I should have done this a long time ago!.. Fast service, works perfectly, awesome upgrade! I will be sending my apple tv to be upgraded, and PS3 you guys rock!"
Fernando Lopez, Anchorage, AK
2011-03-12   "Just a quick thank you for delivering on everything, as advertised. Merchandise arrived in two days, (CA to NH) everything was exactly what I expected, and worked perfectly! What more could you ask for? "
Matt Howell, New Ipswich, NH
2011-03-03   "Thanks! I ordered the power supply on your recommendation (after Tivo said the machine was dead) and was able to easily install it and now everything is working fine again. No loss of my recorded shows, no loss of my lifetime subscription, no need to pay for another unit - very much appreciated!"
James McBarron, Spring Lake, NJ
2011-02-26   "Want to thank you for your excellent service on my recent Tivo upgrade. The installation instructions are excellent and I had the "old Tivo" up and running, including setup, in one hour. I highly recommend WeakKnees......."
William Ventry, Tallahassee, FL
2011-02-21   " I just upgraded my TIVO hd with your 1tb HD. The instructions were great, and the upgrade came off without a hitch. I’d recommend your service to anyone. I have 2 more TIVO’s and will probably upgrade when funds are available."
Don Hewitt, Metairie, LA
2011-02-19   "I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your service. I'm happy that I can keep my life time TIVO service and have it working smoothly again! The receiver was returned to us within a week. I made a phone call and sent an email for some technical assistance needed due to my technical inaptness and both were handled competently and my problems were fixed. Thank you very much, I will certainly recommend your service."
Barbara McGinnis, Milwaukie, OR
2011-01-18   "I'm glad I found you. When my hard drive on my Toshiba "free TiVo" box was on its last legs, I noted with fear that an adventurous group were replacing their hard drives. "That's not for me," I thought, and almost threw away my machine. Then I found a link to WeaKnees and your excellent instructions and decided to give it a try. Huzzah! The instructions were clear, simple, and helpful as promised. The installation was done in a half hour without a hitch, and I'm back in business, with 10 times the capacity, a faster drive, and years ahead of more free TiVo. Thank you, WeaKnees. "
David Bryan, Orleans, MA
2011-01-13   "I received my replacement hard drive today right on schedule. Your included instructions were perfect. It couldn't have been easier to install the new hard drive. The only slightly difficult part was removing the drive power cable (hard to get off). The tools you sent worked perfectly to remove the screws. Your website provided lots of information on troubleshooting TiVos. Finding the right hard drive was a snap. Your prices are very reasonable for what you offer. You certainly do a fantastic job and it is appreciated! Thank you very much."
Cheryl McKenna, Parma, OH
2010-12-29   "Thank you! Job well done! Received unit this afternoon and got it hooked up and reconnected with TiVo account info, programing, etc. All working good. Add me to your success stories. :-) Will recommend WeaKnees to anyone I know with aging TiVo problem(s). Thank you,"
James Schisler, Port Orange, FL
2010-12-10   "Really senior old lady - I replaced the hard drive myself. Excellent instructions - though those teeny screws were harder to replace than to remove! "
Jacquelynne Utton, Montpelier, VT
2010-11-25   "Thank you so much for the hard drive & incredibly great instructions that came with it. I was able to install it in a very short time & my Tivo is up and running great. Thanks again for your help."
Diana Johnson, Ft Lauderdale, FL
2010-11-15   "I am delighted with Weaknees hard drive and clear installation instructions which took about 30 min. I doubled my TiVo capacity for less than a refurbished unit of same capacity. I expected to have costly shipping to send my TiVoHD back to TiVo for repair or replacement with refurbished unit, but your rep convinced me I most likely only needed to replace the drive. He was right and arranged cheap USPS shipping to HI for me. I had the brand new drive in a few days and am now back in service with my TiVo at double the capacity. Thanks!"
Ray Mears, Kailua Kona, HI
2010-11-15   "Hey guys, Just wanted to thank you for the great service. I appreciate the guidance on this. I was able to replace the drive, great directions! Our tivo is back to normal and better than ever. Thanks so much! -Jonas "
Jonas Rivera, Oakland, CA
2010-11-15   "Just wanted to say "thanks" for replacing the power unit on my Tivo HD unit. It's working as good as new. You guys are awesome. Love the quick turnaround time. Thanks again."
Scott Fargher, Thonotosassa, FL
2010-11-12   "Received my hard drive upgrade kit. Took all of ten minutes to install. Thanks for good instructions and all the necessary tools."
Angie Orfanedes, Greer, SC
2010-11-08   "Today I was surprised at the simplicity and ease of your instructions for replacing my Tivo hard drive. Everything looks great now."
Fred & Judy Morris, Fort Worth, TX
2010-10-21   "Thank you, it worked perfectly and your directions were easy and simple. A breeze. Thanks."
Terrence Powers, Irvine, CA
2010-10-05   "Just wanted to drop you a line and commend you on your great service - needed a replacement power supply for my TIVO s2 and placed an order on Thursday 9/30 - you shipped on 10/1 - I received on Monday 10/4 - 15 minutes later the TIVO is back on the shelf doing its job - Thanks - will recommend you guys to all my TIVO friends "
Sam Bastin, Danville, KY
2010-09-27   "Just received my new hard drive today. It took only 15 minutes to install. Great directions. The Tivo is up and running."
Gary Miner, Leominster, MA
2010-09-25   "Thank you! My TiVo was failing. I googled the symptoms and suspected power supply. I checked with TiVo customer support and they thought hard drive. I emailed you and you thought power supply. I bought a power supply from you. Installation was incredibly easy. I went from opening the package you'd shipped to reconnecting my TiVo in 10 minutes, and I spent half that time trying to wiggle the TiVo cover off. Let's hope this power supply lasts longer than the two years the original did."
Davis Smith, Avon, CT
2010-09-15   "I have finally had time to perform the upgrade of my second TIVO and look at the details of the work you performed on my first unit and I wanted to express my gratitude for what you have provided me. I was not expecting the added upgrade to the first TIVO sent and I wish to thank you for that work. The second TIVO is working perfectly after I performed the upgrade following the documentation provided. I have let my friends, who own TIVOs, know about your service and will be ordering further upgrades for my series one TIVO. Thank you again for providing this necessary and useful service. I look forward to working with you in the future."
Marilee Roell, Norfolk, VA
2010-08-26   "I received the new hard drive and installed it - unit is up and running again. Thank you for your assistance!! You guys are the best!! "
Mark Schuster, Madison, WI
2010-08-16   "I ordered and received my new hard drive (750GB) for my Series 2 Tivo. I read the directions and then installed it a week later. It took 7 minutes from start to end. I plugged the Tivo in and it came up with a welcome screen. I went through the Tivo startup process and it is working great! Now I have 6 times the capacity. WOW! It was so easy to do. I will definitely reccomend you guys to my friends with Tivos. Thanks again for a great product and service. Howard"
Howard Peppercorn, Westerville, OH
2010-08-13   "I must say. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!! I don't leave comments but this was worth it mentioning. Great company. I am thrilled with my new hard drive for my RS TX20 I bought from you. I did what the paper you sent. And yes it was the hard drive. It was very easy to install. It took awhile for setup but it was worth it. Thanks for bringing it back to life. I thought I had to buy another one. Please stay in business!!!!!!!!"
Anthony Burchette, Warsaw, IN
2010-07-30   "I want to tell you how satisfied I am with my new 1 tb Tivo drive, the amazingly well prepared instructions, and the help on your web site. After wasting hours with Tivo's hot line where they never mentioned the possibility of a hard drive problem (they kept talking about signal strength, attenuators, etc.) you immediately knew of my problem (pixilation, freezing and rebooting)and had solutions. You were such a welcome breath of fresh air after all their @$#%@#!. Thank you. Ron Cullum"
Ron Cullum, Oak Brook, IL
2010-07-27   "Another satisfied return customer. I just upgraded an old R10 from a replace drive with you guys. I just moved from a Series 1 to a Series 2, what a speed increase, now I'm TiVoing in dog years! You guys are the best! Thank You for doing what you do."
Steven Truitt, Fort Worth, TX
2010-07-26   "I normally don't leave comments about past purchases, but I am so pleased with your product and mailing service that I just had to let you guy's know about. In this day and time it seems hard to come by.It only took me about 30 min. to install the new hard drive and the cooling fan, and WHA LA! as good as new. Again, a 'BIG THANK YOU' to Weaknees." Very Happy Customer!
Rodger Offenbacher, Moore, OK
2010-07-09   "Thank you, thank you! I suspected it was the hard drive -- you confirmed it. Tivo wanted $150 to replace our Tivo, and another $199 to transfer service to the new unit. For $100 less than that I was not only able to fix my Tivo, but I doubled the hard drive capacity! And that was including overnight shipping and the extended warranty (woohoo). I popped the new drive in in about 10 minutes with your excellent tools and instructions, and our long, dark domestic nightmare was over. Thank you for making it all so easy."
Peggy Chavez, Santa Clara, CA
2010-06-09   "I kept meaning to email you about how satisfied I am with the upgrade kit I purchased in February. Your instructions were easy to follow and my once "dying" Tivo is like new. Thank You!"
Cornelius Hallahan, Palatine, IL
2010-05-26   "Everything could not have gone smoother. Got the parts I needed quickly. Your technicians walked me through the process. Tivo is up & running again. Thanks for making this such a pain free experience!"
Jason Smith, North Hollywood, CA
2010-05-18   "I ordered a power supply unit for my Tivo on Wed 5/12 around 6:00 pm EST. It arrived in my office on thursday morning 5/13. I have never had faster shipping. I followed your instructions and installed the unit. My son and I waited as the unit powered up. We gave each other high 5's when the picture appeared. It works perfectly . thank you."
James Caldwell, Morgantown, IN
2010-05-16   "After suffering for several months with my TIVO S3 having a very slow response to the remote control of the program selection, I decided to upgrade to the 1 TB replacement kit. After reading through the instructions, clearing some space on the kitchen table for the S3, the upgrade was done in less than 20 minutes. After running through the TIVO guided setup (no problems whatever), my S3 is now behaving like a new machine, no reboots, and a quick response to program remote control requests. Thank you for providing excellent service, not only in the quality of the kit, but in the tech support rapid and knowledgeable response to my phone call. "
Charles Mortimer, Mansfield, TX
2010-05-15   "Thanks for offering a solution to repair my TiVo/DirecTv deocder and keep my lifetime subscription intact. The hard drive replacement kit repaired my unit quickly, and doubled my storage space to boot! The pre-formatted drive has saved me a lot of money since I do not need to replace my hardware, or start paying monthly DVR fees. Thanks again."
John Van Duzer, Cary, IL
2010-04-23   "Thanks for being fantastic - new drive and fan shipped immediately, the instructions were perfect, and I got everything replaced and up and running in minutes. Performance has drastically improved and I look forward to my extra hours and no more broken video and odd grinding noises."
Robert Lodi, Uxbridge, MA
2010-04-22   "Was having major freeaing and stuttering problems with my Series 3 TIVO. Contacted TIVO and they wanted me to buy refurb for $150 and pay again for another Lifetime Subscription, they werent even willing to transfer to new box. I contacted Weaknees, was told how to pinpoint issue. Within an hour I knew I had bad hard drive. Bought a replacement drive, replaced bad drive in about 20 mintues with the easy to fllow directions. Weaknees is the best, Im telling all my friends !!! Thanks John from MI"
John Leach, Macomb, MI
2010-04-18   "I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks to your technical team for fixing my TiVo HD so promptly but in particular for their taking the time to ghost my old hard-drive to the new hard-drive replacement as requested. It saved me hours of set-up time and is going to allow me to enjoy the programs that I thought I was going to lose since I could not back them all up. It is greatly appreciated that they made the extra effort when they didn't have to. Thanks again!!!"
Kellee Carnes, Jacksonvillle, FL
2010-04-12   "Thank God there is a company like Weaknees! This was the first time I've ever attempted to purchase a replacement internal component for my TiVo Series 3 HD. Honestly I don't really know what possessed me to even open up my TiVo box but after the crappy treatment I received from TiVo customer service and the crappy "discount" they offered for a refurbished Series 3 for $150, I figured I'd take a chance and try and fix it myself. Turns out after I opened up the TiVo, I figured out that there was no power to the hard drive, fan or lights so why not just buy a whole new power supply board. I Googled a couple of things and found WeaKnees...within 5 minutes I found the exact part I needed from your website...incredibly easy and $50 cheaper than the TiVo refurb option. Got the part in 2 business days and within 10 minutes I replaced the power board, closed it up and plugged it back in and voila! My TiVo was alive again! Thank you so much WeaKnees for an easy process and quick no-hassle delivery of my order. FOR SURE I will recommend people to your site!"
Andrew Kaleiwahea, Jersey City, NJ
2010-04-06   "While waiting on DirecTV to sell TiVo HD units we decided to upgrade our seven year old Hughes DVR due to some skipping during playback. Quick delivery of my new drive from your company and 15 minutes to install it, including cleaning the interior of dust, made us very pleased with our purchase. For little more than the price of a barebones drive we have rejuvenated our old TiVo and doubled its storage. THANKS! "
Johnnie Norsworthy, Richland, WA
2010-04-06   "Thanks for the prompt delivery and great product. Everything worked great. The instructions were easy to follow. Anyone considering buying a cheaper hard drive and formatting themselves should forget about it. Weaknees delivers a great product, saves you time and it works out of the box. Thanks again. "
Wayne Berkowitz, Valley Stream, NY
2010-04-05   "Thanks Weaknees for saving me a lot of money. When my Tivo Series 3 hard drive crashed, I was going to have to spend over $350 with Tivo to replace it with a refurbished unit and a new service plan. I purchased a replacment hard drive from you and installed it myself in a short time. I was up and running for less than $200 with over 2x the storage space! My lifetime service plan is still intact. I would not hesitate to recommend you to all my Tivo friends....in fact, I have already started. Thanks again."
David Standfast, Gilbert AZ
2010-04-02   "You guys are the greatest thing since sliced bread. My Tivo series two died and I googled "Tivo Repair". Your website came up. I ordered a new Power supply which I received in less than a week. Your instructions for installing it were very simple and complete. I now have a TIVO as good as new and the greatest part is that I still have my lifetime subscription. Keep up the good work. You have a customer and supporter for life!!!"
John Reardin, Pompano Beach, FL
2010-03-30   "I've just received and set up our new TiVo Premiere for Verizon FIOS. First, this new TiVo is a rocket ship-much better than previous TiVo boxes for either Cable or DirecTV! Second, Weaknees sales, service and support came through perfectly for us again. We have been doing business with you for years now, and you have capably supported and/or repaired seven different TiVo models for us, all without a hitch. And, Max and Nick are impossible to stump with even the most 'out there' technical question, including those which TiVo's own company guys can't answer. We like our new Premiere and Weaknees so much, I just ordered a second TiVo Premiere this evening. Thanks, guys. You're the best!"
John Browning, Sachse, TX
2010-03-27   "I just wanted to say thank you. I ordered a replacement hard drive and cooling fan for my SAT-T60 DVR. The products arrived quickly, and the installation went very smoothly. My unit is back up and running and I still have my lifetime subscription to Tivo intact. It was a pleasure working with you!"
Brian O'Gara, St. Peter, MN
2010-03-16   "The hard drive upgrade could not have been easier. My TiVo Series 3 HD was off the TV stand, on the work bench and back on the TV stand in half an hour with three times the recording capacity. Thank you for a well-though-out product."
Jayson Hill, Opelika, AL
2010-03-05   "Thanks for your great service. I ordered my replacement hard drive for my Humax T800 on March 2 and received it on March 4. It took no more than 20 minutes to install and works great. I am very happy and will use your company again when the need arises."
Larry Urich, Victoria, TX
2010-02-19   "My 10 year old Series I Tivo failed suddenly. Found you guys through a Google search, ordered a replacement drive, and now I'm back up and running in no time. I'm good for another 10 years! Thanks for the great product and customer service."
Burroughs Mack, Havertown, PA
2010-01-31   "To the Weaknees Staff: I shipped my TiVo series 2 to you for repair, actually replacement of the hard drive. On the day, it was received, it was repaired and put back into UPS for return shipment. The TiVo works very well and you preserved my lifetime subscription. THANK YOU. Paul Harrington PS: May be the best $149 I ever spent."
Paul Harrington, Virginia Beach, VA
2010-01-20   "I just installed a Weaknees HD in my 3 year old Series 2 TiVo.  My old hard drive bit the dust projecting only a fatal 'Green Screen.' Once I opened the new HD box, it took me less than half an hour to install the new HD and put my TiVo back in service. The instructions were clear and made the entire job a piece of cake. Great product to salvage a broken TiVo. Thanks!"
Dick Van Veen, Irwin, PA
2010-01-14   "You guys are my heroes! We were having trouble with our original TiVo -- seven years old. TiVo couldn't help, although they did try. Their only answer was to replace the machine. I got in touch with you, described the issues and you diagnosed a need for a new power supply....I questioned you, you answered that you really thought that was the problem, so I gave it a shot. Your directions for removing the old power supply and installing the new one were great and voila! Our TiVo is working again! Thanks!"
Martha McCann, Doylestown, PA
2010-01-10   "A few weeks ago when my directv tivo stopped working I thought I would not get to watch tivo again. Directv was not interested in helping me they just wanted me to take one of their dvr's. Desperate for help I checked out the net and found Weaknees and you guys have been a blessing. You helped me figure out what was wrong with my tivo by checking out all the information on your website. I got the part I needed right away and felt confident with the directions I was provided that I could put it in. Now my tivo works better then ever. Thank you for everything we've grown to love our tivo and thanks to you we are able to enjoy it again."
Philip Wiegers, Owensville, MO
2010-01-09   "I rarely take the time to review a product or service received online (I know, shame on me), but in this case I had to. I can't thank you enough for the fantastic experience I had. My new hard drive was shipped less than 24 hours after ordering and I received it very soon after. I was hoping it would arrive before all of my favorite shows started airing new episodes and it did! The instructions were clear and simple and we had the new drive installed and running in less than a half hour. I'm sure you hear this often, but I really appreciate the service you provide and the alternative to buying a low-quality product and lack of clear instruction. I hope you are still here the next time I need/want to upgrade my TiVo!"
Heather Hickerson, Cedar Rapids, IA
2009-12-24   "The 500 gig drive arrived in 2 days. Installed in less than 1 hour. Updated Tivo information. 663 hours standard and 72 hours HD available. Very easy repair, good work! "
Steve Fisher, Missoula, MT
2009-12-22   "You Guys are the BEST!! You saved my TiVo (with the lifetime membership) The Hard Drive was Very EASY to change out with your great instructions. Now I'm up and recording all my shows again. And Bonus: I quadrupled my recording space!!!"
Gail Parnell, Southlake, TX
2009-12-18   "[Y]ou folks get a AAA+! I've done quite a bit of basic electronics & PC fiddling -- memory, accessory cards, power supplies, drives, etc. But this was so straightforward and simple, it was shocking (figuratively speaking!). Given that this was a UPS package in Minnesota, I did have to let the drive thaw, literally, before I opened the case of my unit. Once things had warmed up, though, the whole hardware process took less than 10 minutes, with no fuss or ambiguity -- great instructions and all the gear fit perfectly. Then I reconnected the dvr and its wireless adapter and it immediately fired up perfectly and shook hands with Tivo Central and we were back in business. Replacing the drive was exactly the answer to the mysterious, frustrating problems we'd been having. And going from 40 to to 320 gigs capacity is quite a bonus. All in all, congrats on your services and user-friendly documentation; nice going!"
Marty Pelikan, Northfield, MN
2009-12-09   "Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the service you provide. I own an older DirecTV/TIVO that went out. I found out I either had to lease a new one for $20/month or get a new one that wouldn't record 2 programs at once. I ordered a new power supply from you and my unit was up and running within minutes of UPS leaving my door!"
Renee Grant, Lowell, MI
2009-12-01   "I got my 1Tb replacement drive for my tivo series 2 today. Packaging was excellent and everything I needed to perform the upgrade was in the box. The entire process took about 10 minutes till I had the unit plugged back in and running guided setup. Great service guys. Thanks."
Rob White, Laporte, PA
2009-11-21   "You are to be commended for the quality of your upgrade kits. I added a 2nd drive to a TCD649080 unit, and was very impressed with the quality of the documentation, as well as the quality of the kit parts. As a 25-year IT guy, I know my way around the inside of most things with circuit boards, but your documentation was so excellent that a total neophyte could get through the installation. Thanks, and I'll be recommending you to others."
Paul Jones, Alburtis, PA
2009-11-19   "I have a TIVO with lifetime service that I didn't want to throw away when it got annoyingly noisey. I bought a new drive and fan. 20 minutes after opening the box, my TIVO was downloading programming information, quietly. Thanks Weaknees for fast service and easy install."
Rebecca Dean, Saint Simons, GA
2009-11-18   "100% positive feedback! Got the new hard drive with more space, and everything is installed and working like a charm! So happy."
Judi Cardillo, Greenwich, CT
2009-11-11   "My HR10-250 Tivo went belly up telling me the hardware had been shut down due to excessive heat. It just would not start… A little bit of online research got me to your website for a replacement power supply. I got the part today and thanks to your great (and clear) instructions it took less than 10 minutes to replace the power supply. I’m back to watching TV! Thanks for a great website, clearly marked products, easy checkout, INCREDIBLY EXPEDIENT shipping, and excellent installation instructions."
Jose Batalla, Fort Lauderdale, FL
2009-11-03   "Just installed a new hard drive in my tivo from you folks. Wanted to let you know that your instructions are super! I am the type of person that asks" now what did they mean " I had no problems with the install and your instructions were the clearest I have seen in a long time. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!"
Ed Scott, Canaan, CT
2009-11-02   "I just wanted to write you guys to say THANKS! I got my replacement TiVo hard drive less than a week after I ordered it. Thanks to your instructions, I was able to swap out the drives all by myself. The now drive works perfectly. I really can't thank you guys enough for all the money I would have spent on monthly DVR service OR a whole new TiVo box/service plan. You guys rock."
Ellen Stolar, Chicago, IL
2009-11-01   "Thank you for the excellent work repairing my TiVo. Since the problem was somewhat intermittent (diplays only in black and white after a period of time), I was concerned that you may not be able to diagnose and fix it. But the service was fast and the TiVo is working great now! Thanks for your help!"
Paul Hanson, Wesley, FL
2009-10-30   "I had a flaky TiVo - intermittent pixellation and some recordings would stop part way through. Google pointed me to your site where the indication was a bad drive. I got a new bigger drive from you and installed it (about 10 minutes). My TiVo now works perfectly - and the additional storage is great. Thank you. You guys are the best."
Jack Moskowitz, Flanders, NJ
2009-10-19   "Got my replacement drive from you last Friday as expected, installed it on Saturday, and TiVo Series3 now works as if it were new! The new drive resolved the problems I was having with my TiVo not responding to the remote and not booting up properly. Installation was straightforward, very well documented, and quite easy. Thank you for the support."
John Schaffer, Blacklick, OH
2009-10-17   "Installed my replacement power supply in ten minutes and my TiVo is alive now. I was reluctant to put $75 into a six-year old piece of electronics but your customer service rep reminded me that buying a new box would cost me much, much more to get my lifetime service back! thanks for rescuing my TiVo"
Jim Center, Wilmington, DE
2009-10-12   "Unbelievable response time. Asked for help on a Sunday and received a response on a Sunday. How great is that. I thought it was one of my drives but your diagnosis was right on. The power supply. I ordered and picked it up the same day. Back up in minutes. I can't say more. Your the best."
David Weinberger, Fountain Valley, CA
2009-10-08   "Great Hard Disk replacement kit. I didn't even have to go to my tool box! The hardest process of replacement was actually reprogramming of timer recording after replacement! And time of rebooting!!! I replaced in just 15min! I should have purchased Weak Knee 1TB hard Disk kit with extended warranty instead of WD My DVR Expander in first place! Thank you guys!!!!! "
Massa Ishida, Northridge, CA
2009-10-08   "I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with my recent order. You shipped my item quickly and it came with very easy to follow instructions and all the necessary tools. I appreciate you offering such a high quality service."
Ryan Mendel, Atlanta, GA
2009-10-08   "I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the service you've provided here. While I made a mistake in the original ordering, Weak Knees has been very accommodating and managed to get my replacement drive turned around and sent back out in a day. It is gratifying to find a company today that will take a moment to send a personal note back to a customer with a question and then provide further excellent customer service in quickly processing the replacement. Good job!"
Chris Edwards, Cohoes, NY
2009-10-07   "Wow, I can't express enough gratitude to all of you at weaknees. I researched my problem, received your suggestion within the hour, ordered the part and replaced it myself all within 4 days of my tivo crashing. I have a lifetime subscription and was just sick of the thought that I would have to order a new unit and pay another subscription (I can't live without my tivo). Plus, after replacing the power source, I still have all of my programs saved from before. I didn't lose one thing!! You saved me so much $$$$!! I can't thank you enough!!"
S. Rivera, Las Vegas, NV
2009-10-03   "Two old retirees, plenty of college degrees, and the new hard drive was installed in less than a half an hour. If YOU wrote the instructions, I think we might be able to consider brain surgery OR cleaning out the 'stuff' in the basement. Thanks!"
Warner Kugler, Lima, OH
2009-09-29   "All, I just wanted to thank you for your help with this. I really do appreciate good customer service and support, and you guys know how to do that. The drive arrived, it's installed and my Tivo lives again! Great product, great service & great price! Thank you,"
Bill Prescott, Chester, NH
2009-09-25   "My Series 2 with a Life Time Sub has been resurrected with a new Power Supply! 1st I thought it was the HD, replaced (with larger of course :) ), but when it didn't work, some one suggested the PS and ........ voila! Today, it's up and running! My wife thanks you the most (she uses it). I thank you 'cause I don't have to hear about it being broken anymore. :) Cheers! Excellent job folks!!"
Steven Wyatt, Holden, MA
2009-09-23   "I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. I ordered a replacement hard drive for my TIVO Series 3 DVR Tuesday around noon. I was willing to pay for over night delivery but was told by your agent it would get there in the same time as standard because of how close I am to California. The hard drive arrived as promised Wednesday morning. After the easiest install I have ever had the TIVO is back up and running. Thank you for your help"
Justin Kalb, Las Vegas, NV
2009-09-21   "WOW - thank you so much for your quick and reasonable service. I just replaced my Directv R10 with your 320 gb hard drive. I read the instructions over quite a few times and then decided to tackle it. I feel sooo pleased with myself and the results. I don't usually tell my age, but I'm a retired Delta Airlines employee, absolutely not electronically wise, a 71 year old grandma and I did it all by myself. Tivo Community. com was so right, you're the one to come to. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!"
Charmaine Friedrick, Boynton Beach, FL
2009-09-18   "Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your professional excellence. I can't believe how fast you upgraded my Apple TV and sent it back to me. The Apple TV drive upgrade is very tricky and I'm recommending Weaknees to my brother and friend who are also looking to upgrade their 40GB Apple TVs'. You guys are awesome! Thank you, M.M."
Manoochehr Mashoff, Laguna Niguel, CA
2009-09-12   "I am just finishing up the replacement of a failed hard drive in my vintage 2001 AT&T TIVO DVR2 and just wanted to say that without a doubt that was the easiest replacement and upgrade that I have ever done to a piece of equipment. The order shipped in less time than it said, the instructions were clear, and as a result I am up and running again on a box that has served us very well considering that it has run pretty much non-stop since we bought it. Your company has this down pat and I will recommend you to my TIVO friends in the future without hesitation. Thanks"
Bruce Jones, Phoenix, AZ
2009-09-12   "I just finished upgrading my drive space and I have nothing but positive feedback. Very easy to order and ship the parts, very easy to understand instructions, and things just went flawlessly. Thanks very much!"
John Simon, Collinsville, OK
2009-09-09   "I just had an emotional breakdown when I realized my TIVO had died. My prayers were answered when I found your website. My TIVO (with a lifetime subscription) went from a dust colletor to an new improved DVR!!! I am not a technical person but with your great instructions and the tork screwdriver provided... I went from 40 hours of TIVO magic to 120!!!! UNBELIEVEABLE. THANK YOU!!!!"
Joellen Marcel, Houma, LA
2009-08-22   "I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your website and products! My TiVo just stopped working one night after four years. I called TiVo support and they wanted $267 to repair the hard drive! I was devastated because I couldn't afford that and I'm addicted to my TiVo! The TiVo rep referred me to your site...Thank God for that! Within a few days I got my new hard drive by mail, within 15 minutes I installed it myself, and it took a half hour for the guided setup. YOU guys TURNED my NIGHTMARE into a DREAM COME TRUE! You Rock."
LV, Danbury, CT
2009-08-20   "I just wanted to thank you guys so much for your great website and hardware! My TiVo was on the fritz and your site gave me quick and easy troubleshooting so that I could figure out that the hard drive was the problem. Instead of buying a new TiVo which would have been $500 including service, I was able to save the one that I have had for 5 years with lifetime service for only $109! That is all thanks to you guys. On top of that, this allowed me the chance to upgrade the space so that I now have double the space and a fully functional TiVo. Thank you!"
Michael Chocky, Fair Lawn, NJ
2009-07-29   "Hi, I installed my twin hard drive kit on 7/16/09. I don't know how you can improve the instructions or kit. It's as easy it can get. Thanks,"
Jeff Allen, Waldorf, MD
2009-07-21   "Thank you so much! Your online troubleshooting helped me correctly diagnose the problem with my Tivo, your shipping was fast, and your instructions for replacing the power source were simple to follow. I had my Tivo up and running less than an hour after I received my replacement parts."
Jennifer Frank, Durham, NC
2009-07-17   "I just wanted to commend you guys!!! I thought my Tivo was broken for good. I just installed my new hard drive... can it get any easier!!! I was up and running in under an hour. Thanks!!!"
Patrick Paige, Lake Worth, FL
2009-07-15   "THANK YOU! How refreshing to find life for my two non working Tivo's. The WeaKnees external modem arrived yesterday and in minutes both my tivo's were communicating with the outside world! I can now pause live television and enjoy all my favorite shows again. Here is 3 thumbs up WeaKnees!!"
Tom Sullivan, Atlanta, GA
2009-07-09   "After a very fast reponse to my inquiry and diagnosis of my Tivo burner problem, I had a new drive in my hands in 48 hours. The self installation was a breeze with the instructions provided, and I almost couldn't believe that within 30 minutes of receiving the drive my Tivo was up and running better than original (speed and memory upgrades). This diagnosis/fix saved me loss of $800 unit, $399 lifetime Tivo service contract, and/or at least significant unit shipping costs and time if I had to ship item to service center. I'm a brand new, but now loyal, WeaKnees customer. Thanks! "
Boca Raton, FL
2009-07-02   "Wow!! That was sooo easy! Thank you so much! I just replaced my dead hard drive on my old 80 hour series 2 TiVo, and it works like a charm!! I don't usually write such glowing reviews with so many exclaimation points!! Now, I get to keep my lifetime service, and, record everything in "best" mode, and can keep whole seasons of shows all season long. You guys rock!"
Brian Foose, Hurst, TX
2009-07-01   "I replaced my hard drive using your kit and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your detailed instructions. The instructions could not have been more clear and easy to follow, and my beloved TiVo has come back to life! I am also impressed by your website; particularly the troubleshooting information. Thank you."
Joan Willis, Henderson, NV
2009-06-25   "I just received my HDD order and installed the HDD and it works great, I will be spreading the word from now on."
Ian Charles, Seneca, SC
2009-06-20   "Just wanted to give you guys a big THANKS for the harddrive I recently purchased from you. I ordered it as an upgrade to my Tivo HD. The drive came quickly and well packaged. Installation could not possibly have been easier. I had the drives swapped and my Tivo back up and running in under 10 minutes. Thanks for your great products and customer service!"
Brad A. Rose, Ph.D., Knoxville, TN
2009-06-18   "Just a quick note to say thanks for a great product. I was one of the people who are a little uneasy opening up my Tivo. But after reading the instructions I dove in and my Tivo is working. And with more room for my tv shows. Thanks for making this product so easy to install."
Tim Plawinski, Lake Orion, MI
2009-06-16   "Your directions for installation and the ease of installation were the best we have ever experienced. Thank you so much. The new hard drive is working better than the original hard drive did when it was new. Thank you."
Patricia Johnson, Pittsburgh, PA
2009-06-05   "Thank you all @ weaknees! My order was shipped quickly and as requested. The instructions with the new hard drive were simple and easy to follow. The guided setup procedure @ tivo took longer than the installation of the drive. Thanks again."
Robert Skop, Stoughton, MA
2009-05-22   "Just great how simple the replacement hard drive was. This box may out live me if you stay in business."
Ray Falk, New Orleans, LA
2009-05-15   "I have a TiVo that I've had since 2001. This TiVo has seen better days. It skipped, stalled, and made watching tv a real PAIN! Then in a white hat comes Weaknees! Not only did you sell me a new hard drive, one of your workers put up with my whining to help me get it DONE! And let's not talk about the get price I paid! THANK YOU SO MUCH! BASICALLY, WEAKNEES ROCKS!"
Toni Duren-Banks, Lawton, OK
2009-05-02   "Just wanted to thank you for a super product... I'm an old dog that learned a new trick. Replaced my drive in 15 minutes, and believe me I'm all thumbs. Top drawer service instructions. Many thanks from a very happy customer."
Brad Block, Sherman, TX
2009-04-27   "Seriously... I'd started to hate watching my tivo. I would think about it on the way home from work... thinking Star Trek or whatever is probably being semi-recorded right now. Rebooting... freezing... severe skipping and digitizing... it could not have been worse. A coworker recommended you a long time ago, but only recently did I visit the site and see how surprising the prices were. I ordered, then I looked at my Tivo and thought, crap, these are special screws. Even when my new drive gets here, I'll have to borrow something from the engineers at work. Nope. The kit comes with everything including special screwdrivers for the Tivo model you enter. The instructions were easy, the surgery was WAY easier than I expected, and like I said... Tivo is a joy to watch again. Thanks to weakness.com! -Sebastian Kunz, news anchor 910 KNEW / Green 960 KKGN San Francisco, California"
Sebastian Kunz, Sunnyvale, CA
2009-04-10   "Gentlemen, I can't tell you how nice it is to do business with you folks. But I can try. I previously bought a power supply from you for my TiVo, and recently bought a new 80gb hard drive. Installation on both was a breeze. Your notes on how a hard drive can go bad over time led me to believe that mine was going. For over a year it had been "digitizing", halting, freezing up, etc. It is SOOO nice to be able to watch TV again. THANKS A MILLION. You guys are the best."
Wayne Berry, Virginia Beach, VA
2009-04-01   "Just a note to let you know that I am very pleased with the upgrade you guys did. Just hooked it up and was ready to go, no problems. Thanks so much for taking the extra time to transfer all my programs to the new drive. I can access all the programs without any of the problems I had before the upgrade. Looks like my unit had one drive, not two as I had thought. I'm going to be needing a new remote and will be ordering that from you in the very near future. Thanks again.. "
Rick Berg, Crystal Lake, IL
2009-03-25   "My TiVo died; it would freeze uncontrollably (randomly at first, and then to the breaking point). After reading many TiVo forums online, I was convinced it was a drive problem; almost all of them directed me to weaKnees. I am a skeptic by heart until I try any service personally, and this time I was desperate. I am so glad I came here. I ordered a replacement drive, and it came by UPS exactly when I expected it. The instructions were actually clear and easy to follow (I bet my mom could follow them). Starting up and being able to go through the TiVo guided setup was a relief, and so far, everything has been great (it's only been a few days). So far, I am so thankful I found your service. TiVo users are lucky for this. Thanks again!"
James Schrader, Ann Arbor, MI
2009-03-21   "I just installed a replacement HD for my Humax DRT800 and it could not have been any easier. The 1TB upgrade took less than 15 minutes and when I reconnected everything, it came to life without a hitch. Thanks Weaknees!"
Robb Fedak, East Windsor, NJ
2009-03-11   "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I have had the need to use your products twice for my Series One Phillips TIVO. A modem and just last week a new hard drive. I both cases your directions were excellent and very easy to follow. I also had a need to contact, by email, your tech support with a question. As advertised, the response came in just minutes. Keep you again for quality and professional work."
Gary Zwerin, Sanford, NC
2009-02-16   "I ordered the power supply based on your recommendation about my (Internal temperature too hot screen). I installed the new power supply this weekend and everything works just great. I just wanted to thank you for your advice and the great service I got from your company. You have a repeat customer for my future TIVO needs. �June--"
June Little, Raleigh, NC
2009-02-13   "I just received my new hard drive, and I installed it myself (it was as easy as promised). I am so excited to have my TiVo back! Thanks, I will be a fan for life!"
Margaret Carpenter, Glenview, IL
2009-02-11   "Hey, I received my disk drive and installed it today. I have to compliment WeaKnees on its high quality, lucid and easy to follow instructions. One gets so used to coping with instructions written by non-English speakers, so it is refreshing to get a set of instructions that is totally understandable. Thanks."
Bob Carty, Magnolia, TX
2009-02-09   "Thanks to your replacement hard drive and thorough instructions, my Tivo is operational again!!! Oh the Joy! I'm a hero with my wife - but I confess, you guys deserve 99 % of the credit! I also appreciated your fast shipping - I could not be more satisfied. Keep up the great work!"
Mark McClure, Bellevue, WA
2009-02-06   "Once again, you've made me love you. Years ago, with your help, I put in my first hard drive ever into anything. Now, I put in hard drives all the time BUT none ever as smoothly and easily and painlessly or with more satisfaction than the WeaKnees hard drive into my TiVo. The hardest part was getting the cat out of the shelf so I could put the TiVo back in. You've brought my aged Toshiba (w/ that basic lifetime!) back to life. Thank you. Thank you. I am, once again, your very happy customer."
Susan Dennis, Seattle, WA
2009-01-21   "Thank you guys so much! I sent my baby to you for a tuner repair on both tuners. Your techs help in diagnosing the problem, shipping instructions, turnaround time- everything was wonderful. When I got it back, I installed the hard drive replacement kit I had ordered from you. So easy, I was done in about 15 minutes. Now my precious is running perfectly, and it would not have been possible without your help. You are a fantastic company that I will recommend forever. Thank you so much for all your help!"
Sara Caudill, Petaluma, CA
2009-01-21   "I just wanted to say that the installation kit (additional 320gig for a tivo series 2) I ordered was perfect. The instructions left nothing to the imagination, and as a result the installation was simple and quick. I enjoy tackling projects myself, and products like yours truly make it a pleasure. Thanks for a great product"
Brian Topf, Darien, IL
2009-01-08   "My Tivo Series 3 started acting flaky about a month ago and finally died last week. I found your website and after a bit of trepidation, ordered a new replacement hard drive. Well, it came last night and I had it installed in about 30 minutes. The hardest part was getting the cover off the unit! I ran guided setup and am back in business with 3 times the storage. Couldn't have been easier. Thank you, Weaknees!!"
Jerry Botts, Minneapolis, MN
2009-01-05   "I just wanted to thank you for the incredible service you provided. I just found and ordered the exact thing i needed- super easy! I then called with a question and was helped by an extremely courteous person. Thank you for a great experience...I'll recommend your site to ANYONE! "
Carey Terranova, Chesterfield, MO
2009-01-01   "Thanks for the prompt service, the product works great!! Install could not be any easier, you guy operate your business the same as I try to do mine. Again, great job, keep up the good work, I will be doing more business with you and giving referrals as well."
Dean Dickinson, Norwalk, CA
2008-12-30   "So when I got home from my last business trip the 13 year old informed me that the Tivo "had died", I assumed someone had pressed a key on a remote to misdirect the video feed. The 13 year old has a four year old sister, so this is not an uncommon occurrence for us. As this particular Tivo is one of those lifetime subscription units from the late Clinton administration, there's no way I'm giving it up without a fight. When I checked it out I discovered that yes, indeed there was no video signal coming off the RF port of our Tivo Series 1 (Serial # 348). After unhooking it from its wiring harness and reconnecting it to what amounts to my video test bench, I discovered I could get it to output component video, but not reboot. Thanks to your wonderful diagnostic message boards I concluded I probably had a hard drive failure...after 7-8 years of constant use WHO would have thought ;-) So, I ordered a replacement drive from your very efficient (if not terribly pretty) website. Cover off to cover on took 20 minutes which included almost 10 minutes of finding a vacuum cleaner to suck dust bunnies the size of small rats off the motherboard. After reconnecting it to the test harness and then the family room "production" harness everything worked wonderfully...AND it has FIVE TIMES the capacity it did when it left whatever contract manufacturing plant that gave birth to it. As I said...you guys rock."
Doug McLean, Palo Alto, CA
2008-12-28   "I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your services. Our Tivo stopped downloading program data a few weeks ago, and we thought we were going to have to replace the unit. We have a 180 hour Tivo series 2 and were very disappointed to discover that you can only buy the Tivo series 2 80 hour box, so we'd have to downgrade. Upgrading to the HD wasn't an option either, since we have satellite and that system evidently doesn't work with satellite TV. I'd resigned myself to buying an 80 hour box when I discovered that I could get a replacement modem from your website. I was actually skeptical of your claim that the new modem would "install in minutes" (nothing is ever THAT easy) or that it would even solve our problem, but the price was much better than a downgraded box and far preferable to giving up our 180 hour box and having to reprogram all our season passes, etc. So I bought the modem and was thrilled to discover that it really did solve the problem, and that it really did install in less than 5 minutes! Thank you!!!! I can't live without my Tivo, you guys really saved the day."
Becki Robins, Rough and Ready, CA
2008-12-26   "Thanks! My Tivo is now working again. The power supply was a snap to install. I'm so grateful for your company."
Sandra Personette, Hercules, CA
2008-12-25   "That was the easiest harddrive replacement kit ever. Smooth and fast no problems. Thanks for the fast shipping. The updated drive even seems to make the Tivo respond faster Thnks again"
Vincent Capozzi, Nutley, NJ
2008-12-06   "thank you. unit works great with upgraded hard drive plus old shows were preserved. great service and will continue to use your company for all tivo purchases , upgrades and repairs all the best"
Tom Belt, Indianapolis, IN
2008-12-05   "Hi All, I opened the box that came the other day with the new high capacity hard drive and replacement fan for my satellite receiver/Tivo recorder. After a quick look over the instructions, I was quickly at work replacing the components and it seemed I was finished in almost no time. After connecting all the cables and powering the unit back up, the set-up went without a hitch and I was back in business. I couldn't believe how quietly the unit operated after living with a noisy fan and hard drive for so long. Bet it took only 10 or 15 minutes from start to finish....Thanks for helping put new life in my Tivo receiver.:
Craig Ward, Morris Plains, NJ
2008-12-01   "Through your website, I was able to find out that the problem with my TIVO, was the Hard Drive. I ordered a hard drive, which arrived this AM. Your directions for removing the old hard drive and installing the new one were superb. The color version from your website made it even easier (#32). The Harddrive was replaced quickly, and what I feared would be an intimidating chore was actuallyquite easy. Thank you again for your expertise and excellent step by step directions."
Gerald Spunt, Coral Springs, FL
2008-11-26   "Thank You! After a disappointing call to Humax, I thought my DVR was kaput. I googled, hoping to find a local repair service. I was so happy to find your very easy to use website. After on quick phone call to WeaKnees technical service, I was hopeful that I could replace and upgrade the hard drive. The package arrived within 3 days and my husband installed the new hard drive within minutes. He was very complimentary of the easy to follow instructions. We are up and running again with a much improved DVR. Great job!"
Linda Dicks, Valley, AL
2008-11-24   "Hello, I just could not let this experience go un told. First I google to find a place where I can have my Tivo serviced. Next..I find Weakness.com..a masterful website. Most websites will try to take your money first before either giving you alternatives or other options to resolve your problem. not Weakness.com. This site was remarkable. Not only was the site easy to navigate, but it was also very informative. I was able to narrow down my search to resolve my specific issue and as a result I ordered a power supply pack. I followed the instructions on how to remove my power supply in my Tivo and it was a simple as ABC. I believe a cave man could have followed those instructions they were so simple. Usually very technical issues you find that the people who are specialized in it find it difficult to simplify instructions for the average Jane and Joe, not Weakness.com the website and those that are responsible for it are masters of their trade. I am not savy with electronics but I walked away from this experience actually feeling like I learned something. I also emailed prior to my purchace and the response time was similar to a micro minute (lol) im kidding but it was so fast I almost thought it was an automated response until I emailed again and the email had more specific details to my question that only a human could have composed. I called the customer service sales department and spoke with a gentlemen (sorry I didnt get his name) who processed my order and he too was very polite, professional, efficient and knowlegeable as I asked him a few questions and he anwered them as he could without having the device in front of him. I want to thank him as well for adding to my wonderful experience. I hope there is a place where I can add my experience to a feedback or blog area. People should know about your website and I am sure they will have the same if not better (if thats possible-lol) experience. I will be sure to email back the results of the purchased power supply pack. Your company has a terrific team of web designers, instruction writers, and customer service (phone and email) representatives. Keep up the great work. I will definitly spread the word. P.S. The multiple pay options is also fantastic. Thank You. Have a safe and pleasant holiday."
Sheena Paige, Newberry, SC
2008-11-20   "Hi! Just wanted to let you know how once again I'm thrilled with Weaknees! I received the remote right on time and it works great! You are the GREATEST!!!!"
Ruth Fortune, N. Palm Beach, FL
2008-11-20   "Guys/Gals Just wanted to say that I was completely skeptical about ordering a hard drive over the internal and actually getting it to work. I'm psyched to say..it worked. Your instructions were incredible. Thanks you. Thank you. Thank you. Scott"
Scott Fichten, Manalpan, NJ
2008-11-19   "Received it yesterday. It took less then 15 minutes to Upgrade. I went from 67 hours to 300 hours. Sweet!!!! No problems at all. Thanks very much. I plan to recommend You to my friends who have Tivo. thanks"
Steve Stasiukiewicz, Tampa, FL
2008-11-13   "Thank you ,my order was received on time and when installed in the tivo per your upgrade instructions worked. I will recommend Weaknees to all my friends, you are a great company."
Thomas Oleary, Alamo, TX
2008-11-06   "Thank you so much for the drive upgrade ! Half the price of a new Tivo, with double the capacity that I had. A couple of minutes, and up and running ! Thank you again !"
Don Leonard, Thomasville, PA
2008-10-27   "Just wanted to let you know I changed out the fan in my Tivo and it works great. I printed out the directions from your website and completed the job. Thanks especially for instructions in removing the cover. I don't think I would have been able to do that without your instructions."
Elizabeth Novotny, Waynesville, NC
2008-10-15   "One of the easiest upgrades I have ever done. We received the drive on time as promised, and within a half hour, plus the guided setup time, we were sitting and watching TV again. Excellent!!!!"
Matt Payne, Raleigh, NC
2008-10-10   "I just want to say that I rec'd the product the next day (Tuesday) and had it operational in minutes. What a positive experience with a company! You go on the GREEN side of my board of good and bad vendors!!!"
Jeff Repinski, Reseda, CA
2008-10-07   "Just replaced my hard drive (15 Mins) with one of your units. I went from 35 hours to 231 hours. It is great! Thank you so much for Out Standing Service! and super fast deliver[]y. You have a life long customer."
Steve Cantrell, Loma Linda, CA
2008-10-06   "Thank you so much for giving us our Tivo back. I was afraid that I would have to purchase a DirecTv DVR, but we would rather continue watching "old fashioned" TV than HD on an inferior platform. Everything worked well, and we are very grateful that you saved us from the DirecTv DVR route. We are waiting for the Tivo HD DVR that is promised from DirecTv next year."
Dr. Louis Hollinger, Fairhope, AL
2008-09-29   "Just some comments: The service was awesome! I got the product in just a few days to the Atlanta area. The instructions were clear and very precise! The Tivo/DirecTV HD 10-250 is now functional again and upgraded and works fine! I'll definitely use your company's products the next time one of my Tivo units go bad. Thanks! Kin "
Kin Mitra, Alpharetta, GA
2008-09-17   "Just wanted to drop you guys a quick line telling you how much I appreciate your excellent service. I ordered a power supply for a Series 2 DVR and it turned out that the power supply was not the problem with my unit. Once I realized this I dreaded having to email or call and 1) try to explain what happened and 2) get info on how to return part and get credit. My "dread" was unfounded as I went back to my original digital receipt and sent customer service an email. I was shocked when I had an answer and an RMA in under an hour! You have a loyal customer for life and I will continue to recommend you to friends and family."
Brad Duthie, Elburn, IL
2008-09-09   "We just wanted to write you to say a hug[e] Thank You! We ordered a new hard drive and fan to revive our no longer available Sony DirectTV Tivo combo box. Your product was exactly what you advertised, works perfectly and your installation instructions were superb. (My husband says using the lid as a platform to put the drive bay on was a stroke of genius). It sounds so simple, but with a technology product, especially one that could be considered obsolete this could have been an ordeal. Your web site helped us diagnose the problem correctly the first time and the replacement went without a hitch. Not only that - now we have almost 3 times the storage space! We cheered when we saw the little Tivo guy again! Thanks for doing a great job!"
Eden Palmer, Seattle, WA
2008-09-04   "Hi. Just wanted to say I'm a 65 year old male and I just finished installing my Tivo upgrade kit. It took me about a half hour from start to finish. I guess I'm not as fast as those younger guys who say they can do it in 20 minutes. Anyways, thanks for coming up with such a simple system. Hopefuly I will have room to record some of my programs now instead of all those programs for my 3 year old grandson. Thanks again it was a breeze and would recommend it to anyone."
Ron Mac Kool, Roseville, MI
2008-08-30   "A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!! That's all I say! Our Directv TiVo "died"... looking at your website and emailing you, it was pretty clear the diagnosis was "bad hard drive".... the replacement with tools and instructions arrived within the week... and VOILA! in under 20 minutes we "non-techies" had it up and running... the hardest part?... disconnecting the TiVo from its nook in the entertainment unit! You guys ROCK! What a joy to deal with such a wonderful company/fabulous product!"
Ryan Natalino
2008-08-29   "I just wanted to thank you for the information and service that you provide. I bought a new power supply for my Tivo it took about 20 mins to get my tivo was as good as new. Thank you"
Timothy Gimenez, Kent, WA
2008-08-22   "My Series 2 TIVO recently stopped displaying video, the light on the front didn't come on, but the fan turned. I have lifetime service on it. I was pretty sure I was going to have to chuck it, along with the programs stored on the HD AND the lifetime service. Then a friend told me about you. I looked around, decided that maybe my power supply had died, and ordered one from you. It arrived in a couple of days, was even BETTER than the one I had picked out, and I was able to install it myself in about a half hour - and 15 minutes of THAT was trying to find the compressed air to blow out the dust bunnies! Voila, I fixed my TIVO, and saved my lifetime service (not to mention the Dodgers game where my friends were caught singing during the 7th inning stretch) - thanks to you, and your terrific website! Thank you so much! You really provide a great service. "
Laura Maurizi, Whittier, CA
2008-07-24   "I wanted to thank you for producing such a great product. The service that we received when I called to find out if the item had shipped was helpful, efficient and professional. We received the new TiVo hard drive this afternoon and the installation was easy and quick. Overall, awesome service and product. Thanks. "
Clarence Burg, Conway, AR
2008-07-21   "Thank you, Thank you!!! You saved me about $300. I was ready to throw out my Tivo unit because it stopped working. I found your website and you diagnosed the problem. I ordered a new and better hard drive, followed your easy to follow directions, and now I have a new Tivo unit. It was like changing a light bulb. Thanks again. You guys are responsive and helpful. Every Tivo owner should have your website handy. "
Dennis Rios, Murrieta, CA
2008-07-19   " Hello, I just wanted to report that i ordered the replacement drive for my t2500, awesome. It worked just like you said it did. And the new disk is nice and quiet. The best buy I have made in some time. you guys sell a great product. thanks."
Calvin Burnes, Mill Valley, CA
2008-07-18   "My tivo is back in excellent working order thanks for your external modem kit! Installation was a snap and took me only a couple of minutes. Works without a hitch. Highly recommended. Also, super fast shipping! Thank you."
William Beazley, West Chester, PA
2008-07-17   "You guys are great. Yet again you have saved the day and preserved my lifetime service. My modem went out and three days later everything is back up and running thanks to the replacement modem. A year or two ago I bought a hard drive whick worked perfectly (and still does) Thank you."
Richard Hays, Portland, OR
2008-07-16   "Dear Friends, You are the best. From start to finish the entire experience was superb. My TiVo works great again. Thanks,"
Dale Anderson, Lake St. Louis, MO
2008-07-02   " Just wanted to say thanks for the super quick ddelivery and incredibly easy installation of my new hard drive for my Pioneer DVR/DVD. I appreciate the super clear instructions. I had the new hard drive installed within 10 minutes. If you can operate a screw driver, you can perform your own installation! Again, thanks!"
Rick Erbach, Atlanta, GA
2008-06-29   "THANK YOU, for making it something in life so much easier to fix. My Tivo HD died, I ordered your replacement harddrive, a 10 minute swap and it was back up and running. Phenominal work! (you...not me...your the ones that did all the work...I mean I only spent 10 minutes doing simple step by step instructions a chimp without opposable thumbs could have done...so it was all you which is why it was so easy for me...a chimp with opposable thumbs and why I am now thanking you). Typing this email required more thought than your HD fix. Rock on! "
Mike Wagner, Midlothian, VA
2008-06-20   "WOW!!! Thanks so much!!! Almost a heart attack!!! I ordered a new power supply from you and 15 minutes later I am back in business!!! I had a bunch of stuff on the hard drive that I wanted to save to my pc that I thought was lost forever!!! About 6 screws later my Tivo is as good as new!! Now if I can keep my wife from eyeing those expansion drives!!! Your service was A++++++++!!! Thanks so much!! "
Kevin Elwardt, Chicago IL
2008-06-18   "My TiVo is back up and running, thanks! I was able to use the information on your site to determine that its power supply had probably failed. I ordered a new one from you, put it in, and it's good as new."
Daniel Poirier, Carrboro, NC
2008-06-08   "Bravo! I installed a replacement HDD in my Humax Series 2 DVR and it worked perfectly the first time in all respects. Thanks for your great service, clear instructions and fairly priced product."
Mike Hadjinian, Chicago, IL
2008-05-27   "I received my new hard drive in the mail today and had my Series 1 TiVo up and running in 15 minutes- including the 7 minutes it took to get the case top off. You guys are the best. Thanks!"
Lou Lenzi, Carmel, IN
2008-05-13   "I just received my new hard drive for a Toshiba TiVo/DVD recorder. Only 3 yrs old and the drive died. I ordered a new drive from Weaknees and it arrived overnight. I spent all of 20 minutes installing it, and my TiVo was up and running like old. I am VERY impressed, and love that I was able to increase my recording capacity. Your insturctions were crystal clear, and it couldn't have been simpler. Keep up the good work...."
Scott Ruffo, Hackensack, NJ
2008-05-10   "Thank you very much. Got the Tivo from you. Went on line to Tivo.com. They presented me with the Lifetime option. I signed up for the Lifetime. Everything is working fine at this point. Thanks again for the info."
Dave Hoy, Warrington, PA
2008-04-30   "Just wanted to thank you for all your assistance in replacing my Tivo HD. In less than 30 minutes I was up and running again. I will be a repeat customer and recommend you to all my friends."
Joe Brill, Binghamton, NY
2008-04-26   " I wanted to tell you about my experience. I ordered the hard drive kit for my toshiba sd-h400 ordering was easy, recieved it in 2 days as promised. Installed it in 15 minutes, was up and running in 40 minutes which included setup and down loading program info from tive. What a life saver no more blocks when watching tv. records fine, and I didn't even realize when I ordered it, that it had twice the capacity as my old one..What a deal.... and I still have my free basic from tv which Is why I didn't want to just buy a new tivo. Again thank you for such good service." Will definitly tell other about your company."
Patty Magruder, Gaithersburg, MD
2008-04-18   " Got you replacement kit for my TIVO today and am enjoying my service once again. Thanks to you for your detailed instructions and for really making a new customer truly satisified."
Mike Moran, Coarsegold, CA
2008-04-12   "I just wanted to write and say thanks for providing great service. Your web site is so well-organized that I was able to figure out which power supply to order for our Series 2 DVR while my wife and 2 kids were whining at me about the TiVo not working! I placed the order Sunday night, the part shipped Monday, and we had a working DVR on Wednesday. Happy family == good Thanks"
Gordon Good, Mountain View, CA
2008-03-31   "Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the upgrade hard drive you provided for my TIVO which had stopped working. Installation took all of 15 minutes, and the most time consuming part of the process was running through the start-up procedures with TIVO when I plugged the unit back into the system! Anyone who has replaced or added a hard drive on a computer will find everything about the process very familiar. Thanks for providing the service!"
Robert McLeran, Merritt Island, FL
2008-03-31   "Hi, Just wanted to let you know that your directions for adding hard drive and fan to my tivo were perfect.I went from 80 to 260 hours recording. I will definitely buy fom you guys again. Regards, Walter"
Walter Nelson, Smyrna, DE
2008-03-31   "I just upgraded my 80 hour series 2 with a 500GB drive and it was EASY! Good instructions, good packaging, good product - very well thought out for the consumer (and so few things are today). I now have over 650 hours so I can record my stuff AND let the kids keep 20 episodes of Elmo! Fantastic!"
Tony Bogyo, Chelmsford, MA
2008-03-30   "After a power storm knocked out my old Pioneer Tivo DVD recorder, I assumed that the power supply had been damaged, but after talking to one of your techs on the phone, he felt confident it was actually a burned out HD. I checked around briefly but you clearly had the best prices and seemed to offer the best service and support, so I ordered the upgrade kit needed, and was pleasantly surprised to see it shipped that same day, and arrived in just a few days. The installation instructions were clear and easy to follow and in no time at all, my Tivo was booted up and running perfectly again. Thanks for your great service for all us Tivo fans! "
Mary Jo Sminkey, Carlisle, PA
2008-03-28   " Having very easily upgrading my 8 year old Tivo with a new hard drive and power supply, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. The instructions were easy to understand. I did not want to lose my lifetime serivce and thanks to you everything is a-ok. Keep up the great work."
Paul Dambek, Valparaiso, IN
2008-03-28   " I just installed your replacement drive for my Directv Tivo unit and I couldn't be happier. My unit went out and I was trying to buy a new one but apparently Tivo and DirecTV no longer love each other and I was going to have to pay both companies unless I fixed the old one. For less than a new unit, I bought a replacement, installed it in about 15 minutes, and my life is good again. Thank you for such a great product."
John Munoz, San Marcos, CA
2008-03-25   " I just wanted to tell you that the replacement hard drive Weaknees sent was installed by me and has worked flawlessly. My non-technically minded wife even watched me and said that it looked so easy to do that she could have done it....Thank you for a great and needed product and your available phone assistance."
Roy Bryson, Ft Worth, TX
2008-03-25   " Order received on 3/24. Excellent instruction. It took me only 10 minutes to replace the drive ( including vacuuming the dust and lint inside the TiVo box). The unit power up without any problem. I will be glad to recommend anyone that needs replacement drive to Weaknees. Thank you."
Rocky Lee, Los Altos, CA
2008-03-21   "Studied your web site to learn all about options. Ordered a replacement drive for my Tivo Series 2 (300mb). Old one failed to boot after extended shutdown. New one booted right up, everything works perfect. Super fast delivery at a fair price. Extremely well done and informative website!"
Dawson Cooper, Everett, WA
2008-03-03   " Thank you! Thank you! When I first ran across your company, I had my doubts. Mainly, I was fearful I would not be able to install the kit. (Not very mechanically inclined). To my surprise, the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. In fact, it took me longer to reprogram the TiVo than it did to install the upgrade kit. Now, instead of tossing the old one in the trash, and replacing it with a new one that would require purchasing a new contract, my family continues to use the original box with its life time service contract."
Ron Wackowski, Andover, MA
2008-02-27   " On Saturday night, my TiVo's (named Johnny) hard drive went down. After calling TiVo customer service and having them tell me that I could get a replacement unit for $149 but would not get the lifetime service carried over, I turned to an internet search and found Weaknees. Here it is Wednesday night, and I have Johnny up and running again, with the lifetime service intact! The kit made it really easy to install, and I upgraded from an 80GB hard drive to a 300GB one. Weaknees is fabulous, and you saved Johnny's life! Thank you!"
Karen Putt, Mishawaka, IN
2008-02-23   "I'm out of the dog house! My wif[e] is hooked on her tivo and when the hard drive crashed. I needed to get it up and running in a hurry luckly I found you guys through a search and with your quick service all is back to norm in the house hold. keep up the great work! Your se[r]vice was nothing short of outstanding."
Dinger Edinger, Jacksonville, FL
2008-02-20   " I just installed an added drive to my 2 tuner Tivo. (I have done 3 others in the past) I just wanted to comment to you on how good your instructions are. Probably the best of any instructions that I have used. I just installed a wireless rain gauge and the instructions were terrible."
Spurge Hogan, Hillsborough, NJ
2008-02-14   "Just to a note to thank you for your excellent service. The hard drive was a breeze to install, and now my Directv Tivo is working perfectly as new, except with more recording time! Thanks for providing such a great service. "
Gale Williams, Canyon Lake, TX
2008-02-03   "Just a word to let you know that your external modem did the trick on my almost-dead TiVo HDR312 (Philips) box. Since I have Lifetime Service on this machine and now I can bypass my fried internal modem, I save myself $129 a year and another TiVo box. Awesome! Thanks. "
Stu Miller, Franklin, TN
2008-02-02   "I emailed you guys about a week ago with a description of the problem I was having with my TiVo, fully expecting to have to buy a new unit. My email was answered within 30 minutes and I was advised to buy the external modem that ultimately fixed my Tivo! Thank you for the quick response, helpful diagnosis, and easy to follow instructions when the parts arrived. You guys rock!"
Jenifer Fraley, Lewisville, TX
2008-01-31   "Just got a new power supply from you and I'm back in business!! Thanks so much. Once a TIVO user, always a TIVO user. Good to know you're here. Some day I'll be getting a bigger hard drive, but not right now. YOU'RE THE BEST."
Wayne Berry, Virginia Beach, VA
2008-01-29   "Just wanted to thank you guys, you helped me determine that I had a bad drive in my Pioneer 810H Tivo. I am a 76 year old guy, with limited experience in electronics, was scared to death of a project of this nature, however, your detailed instructions were EXCELLENT! We are back in business, my wife thinks I'm a genius. I also hooked the unit to my network and am excited to explore all the neat things I should be able to do with this system. Your ethernet adaptor worked just fine for this connection. Thanks again Gene "
Eugene Mealey, Anderson, SC
2008-01-21   "You guys are 'XXXXing Awesome'. After a week in discussion with the Best Buy Boys and reps from Tivo, confusion and dissatisfaction reigned. Located your website and against advise from everyone, ordered a replacement Hardrive. What a pleasure. It arrived on Frdiay at 4:30PM. Your easy instructions allowed me to install it in 5 minutes. It took about a half an hour for Tivo to re-setup, but we were cooking by dinner time and back recording again. TO ALL THE SKEPTICS - STOP WORRYING AND ORDER. I'm recommending you to everyone. PS. Where to I buy stock in your company?"
Ed Wagner, La Grange, IL
2008-01-19   " I just wanted to say thanks for your help in reviving my Tivo. I emailed you on a Sunday, and was suprised to get a response in about an hour. You diagnosed a hard drive failure. I ordered an upgrade replacement kit, which arrived very quickly. It took about 15 minutes to install, from the time I cracked the case, until I tightened the last screw. Hooked it back up, and everything is working like it should. You were the only ones who gave me a straight answer. Everyone else I contacted just said " send it to us, and we'll fix it". I have two more Tivo units I plan to upgrade, and I will definitely buy the parts from Weaknees. Thanks again."
Ronnie Hays, Oologah, OK
2008-01-17   "Well, being the pessimist that I am I was very dubious about purchasing my DirecTV disk upgrade from you since I found you from Google and had no previous knowledge of your business. After reading your entire website I was impressed by how thorough it was so I nervously made a purchase of my 160gb upgrade.... Three days later your package arrived via UPS. I installed the new disk in about 10 minutes, the instructions were easy to understand and I cleaned the interior of dust and then held my breath while I turned my receiver on. I was amazed that my DirecTV TIVO worked perfectly the first time. Absolutely NO PROBLEMS. WOW! What can I say except THANK YOU for your great service and the great product upgrade for my Tivo. Anyone out there wondering if they should upgrade, my response is DO IT. These guys really do know how to make a great product and make customers happy."
Hal Richards, Mesa, AZ
2008-01-16   " I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for my new TiVo HD. I'd been itching to get one for some time, but I was hesitant because of the very short warranty period on the unit. When I noticed that for an extremely modest price the wizards at Weaknees would stand behind my system, the wait was over. I paid a reasonable price for a wonderful new toy that was very promptly shipped and will be protected by the best in the business. Thank you so much!"
Douglas Bancroft, Fall River, MA
2008-01-10   "Just dropping you a line to let you know the 500 GB hard drive upgrade installation into in my new TiVo HD was easy and went flawlessly. Now, I can record enough HD hours for the box to be as great as it was back for SD! Thanks for a great service!"
Bob Sykes, San Francisco, CA
2007-12-25   "Like many of the comments that I've found on-line, our tivo was developing issues (restarting, stuttering, freezing), very annoying. Solution: new receiver. Not. As you know new receivers have DVR's not Tivo. I did some research on the net and Tivo users do not like DVR. I am a long time customer of DirecTV and I like the program package I have. I also like my Tivo. I did a search on Google for "Tivo repair" and it came up with Weaknees.com. I admit I was leery but I read everything I could from your site and decided to take a chance. The directions didn't look that hard. I ordered a bigger hard drive and it came in yesterday. The directions I received with the up-grade kit were even better than the ones on-line and I had no problem switching the drives and restarting the system. My local channels did not show up but I read in my research that it may take a while. This morning when I turned it on, there they were. So I say again, Thank you, Thank you. This ex! perience was everything you and your customers said it would be. Merry Christmas."
Louis Roy, Middleton, NH
2007-12-16   "When my TIVO-based DirecTv unit recently began to re-start at random, I knew I was in trouble. I suspected the hard drive was failing. Sure enough, the system soon reached a point where it would not re-start at all. I contacted DirecTv but all they would offer was to "lease" me a non-TIVO box. Since I seemed to have no other option, I tried the DirecTv system. However, it took only a few days of using their system to realize just how inferior it was in comparison to TIVO. It was like swapping your new Lexus for a Kia Rio! The thought that I had lost my TIVO was depressing and having to pay a monthly fee to lease the DirecTv system only added to my torment. I searched the internet in the hopes of finding another alternative. That was when I found the Weaknees web site. I ordered a hard drive replacement kit. When it arrived, it took less than 1/2 hour to install it and that includes giving the insides of my old system a complete cleaning with compressed air to remove the dust build-up. The instructions are simple. If you can read english and turn a screw, then you can install one of these kits. With the new hard drive installed, my old system roared back to life. It is even better than before since my new hard drive is 4 times larger than the old one that failed. I have already made arrangements to ship the non-TIVO box back to DirecTv. I want to thank Weaknees for their highly useful products. It is good to know that TIVO owners have a resource to fall back on if their equipment fails and are not left to the tender mercies of the cable and satellite companies."
Terry Leatherwood, Antioch, TN
2007-12-13   "Hi Just wanted to let you know that I received the replacement drive kit. It took about 10 minutes to install and booted right up without a problem. Thank you very much for your fast shipping and great service!"
Ken Prosser, Ventura, CA
2007-12-07   "Howdy weaKnees: I ordered your 2 drive 260 hour upgrade kit & fan, for our Hughes GXCEBOT Tivo unit. I just wanted to let you know that I am most pleased to report that EVERYTHING you say about the ease of doing this upgrade is 110% TRUE ! ! My order was shipped almost before I place it, that is how fast your follow up was. In no time I had a UPS tracking number emailed to me, and I could follow it to my door. Which I did, and it got here as specified by UPS........ Upon receiving the new drive kit, the hardest part of the job was unhooking the TiVo from the entertainment center and pull it out to do the installation. Once I opened up the TiVo and took out the old drive, installation of the 2 new drives and new fan took just a few minutes to make the job complete. The instructions were easy to understand, but the job is so easy I barely even looked at them. (Just to make sure where the "A" and "B" drives belonged) About a half hour and the rig was hooked back up and downloading from the DirecTv satelites. We now have a variable 259 hours capacity, up from the almost 40 we limped along with before learning about weaKnees.......... I can honestly say that no one should be afraid to tackle this upgrade, as it really is such a "no brainer" that anyone with the ability to turn a screwdriver ahould be able to master this really easy upgrade. Also, this upgrade made a nice "extra" Holiday gift for my bride of 40 years. We now look at each other around this time of the year and ask what to buy a person who has all the toys they need. The same old question: What do you want for Christmas this year dear ? ? And all you get is shrug of the sholders and a blank deer in the headlights stare - - And an "I don't know" for an answer......... A TiVo upgrade is a heck of a lot better than a pair of slippers that don't fit or jewelery that always goes back.........This time around, she really loves the added capacity that this new TiVo upgrade has provided our machine. This year I'm her HEEERO ! ! ! ! Plus, during racing season we will now be able to record NASCAR races, F-1, Indy Car & CART and still have room for her soaps and other shows we want to save for later viewing, then we can blow through them almost commercial free - - What a deal ! ! ! ! weaKnees, thanks for a super product line and super service - I am glad I found you on the net............Have a very Merry Christmas. Kind regards"
Frank Schryner, Van Buren, Missouri
2007-12-05   "I just ordered a power supply for my Series 2 DirecTivo and it worked great! DirecTV couldn't offer me any help, but thanks to your support forums, I was able to diagnose it as a bad power supply. I had previously upgraded this unit with your upgrade kit, and my wife had over 200 hours of shows on it - mostly for the kids. The fact that I got it back up and running in less than 3 days without losing any shows is awesome. Thanks again!"
Dave Bell, Mission Viejo, CA
2007-12-03   " I just wanted to let you know that I received the new hard drive and installed it in about 45 minutes. I was extremely skeptical, but I am happy to say that it completely repaired my TIVO. Thank you very much. The instructions are also very clear and easy to follow."
Dan Devine, Rochester Hills, MI
2007-12-01   " I enjoy my Hughes HDVR2/TiVo very much. With 17 keyword searches, a half-dozen season passes and a M-F manual recording, it gets quite a workout. But recently, it's started giving me trouble - restarting by itself, locking up when the hard drive starts to get full, picture skipping during playback, etc. Not any fun for sure. And while I have a replacement contract with Best Buy, they don't offer this model receiver any more, and I didn't want to lose the TiVo service. So what to do? Well... Last weekend, I found WeaKnees on the internet, ordered a 140 hr replacement drive (arrived in 2 days) and I'm back in business! Installed in minutes with the simple, easy-to-follow instructions - no muss, no fuss. You guys even provided the tools! Ya gotta like that. I have found THE difinitive source for everything TiVo and I will recommend WeaKnees to anyone and everyone I can. To use the colloquial vernacular, you guys are the bomb! Best of the best, bar none."
James Irby, Houston, TX
2007-11-27   "I just got my new DVR hard drive from you. Installed it in minutes. You guys are amazing! The instructions were clear and simple and unit worked good as new. Thanks!"
DK, South Mills, NC
2007-11-21   "I wasn't sure how to give feedback, but I wanted to be sure and thank you for such a painless experience. I've had my Series 2 since 2004 and the poor 40GB drive was very very tired. I have the lifetime subscription and with your help - it's going to be a very very long lifetime!!! Thanks again - installation instructions - perfect; Time it took - 20 minutes; Overall Experience - 100% satisfied. Regards,"
Linda Walter, Ft Lauderdale, FL
2007-11-19   "Our TIVO stopped dialing out back in September and we were debating what to do. We had purchsed the lifetime package a few years back and did not want to start paying for it every month. All the info I had seen on-line talked about reprogramming the TIVO through your computer, soldering things to the motherboard and other seemingly impossible tasks for a novice. I finally found your site, ordered the external modem and just installed it in under 5 minutes. Our TIVO is now updating. We could not be happier!!! Your directions were so easy and friendly!! THANKS!!!!!!"
Kate Huggins, Mooers, NY
2007-11-18   "Just wanted to say thanks. You sent me an 80gb drive to upgrade my malfunctioning Tivo. 12 minutes after I unplugged the cables, I had the thing up and running and reconfiguring. Your instructions made it idiot proof!"
Bob Ackman, Barrington, IL
2007-11-17   " Hi to the good folks at Weaknees, This week I emailed you a couple of times over some issues I was having with the TiVo drive update process....Thanks to your help, the operation was a success. Happy endings are good....Your simple, direct responses serve both you and the customer well. I never felt talked down to - despite dealing with more elementary issues. I feel confident you would have kept the same approach if I had encountered more serious problems....In short, well done; keep up the good work."
Dal Paull, Norfolk, VA
2007-11-10   " Just wanted to let you know how easy and thorough your instructions were to exchange my 40 gig hard drive with your 300 gig hard drive. I did not have any problems and my wife is very happy since she had maxed out the 40 gig drive. Thanks for a good product and good instructions. Thanks"
Dennis Honeycutt, Fort Mill, SC
2007-11-06   "Our Toshiba dvd/dvr crashed and thanks to your trouble shooting page, we were able to replace our hard drive and keep our lifetime subscription intact! Thanks for the information, it was installed and back in working order in 20 minutes. THANK YOU!"
Jennifer Hall, Fort Myers, FL
2007-11-02   " Weaknees Team, I have a Toshiba DVD-Tivo. I can't live without it and when the hard drive went bad I was devastated. I called Toshiba's tech support and learned that I had to mail it in for repairs. A friend told me to check out Weakness where I purchased a replacement hard drive. I received the drive in TWO days using FREE ground shipping. That was the start of my delight. I immediately opened the new hard drive and followed the easy step by step instructions using the TOOLS YOU PROVIDED. And BINGO...I'm up and running and my beloved Tivo is back from the dead! I just had to say THANK YOU!!!"
Tina Lamias, Gilbert, AZ
2007-10-31   " We'd been having problems with our Toshiba TX20 for over 2 months..unplugging and rebooting when it would freeze up. We talked about a new Tivo machine and my wife reminded me that we bought this unit in 2004 from Weaknees and that your website indicates that our symptoms are pointing to a new HardDrive. We'll I ordered on Saturday of last week and today is Wednesday and I installed the new hard drive tonite and we're back in operation! Thanks for the toolkit and instructions to make this swapout a no-brainer! I wish you sold MORE electronic equipment!! I'd buy ANYTHING from you guys!"
Frank Cole, Allentown, PA
2007-10-11   " I just wanted to say that I received the hard disk for my Pioneer, and I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to replace the disk. All this because on how easy it is to follow your instructions. All I had to do after installing the disk was turn the Tivo on and off it went without a hitch. Thanks again, I am placing a order for a disk for my other unit, and recommend you guys to all of my coworkers and friends."
Frank Vaio, Hawthorne, NJ
2007-10-06   " I recently had a hard drive die on my Toshiba DVR/DVD burner combo. It was the second such event in three years, and I was not looking forward to having to pack up and ship the thing back to Toshiba. I surfed to your site, ordered a replacement drive, installed it myself and was Tivo-ing again in just a couple of days. The installation couldn't have been easier (did I mention that I'm not tech savvy), and the documentation was superb! You guys are great! I'll recommend you highly if I ever have the opportunity. thanks,"
Rich Whitley, Memphis TN
2007-09-23   "I wanted to thank you. My Tivo hard drive died this week. Tivo would give an advance replacement, but it would have taken 3-5 business days to get here. Most of the shows we watch are starting this coming week. I was able to order a drive from you and have it here overnight. The installation was simple (and well documented) and I was back up and running in less than an hour, including running through the guided setup again. You guys are great! Thanks again."
Jason Czepiga, Greer, SC
2007-09-21   " Sorry it's taken me so long to give you feedback - Your modem (and cable) for my TiVo worked perfectly - your installation instructions were detailed, accurate and easy to follow - dealing with your company has been nothing less than ideal - all companies should be as good and helpful as yours is and this would be a much better world. Thank You Very Much. Sincerely,"
Jim Benko, Homer Glen, IL
2007-09-21   " Thank you for making my Tivo hard drive replacement so easy. The hardest part was cleaning up all the built up dust inside the box from 5 years of use. Perfect instructions, totally as advertised. You guys are fantastic."
Richard Hays, Portland, OR
2007-09-21   "I received my replacement drive for my broken Hughes TiVo. Following your easy directions, it is back up and running better than ever! DirecTV had sent me a free DVR, but I spent the money with WeaKnees for the upgrade and am happier than a pig in .... well, you know. THANKS VERY MUCH FOR BEING THERE FOR ME!!"
Dan Lockman, Rockwood, TN
2007-09-21   The Hard Drive arrived this morning and all I can say is WOW, was that easy! Now I have to decided weather to take my 2nd unit (still with the original drive 80gb in it) and either change out the drive to a new one or to just add a second drive to increase our programming capability... I have to say, this is probably one of the easiest upgrade I have ever made and you folks make it so much easier :-) Regards"
Dave Kirkey, Lebanon, TN
2007-09-19   "I called and talked to Max to let you all know how happy I am with your product. The hard drive arrived on Monday, the 17th, and when I saw how detailed and concise the instructions were I decided to try to install it myself instead of waiting the two weeks for my computer scientist son to do it. Well, everything couldn't have gone smoother. Not one glitch, and within a reasonable amount of time I had my TIVo up and running again instead of the 5 weeks that Philips was going to have it if I had mailed it off to them. So thank you all again and especially a big thank you to Mick for his encouragement in telling me that he felt confident that I could do it myself. For a 63 yr. old electronically challenged person, I'm pretty pleased with myself. . .thanks again, guys. . .Carol"
CK, Fresno, CA.
2007-09-18   " My 4 yr old Series2 Tivo hard drive died this past weekend. I searched the internet and found you guys. The website and wealth of information provided was impressive. Based on this and reading a few excellent reviews, I placed an order for a replacement drive on Sunday afternoon. It arrived Wednesday and within 10 minutes I had my Tivo hooked up again. It took me longer to go through Tivo's setup than it did to swap hardrives and hook it back up. The new drive is much lighter and significantly quiter than the old one. I couldn't be happier with my purchase decision. Keep up the great work!"
GM, Cromwell, CT.
2007-09-15   "We ordered a Tivo Hard Drive and a new fan. We received it and installed it (thanks to your excellent directions) and it works great. We're so pleased. Just had to let you know. Will do business with you again. Thanks"
AR, Manteca, CA.
2007-09-14   "Last week I contacted your technical folks about my problem with my Pioneer DVR-810H. Your representative demonstrated a thorough understanding of the situation (better than Pioneer), provided me a coherent choice of options, rationale for the choice of options, and ways to save money and get better quality products and features. He suggested the harddisk upgrade kit and assured me that the installation would be very straightforward (which it was). I dealt with many customer service technical representatives in the past (I'm an Engineer) and your person who supported me...was fantastic. So good, that it motivated me to seek out writing you about it. I will definitely recommend your company to others. Too bad more companies do not hire quality workers like you do. I am just emailing you to say thanks and please let the technician know that he was wonderful. Thanks again,"
Heather Harvey, Antioch, CA
2007-09-08   " After the power went out last weekend our HR10-250 seemed dead. I went to your sight and you guys suggested a power supply replacement. So I ordered one on Thursday and received it on Friday. We installed it on Saturday (a few minutes ago) and bingo it works! Thanks to your fast shipping and excellent advice, Sunday football will be in High Definition brilliance. You guys rock! If you ever need an endorsement I would be happy to post. A Happy Boy,"
Andrew Bobb, Los Angeles, CA
2007-09-07   "My DirecTivo HD was dying and causing several resets a week, I got online ordered a replacement and you had it here on time and quick. It was a fast and easy process that gave me peace of mind for the upcoming fall TV season that my TiVo will not fail, plus to boot I double it's storage size. "
WD, Alton, IL.
2007-09-06   "Just wanted to let you know how easy it was to upgrade my Tivo. My kids bought me a Toshiba SD-H400 a few years ago for Christmas. When the hard drive crashed a few months ago, I was ready to toss it in the trash.until I found out about you guys. I doubled the size of the original drive and it took ten minutes to swap out the drive. Great product! "
Rick Rhodes, Sacramento, CA
2007-09-05   " Hi I just wanted to let you guys know that you ROCK!!! I love my newly upgraded 670 hour tivo! Seriously, your customer service was fantastic and I am recommending you to all my friends."
Yvette Brown, Irvine, CA
2007-08-23   "I have replaced the original hard drive in my RCA DVR40 with the 300gb TIVO upgrade kit. I would like to make two comments. It was easy! I am happy!"
RD, Villa Park, IL.
2007-07-31   "I want to thank you guys for offering such excellent service. Installed my new 500gb HD and fan last night at 9 pm. When I had a question arise; I emailed your staff [and] was blown away when I received a reply five minutes later! It took me about an hour to complete the install. My TiVo has been in operation since December of 2002 and needed to be blown out with canned air before starting the upgrade. Your sales person suggested I have canned air on hand and it was an excellent idea. I would recommend that step for anyone whose TiVo has been setting on a shelf for a considerably long time. I am a 60 yr. old female.....so if I can [accomplish] the [TiVo] upgrade....ANYONE can! You[r] company is awesome."
Judy Pearson, Riverside, CA
2007-07-30   "That you very much for such expeditious service. Your response far exceeded my expectations and my TIVO is up and running again. Thank you so much again and I am continuing to notify others who I know who have TIVO in your direction. Sincerely,"
Anthony Wright, Severn, MD
2007-07-27   " MY TIVO LIVES AGAIN !!! I recently got a replacement drive for my TIVO...Thanks to you, I did not [lose] my lifetime service AND I was able to upgrade to 300 hours. All I can say is BRAVO !!!! The instructions were easy. It took me 20 minutes to un-hook everything and put in the new drive...... A new set up, and I was rolling once again..Total time from unplugging to watching TV was one hour.....So easy a caveman can do it !!!!"
Lee J Freshwater, Ocala, FL
2007-07-26   "I received my replacement hard drive quickly and installed it in about 15 minutes. My TIVO now works as it should. Thank you very much."
LT, Jamesport, NY
2007-07-26   " WeaKnees, Well that was a very pleasant experience! I ordered the expansion kit (500 gig drive) on Tuesday; got it on Wednesday (I live close); installed it Wednesday afternoon (about 1 hour and 15 minutes) and after 5 minutes of signal searching I was up and running. Great kit and excellent instructions!! Thanks again,"
Bob Stewart, Vista, CA
2007-07-23   "You guys are great!!! I am a Tech idiot. I was able to install the new hard drive I just purchased from you in 10 min. Not only that but ordering the hard drive was a breeze. How often do you get instructions from a box that actually are clear and easy to understand? Plus I lost the instructions that came in the box and right there on your site in plain view and easy to find; I was able to download the full instructions on the spot. You have no idea how happy you have made me. I have a second Tivo that has just been sitting in the den unused due to being fried by a storm. It will now be repaired as I will be ordering again. You people out there don't be afraid to do this. It is easy! I don't ever remember being this happy with any company!!!!!!!"
JW, Gridley, CA.
2007-07-10   " I recently upgraded to a Series 2 80 hour TiVo. After adding all my Season Pass entries and having many of them indicate that there was not enough room to keep everything, I contacted you. I now show 'variable 367 hours' which is totally awesome! Thank you for the upgrade kit. It was quick and easy to install."
JW, Colorado Springs, CO.
2007-07-06   "I received my replacement drive last night. The install instructions were thorough and I was able to replace the drive and start the setup process within a half-hour. It was really great seeing the recording capacity was 'variable, up to 507 hours' in the system info too. Thanks for your great service."
TG, Dover, NH
2007-06-17   "We've had our Tivo for about 3 years and started having problems connecting. Thank goodness we found your company online and were able to order the super-easy-to-install modem that works perfectly! Your product saved the day and made a great Father's Day gift!"
JJ, Oak Forest, IL.
2007-06-15   "We lost one of the last R10's DTV gave out in a fire in Sept 2006. We replaced it with one from Weaknees as DTV forced us to use a R15. Thank you so much for keeping us in the tivo family! I still laugh when I see my R10 record something and the R15 chooses not to. Apparently the R15 can't read the same data that I and the R10 see in the guide!"
DE, Kentwood, MI.
2007-06-15   "Hi. I just wanted to tell you that I upgraded my tivo with your add kit and it was great! It was so easy to do and the instructions were very easy to follow. Thank you for such a great product!"
EC, Hazlet, NJ.
2007-06-14   "THANK YOU for restoring my directv with tivo. They don't make them anymore and we hated the substitute DVR that comes with new directv receivers. We just couldn't afford a new HD TIVO at $699 on sale, and I didn't think fixing ours was possible. We gave up hope. But I used your forums to diagnose the problem, ordered a replacement hard drive, installed it and voila! Tivo again. The instructions were the very best I've ever received with a techie product, and it was easy to install. Now if I could only get directv to accept their crummy receiver back and not charge me for leasing it, I would be a happy girl. Thank you for a great product that restored joy to our home"
AH, Irvine, CA.
2007-06-05   "Without a doubt, this has been the best experience I've ever had for repair service - of any kind! I shipped my ailing TiVo box on Tuesday, and had it back on Friday, ready to use. In comparison, the store from which I bought it (still under warranty, by the way), gave me a turn around repair time of 3 weeks to 2 months! You have an incredibly efficient business operation, and I highly recommend your services. Thanks so much."
Minette Simmons, Carlsbad, CA
2007-05-31   " I should have upgraded sooner! It took all of 12 minutes for me to do the upgrade. Instructions were great. Very clear with good pictures for examples. I hate to think of all the time I have wasted managing my recordings on our old 40 gig drive. Thanks for a great service."
HS, San Jose, CA
2007-05-23   "You guys are great. Quality parts, excellent documentation and support. I tell everyone I know (that has a Tivo) about you. Keep up the excellent work. Best,"
Doug Carter, Beaverton, OR
2007-05-22   "Just wanted to tell you how completely satisfied--no, flat-out impressed--I am with my new drive. To think that I delayed doing this for longer than I needed to...ugh. The drive arrived promptly; your directions were detailed to the point of being excessive; the install took me abou 10 minutes and was SIMPLE...when I powered up again I was at the guided setup stage. From the time I opened the package until I was recording again was less than an hour. I would (and will) recommend this service to anyone."
BA, Sacramento, CA
2007-05-16   "wow, thank you for this wonderful product, it could not have been easier and works great!"
BR, Columbia, SC.
2007-05-11   " Please just use my initials, and this more detailed review: When my R10 crashed, in order to keep Tivo (a must!) I was afraid I'd have to either go to the dark side (cable) if I wanted dual recording, or stay with satellite but lose the dual recording. I tried eBay to replace it, but got snaked out twice. Luckily, when I lost the bids I found weaKnees as a sponsored link.... Their fabulous Customer Service was able to diagnois the problem over the phone and shipped the R10 hard drive immediately. I received it in 2 days and not only was I able replace it in 10 minutes, but triple its capacity as well....THANK YOU, weaKnees! Thanks!"
DD, San Francisco, CA.
2007-05-01   "Sirs: I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with your service. I simply could not ask for more - orders are acknowledged quickly, tracking information is provided, along with tools and instructions. You breathed new life into my exhausted Tivo. You are offering a valuable service and doing a great job at customer service. - Keep up the good work!"
Mike Wilcox, Fairfield, CA
2007-04-27   "Just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the 160 Gb hard drive that I just bought from Weaknees. It replaced our blown hard drive from our Toshiba sd H400 (I also diagnosed this problem from the troubleshooting portion of your website), and I was so excited that it only took me 10-15 minutes to install. TiVo powered up with no problem! Thanks so much!"
CH, Southington, CT.
2007-04-25   "Just thought I'd let you know, I replaced the drive on my TiVo last night with a 250 gig unit. I'm happy to say, it went just as advertised, very easy, and everything is working great. I was very impressed with your service and the completeness of the instructions. Thanks!"
Scott Houseman, Carmel, IN
2007-04-23   "Once again, you all have saved my life. As sad as it is that my life is defined by Tivo, I embrace it. Recently you revived my dead DirecTV Philips RS6000 dual-tuner unit. I had suffered miserably with an R15 for a week and the pain was unbearable. thankyouthankyouthankyou for sparing me further torture and relieving me of this crappy r15 and restoring my RS6000 to life. I am so, so,so very happy now. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I've never been a customer of a company as wonderful as WeaKnees. You guys rock."
Rich Dean, Austin, TX
2007-04-20   " I just got my order delivered ... replaced a dead TiVo drive for a Samsung no longer sold. Excellent. Fast shipment, fast install, and is working perfectly as I write. Who knew it was so simple? I wish I could have found out about you guys when my Ultimate TV died a few years ago. I'm so glad I didn't have to give up my ability to record 2 sat feeds using TiVo; nor did I have to go with the leased DirecTV unit that is getting murdered in reviews (let alone fork out the leasing fee).... Thanks again."
TK, Stillwater, OK.
2007-04-19   " I want to thank you for the above referenced order. It arrived sooner than expected, was well packed and worked like a charm. I had a Directv w/Tivo that went out on me and I did not know about Weaknees and threw it away and bought a new DVR from Directv; it was miserable and as soon as I learned I could buy a box from you I ordered. Now I an back to loving my Directv service again and the box from Directv is in the bedroom, where I mostly just use the pause live TV feature, so it is not nearly as frustrating as when I relied on it for full features. Thanks for keeping Tivo alive for us Directv subscribers."
Mark Crouch, Flagler Beach, FL
2007-04-12   "Just a note to ket you know how PLEASED I am with my order. Instructions were great, help on the phone was terrific, and the product is just what I was looking for. Now I can record all the movies, shows, etc that I want to without being told I have to delete something. Thanks again for being there."
Larry Kidd, Clover, SC
2007-04-12   "OK - I rarely feel compelled to praise a company or its service, but WeaKnees has gone far beyond my expectations. After dealing with both DirecTV and TiVo themselves, I realized my only option was to purchase a replacement drive for my existing unit. I spoke to your sales department who advised me on the right equipment to buy, and the installation was easier than ever anticipated. However, the 'real' customer service came into play when I needed post-sales Jason was not only happy to help immediately, but fixed the problem personally and efficiently. To be blunt - if you were a publicly traded company, I would buy stock!"
Peter Jansson, Los Angeles, CA
2007-04-11   " Hi Guys, Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for a great product at a fair price. This is my third purchase from you. Two R10 upgrades and one Sony SAT60 upgrade. All have completed without a hitch and work perfectly from the start. Thanks Again, Andrew"
Andrew Rose, Shrewsbury, NJ.
2007-03-21   "Hello. I just wanted to thank whoever helped me on this. I asked a few questions before I ordered and you guys were right on with diagnosing the problem with my tivo. Your installation instructions were easy to follow and the whoe hard drive change took 5 minutes. I couldn't be happier that i don't have to use the POS DirecTV Plus DVR that I got. Thank you so much. If anyone I know ever has a problem with their tivo, I'll have them contact you."
David Holloway, Corona, CA
2007-03-20   "Hi there, A little feedback. I ordered a replacement tivo fan from you guys a few weeks ago, and it came pretty quickly. Before I opened the package, I started rummaging through my tool box looking for some torx bits. Couldn't find any, so I thought I would take one of the screws out of your package to the hardware store to match up to a torx bit I would need to purchase. Of course I was thrilled to see you had included two torx allen wrenches in your package when I opened it up. In addition, you included a note for installation instructions that could be found on the website. I just wanted to say thanks for the extra touches that made the replacement of the fan quick and easy!"
GS, Claremont, NH.
2007-03-10   "Thanks, you guys are real pros. I recently purchased a kit to repair my damaged Tivo. Your website provided excellent info/troubleshooting and identification of my Direcv Tivo problem.The fact that if it wasn't the problem you would accept a return (only costing me the restocking fee) was very reassuring. The directions were super easy to follow and including the tools was a great touch. Literally got my Tivo "repaired" in about 7 minutes. Ordered on Thursday and repair kit arrived Friday..just in time for all the races! I just so happy that we diddn't have to switch to the "DirecTV brand DVR becuase in our eyes its no match against Tivo. Thanks again"
CB, McHenry, IL.
2007-03-09   "I just wanted you to know that the replacement fan arrived today, is installed and works perfectly. Thank you again for your very prompt service and PROMPT replies to my customer service questions. It's great to have the assembly tools included with the order, your instructions are perfect - easy to read, easy to follow. I couldn't be happier with the overall experience of dealing with your company. Best Regards,"
Ray Gray, Oregon City, OR
2007-02-28   "I purchased a Single 160gb Add TiVo Upgrade Kit and i am very pleased. The directions were as simple as they get. Thank you for a wonderful product. Thank you for a easy directions to install. Thank you Thank you Thank you."
CS, Statesville, NC
2007-02-17   "I bought the 80GB second drive kit as a Valentine's present for my wife (plus roses and chocolate, of course), and just finished installing it. What a treat! As a professional computer technician, I was expecting to use my skills for this kit, but, no need! The instructions were great, and I would recommend this kit to practically anyone. I especially appreciated the finer touches, like the way that the screws were packaged together, rather than thrown in with everything else. One never knows what they will get from a mail order kit, but this kit reminded me of the old Heathkit projects, very well thought out. You may want to know that I found out about Weeknees from Leo Laporte, on one of his podcasts. Anyway, thanks again!"
Phil Avery , Bemidji, MN
2007-02-14   "Thank you sooo much for making my hard drive replacement so quick and easy. I now not only have a bigger recording capacity but my beloved Directivo is back up and running like it was brand new. I will recommend Weaknees to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you for your excellent customer service."
GS, Ocala, FL.
2007-02-14   "You guys rock! I don�t know if you guys every take a break from putting these kits together to check the news but the NE has a vicious ice storm today. Since I had nothing else to do I figured it would be a great day to potentially be without my Tivo and set about to installing my upgrade. It was done in about 30 minutes and it all works perfectly. 100% the very first time that I powered it up. This is such a change from the last Tivo upgrade. I even followed the undocumented 13th step and put the little �upgraded by weaknees� sticker on the outside so my friends will know where to find you. Thanks again for the well documented instructions and a great product at a reasonable price."
AR, Shrewsbury, NJ.
2007-02-14   "Thanks for a great product! Very clear and concise instructions. Worked great and took only a short time . I spent more time cleaning the interior and fan of my pioneer 810H of dust buildup than it took to do the replacement of the hard drive. Set up worked flawlessly and I have all of my recording "to do list" back to normal and am enjoying the benefits of Tivo again. Thanks again."
DH, Ben Lomond, CA.
2007-02-10   "I just wanted to congratulate you on great service and a flawless drive replacement experience. The HD in our Tivo failed Thursday night, I ordered a replacement kit on your web site that night, you shipped it Friday and it arrived Saturday. Installation was flawless and we are back up and running without the sweat and trials of trying to image the old disk, etc. Having a drive arrive all prepared with softwarer loaded is clearly worth the few (and it really is just a few) more dollars than the cost of a bare drive alone. Thanks!"
Clark Johnson, Madison, WI
2007-02-07   "Just wanted to come back and thank you guys for making me a happy camper and allowing me to tell DirecTV exactly what they can do with their R15 lemon unit. Thanks to you, I have my Hughes DirecTivo back in operation and I have had no problems at all! The installation was fast and the instructions were so clear and simple to follow that I had the unit back up and running in less than 20 minutes. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!"
Shannon Murray, Woodland, CA
2007-02-05   "I just finished adding a second drive to my Directivo and it work flawlessly. Thank you for providing such a great product and detailed, yet straight forward instructions."
Keith Beymer, Highland, CA
2007-02-02   "THANK YOU!!! I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I received the drives on Wednesday, I installed last night and now I'm enjoying my upgraded Tivo! The installation was easier than I thought. Everything fits as it should and the instructions were spot-on. Thank you again... "
Diego Mejia, Woodland Hills, CA
2007-02-02   "Thank you gentleman for getting me up and running before superbowl. I have a working HR10 250. I thought there was no way! Also thanks to the guys at DBSTalk who turned me onto WEAKNEES."
Bill Neilsen, Clifton Springs, NY
2007-02-01   "Awesome site! Awesome products! Thanks a bunch! Got my update kit this afternoon. Finished installation a half hour later. My Tivo is reborn!!! "
Jasper Salenga, Shoreline, WA
2007-01-26   "Just to let you know, I got my new HD in 2 days as promised. Took 10-15 minutes to install. Very simple. My TIVO works again, only this time with a monster size HD. Thanks again...."
Irwin Evans, Woodmere, NY
2007-01-24   "Hi WeaKnees, I just got an add on hard drive for my TiVo and although I was a little intimidated at first by taking my time with your detailed directions I now have [up to] 163 hours of recording space! Thanks for the great product!"
Alan, Issaquah WA
2007-01-22   "Recently our Tivo machine died a slow death. We ordered a Tivo Upgrade Kit and replaced the hard drive. It was easy to do and it now works wonderfully!!! We are so happy that we found WeaKnees! We love our Tivo and the new machines are no longer "linked" with Direct TV. We couldn't find anyone to fix our machine and we were really starting to bum out, but your company saved us!! Thank you so very much!!"
JH, Minnetonka, MN
2007-01-20   "Thanks to your tech/sales staff for inspiring confidence and getting me exactly what I needed. I was not psyched at the prospect of loosing my Product Lifetime Subscription when my Series 2 Tivo failed. You guys got me a new 250g drive overnight as promised and it took less than ten minutes to swap it out! Back in business with three times the recording capacity..... and still no monthly fees!!"
Henry Fischer, Hood River, OR
2007-01-19   "Hi, I ordered an upgrade kit on Wed. and chose the 2 day shipping option. I wasn't really sure if you would get it processed and shipped in time so I'd receive it by Friday, but you did. Thanks!! I've installed several hard drives in computers so I was pleased to discover that installing your kit was much, much easier to do than that. The instructions and photos were clear and simple to understand. It's great to have my Tivo running again. And now it has twice the capacity as before!! Thanks again for a great product and great service."
Thomas W. Schai, Roseville, MN
2007-01-17   "Just a quick note to say how absolutely completely satisfied I am with my transaction with you folks. I have completed the upgrade and everything is proceeding beautifully. I have a lot of experience, so your instructions were not so necessary for me, but I was impressed with the level of detail and obvious concern for those with less [or no] experience you provided. I would heartily recommend you without any reservation to anyone who wants to keep their old Tivo going and give it new life! Congratulations on doing everything just right!"
Robert Hicks, Wellesley, MA
2007-01-17   "I had to take a few minutes to write to you in order to express my gratitude for offering a product that successfully resurrected my TiVo. you see, my TiVo's hard disk had failed, so I needed a replacement disk with the TiVo software pre-loaded. your ready to install and use upgrade disk drive arrived on time, as guaranteed by UPS, and was mind-boggingly simple to install. within minutes I had resurrected my DirecTV/Hughes TiVo and was recording TV shows for my wife. YOU SAVED ME FROM A LOT OF EAR TORTURE (which would have been administered by my wife had she missed the season premiere show of American Idol). thanks a million!"
Barry Robb, Winter Springs, FL
2007-01-17   " Oh my goodness! I can't believe this worked as easily as it did. The time is 8:42pm and I started to install my new hard drive at 8:20. It took longer to reconnect all the a/v cables to my born again Tivo than it did to install your replacement drive. What you have here my friends is an invaluable service. If I ever run into someone with a similar problem or is looking to upgrade, I will not hesitate to refer them to the company with the funny name...www.WeaKnees.com. Also, thank you for the decal which is proudly displayed on the face of my Tivo!"
Harrington Watt, West Babylon, NY
2007-01-16   "My RCA DVR 40 seized up and was replaced by DirecTV with their R15 piece of you-know-what. I was inquiring with TiVo about what I had to do to be able to use their product and was verging on going back to cable when the saleswoman said to check on EBay for another unit. From there I checked on Yahoo shopping and found you. I have just installed my new 80 gb hard drive and can't believe I'm back in business! It was a nightmare having that R15 in my house. My dog that's afraid of fireworks and things that click wouldn't even stay in the same room with it because the remote, which is very insensitive, made clicking noises. Nightmare over, thanks!!!!"
JL, Naples, FL
2007-01-15   "Just a quick note to tell you I am a happy customer. I have 4 TIVO's and the oldest gave up the hard drive. So, I ordered from you and it installed in less than 10 minutes and now it is back up and running GREAT! Excellent instructions and fast service. I am sure that I will be needing to contact you in the future for the other three TIVO's, but hope it is sometime yet!"
David Stuart, Wichita, KS
2007-01-14   "I stumbled across your site when I googled HR10-250 to see about replacing my defective unit. Exploring your site I came across your troubleshooting section. Here I discovered my problem described exactly as it was. I immediatedly followed your recommendation and ordered your hard drive upgrade. Upon receipt of your shipment, I installed the hard drive without even reading the directions. It was unbelieveably easy and my Tivo now works better than it ever did. Your hard drive appears to be of higher quality than the stock driver which came with my unit. THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOU PEOPLE ARE THE BEST. "
Wayne Coleman, Golf, IL
2007-01-13   "Dear Folks at Weaknees, My directv tivo began to die a short while ago. Thanks to your excellent troubleshooting web site areas, I was able to determine it was the hard drive. I ordered a new larger one from you. I was so pleased with the speedy arrival and the great directions and pictures....The installation went without a hitch and I was back in business within minutes. Thanks for the great product and directions!!!"
Sue Ericksen, Ann Arbor, MI
2007-01-11   "after asking around a few places here and finding nobody who could fix my hughes tivo that i got in 2003, i decided to fix it myself....going through your troubleshooting page i discovered i needed a new hard drive. i ordered one and after only 2 days it arrived. i found that taking out the old one and installing the new one was very easy and trouble free. i reconnected it and after calling directv the newly installed hard drive in my old tivo worked perfectly!! absolutely no problems! thanks guys you are the greatest! i cant believe i figured out the problem and fixed it all from your website! you could color me a very satisfied customer!!!"
Alex Letts, South Amboy, NJ
2007-01-07   "Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the easy to follow instructions you provided with the upgrade I purchased. I was skeptical at first, cause I'm not the type of person who opens anything electronic, but my Dad assured me that your directions were idiot prood (as he called it) and that even a blond like myself could do it. He was right! I intend to buy another upgrade kit in the near future for my second TIVO. Thanks! "
Donna Souza, Jacksonville, FL
2007-01-06   "I was totally impressed and satisfied with my experience working with your company. Usually I spend more time looking into different companies before making a purchase, but all of the information and feedback on your site made me feel entirely comfortable proceeding with my purchase. My new hard drive was easy to install because of your clear and thorough instructions, and the DVR is working perfectly. Thanks also for providing the information about how it make take a few hours for local channels to return via DirectTV."
David Cohen, Palo Alto, CA
2006-12-27   "I would like to send you this quick email to let you know what a great experience I have had with your company. Your website was very easy to navigate and full of info. Your trobleshooting guide had my problem perfectly discribed and your instructions are very clear and easy to fallow. It took me less than 20 minutes to install my Tivo Upgrade Kit. I saved your web page in my favorites and fowarded you web page to all my family and friends that have Tivos. Keep up the great work."
Alex Briganti, Schaumburg, IL
2006-12-24   "I just installed your 350 hour upgrade to my Humax Tivo unit. You provid the clearest instructions I have ever used. The installation was a snap. Thanks for supplying an excellent product."
NJ, Mooresville, NC
2006-12-19   "Thank You Weaknees. I just installed... no wait; my 9 year old just installed the new 300HD drive in my HR10-250HD. It works great. My TIVO is back. I am so thankful I found you! Thanks again."
Scott Evers, Eden Prairie, MN
2006-12-18   "Thank you, it has been a pleasure. On complaint, however. I set aside an evening to do this upgrade. You should have warned me it would only take 10 minutes. All that free time and nothing planned. Oh well. LOL Thanks again."
ZJ, Wesley Hills, NY
2006-12-16   "Hi! I just wanted y'all to have another great review for your product and services! I ordered a 140 GB hard drive from y'all on Wednesday and received it and installed it by Friday. The directions could not have been more clear and the DirecTivo is already recording programs. I thought I would be stuck with the new R15 and you guys have totally rescued me!! Thanks for a great product!"
Patricia Gregan, Houston, TX
2006-12-15   "I received my Tivo upgrade hard drive today. I installed it and am back online again. I thought the unit was done for because the original drive totally died. I had no way of getting another drive or the information back. I ordered your large drive replacment and it works great. I couldn't be happier with your product and services. Thank You Very Much !"
Jeff Hoop, Hinckley, OH
2006-12-13   "Just wanted to tell you how pleased I was in your company. I used your Troubleshooting page to learn I had a bad Power Supply for a TCD140060. I ordered it with the Torx Keys, received them in 3 days, yes, I had weakness and Dry Mouth, however, your directions and pictures were perfect. Changed the Power Supply out in 20 minutes and it took me longer to hook all my rat nest wires back up. Thanks again and I also am now enjoying your Weaknees TiVo Forum too."
Bob Knight, Cape Coral, FL
2006-12-12   "I know you guys receive a lot of these, but just let me add one more. Your upgrades are AWESOME! I just installed your pre-formatted Seagate 750GB DB35 drive in my Series 3, and, I know this sounds like a cliche, but it truly was a snap! From the time I cracked the case on my S3 until I was finished took no more than 30 minutes. Then I just ran guided setup again (maybe another 20 minutes), and I was in business! This drive is quiet as a church mouse, and I now have nearly 100 hours of HD capacity and over 900 hours of SD capacity. Thanks WK!!"
John Biermann, East Moline, IL
2006-12-07   "I just replaced my 40 hr. (had problems) drive with a new 160gb 140 hr. drive in my hughes SD-DVR40. everything was right on the money. the shipping was on time, the installation was simple and tonight i'm back in action with my hughes running. in the last 2 months i have went through 2 R-15's and i'm currently waiting for my third to arrive in the mail due to constant problems. my whole weaknee's expirence has been excellent!!!!!"
Sterling Price, Milan, MI
2006-12-03   "Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!!! I just replaced the hard drive in my SVR-2000. It could not have been easier! The directions were excellent!!! The hardest part was taking off the cover and putting it back on. The directions were very specific about how to accomplish this too. I just ordered another one to fix my mom's Tivo. Again Thanks"
SC, Queensbury, NY
2006-11-28   "On the 23rd of November I ordered a pre-loaded 80Gb replacement drive for my Hughes HDVR2 DirecTV Tivo. My drive arrived Monday, it was well packed and good condition. The drive installed with no problems using the provided tools and booted properly the first time. After DirecTV assigned the access card and a few more setup procedures I was back up and running and programming all of old season passes. Thank you for the prompt delivery of a fine product which worked as advertised."
Brandon Hight, Suffolk, VA
2006-11-26   "Great service! I received the fan yesterday. It is installed and working great. Thanks for helping me with this problem. I would gladly recommend your company."
Joe Farmer Plano, TX
2006-11-24   "Thank you! The disk arrived promptly and was easy to install. My TiVo is back up and running. Now I can send the DirecTV LEASED machine back to them. I refuse to be bullied by DirecTV. Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my inquiry and shipment. regards,"
Ken Kipnes, Litchfield, NH
2006-11-24   "You guys are great ! First you send me the CORRECT replacement remote which works right out of the box. Next you include the liitle card which tells me about programing the 30 second skip which we love ! Thank you and Keep up the outstanding customer service regards,"
Tom Fete, Cornelius, OR
2006-11-15   "The first time I used WeaKnees I had them upgrade my Sony series 2 because I was hesitant about doing it myself. The unit was only a few weeks old and I figured it was safer to have them do it. About 4 years later the picture began to freeze up intermittently and I decided to replace the hard drive. When I asked WeaKnees about shipping the unit back to them, they explained how easy it was to change the drive myself and it would save me money and time. Now that I wasn't dealing with a brand new unit I figured I would take a chance and do it myself. I couldn't believe how easy their step by step instructions were. I fixed it myself and it up was up and running in about a half hour. In October I ordered a Series 3 with the 750GB hard drive from them. Like other people, mine had the noisy hard drive problem. I called WeaKnees and they e-mailed me a free UPS shipping label. My unit was repaired and shipped out the same day that they received it. By the way, I left both cable cards in the unit when I shipped it back to them (NYC to LA). Today it arrived and when I plugged it in I didn't hear a sound. Within 10 minutes it automatically connected to Tivo for updated program information and I am now enjoying a very quiet HD Tivo. I would highly recommend WeaKnees as I have found them to be very reliable and honest. "
Owen Reiter, Staten Island, NY
2006-11-14   "Guys, you rock. I ordered a power supply for my 140060, which blew when the power flipped Saturday night. Just received it today, installed in, and wallah! The Tivo is back online. Didn't realize how much I NEED the Tivo. I actually had to watch TV shows at the appointed time for the last couple days. Geez. You guys rock! "
Michael Lebiedzinski, Jamison, PA
2006-11-13   "I just wanted to add my kudos to Weaknees.com 's long list of happy customers. I had purchased my Series 1, 40 hour Tivo -and the lifetime service - about 5 years ago. After enjoying my favorite shows on my own schedule for so long, I was devastated to find that my Tivo was not working one night. After some internet research, I found Weaknees.com (love the name!) and read all the troubleshooting information. It sounded to me that my hard drive had "failed". So I called to ask some questions and ended up purchasing an upgrade replacement hard drive from Jason. He assured me that we would be able to replace the hard drive with very little trouble. My husband was confident (I was less sure because todays electronics also seem so complicated). Our hard drive arrived in just 2 days, and it took my husband only about 20 minutes from start to finish to remove the back cover, take out the defective hard drive, install the new drive, and re-attach the back cover (the hardest part was getting the cover back on straight). I wanted to perserve my lifetime service and Jason at Weaknees.com assured me it would be fine as long as we didn't touch the motherboard. I had a slight problem with the set-up but it was totally due to my error and skipping over the screen to select "no cable box" on the set-up screen. It was Saturday-Jason had told me that although they are no available by phone on Saturdays at Weaknees.com they do monitor their email and respond. Once someone at Weaknees.com pointed out my little problem (within 5 minutes of my sending the email question) I back tracked on the setup and soon my TIVO was busy downloading all program information. I now have my TIVO back - better than new since I now can record 165 hours at basic quality - instead of the original 40 hours - AND best of all: my lifetime service is still in effect!!! WOW. WEAKNEES.com is the best. (And we feel like real techies-which we are most certainly not!) THANK YOU - if I had stopped my research at the TIVO website, I would have ened up spending about $500.00 more for a new TIVO and would not have TIVO service for longer than 3 years. I will be happy to let everyone know about your company. If anyone is nervous about doing the replacement hard drive themselves I can assure them it is not difficult - just follow the uncomplicated instructions that are included with the hard drive (and Weaknees.com also sends all the tools needed). EXCELLENT! Thanks again. Tonight, after work I can watch Oprah and Dr. Phil again."
Rebecca Goyer, Bellingham, MA
2006-11-09   "Shopping at Weaknees has been the absolute best internet shopping experience I have ever had. I have never visited a better website. All of my questions were answered on the site. The troubleshooting guide accurately identified my problem. Navigating the site was very easy and everything necessary to make an informed purchase decision was provided. My order was processed and shipped immediately. The drive installation was so easy with the included instructions and all necessary tools that it was amazing. Almost nothing is ever that easy. Thanks. "
RF, Bay Village, OH.
2006-11-03   "You guys are GREAT! I've been reading that "upgrade information" mumbo jumbo for two years in the Tivo Community. With your replacement hard drive, I went home at lunch, installed the drive and had the Tivo ready to record Bill Maher on HBO tonight! All in just a few minutes. Thanks! "
Edward Owen, Hopkinsville, KY
2006-11-02   "I just wanted to write and say that I am pleasantly surprised by your quick turn around service and product! You've made my doorstop a functional TiVo again!"
BH, Irvine, CA.
2006-10-27   "You saved me! You brought me Tivo back from the dead and preserved my lifetime service. New hard drive installed exactly as directions described and now I have double the capacity."
Harold Bartman, Schaumburg, IL
2006-10-17   "I recently ordered and installed your 750 gig hard drive upgrade for my new Tivo series 3. I cant say enough how your instructions made it so simple to get 100 hours of HD recording space from my digital cable. Thank you thank you for being a top quality company. Your products are superior ! "
Nelson Hebert, Kingwood, TX
2006-10-14   "I just want to take the time to thank you for your speedy servce. I called and spoke to one of your service reps about a problem with my Tivo. It was determined to be a blown power supply. So I ordered a new power supply for my Tivo Series 2, and requested 2nd Day Air shipment. Imagine my surprise when my order arrived the very next day! I was hesitant to try the repair myself, but I downloaded the instructions from your site and set about the task of fixing my Tivo. It was surprisingly easy. I now feel confident that when it comes time to upgrade my Tivo hard drive, I'll be able to do it myself after ordering it from Weaknees. Thanks guys!"
Nancy Atkins, Aloha, OR
2006-10-12   "It's tough to do without TIVO. When my Sony unit started stuttering and dropping signal, ignoring the remote etc, panic set in. I worried about losing my lifetime subscription, and I'd heard nothing but bad reports on the new DirectV DVR's. An internet search brought up you folks, and I must say you have been a lifesaver....The family is happy again!"
Michael Kay, Meeker, CO
2006-10-11   "My old series 1 Phillips TiVo started stuttering and locking up. Since I had just ordered a new TiVo from WeakKnees a few months ago, I checked your site for info. It suggested a new drive will fix this problem 99% of the time. The new drive shipped fast (and free), installation was super easy and now I'm back in business!"
Andrew Donohue, Manasquan, NJ
2006-10-08   "Guys, I just installed my DSR708 upgrade kit. The kit was complete, the instructions were perfect, and bottom line, it worked as promised with no problems whatsoever. Excellent! Keep up the good work. Thanks,"
Carl Miller, Baltimore, MD
2006-10-05   "Hi, I just wanted to give you some feedback on my recent fix/upgrade of my Tivo system (like you asked me to). In a word - you guys are AWESOME! I have been having problems with my Tivo for months now.... Continues to reboot for no reason. I wasn't sure what was going on, or even if it could be fixed... So, I "Googled" it and your company's URL came up. I went to your troubleshooting section and found my exact problem along with how to solve it. I ordered an upgrade disc from you (it took my 80GB drive up to 250GB!). I ordered this on the past weekend, and chose the "free" delivery option. I received my drive this Wednesday!!! The instruction were "spot-on" and it was so so easy to do. Hell, it took me longer to uncable/unplug my Tivo then it did to swap out the drive!!! I re-installed my Tivo, powered it up - and it came right up as all the necessary software was pre-installed on the drive. Then "Tivo" walked me thought re-initializing of the system (took about 1/2 hour) and everything worked perfect the very first time!!! If you can work a TV remote control, then you can replace the disc drive in a Tivo using your excellent instructions! Thanks again,"
Jim Olivero, Sparks, NV
2006-10-04   "Shipped, received yesterday, installed (in about 20 minutes), and perfect! All 'stuttering' problems gone. Thank you. Your instructions are exceptionally thorough and clear, without being condescending."
HVB, Woodland Hills, CA
2006-09-29   "Thank goodness for you guyz....we were back in service in just a few days. Your web site was easy enough for me to locate our necessary parts, the product arrived exactly on time, and was a snap to install! My wife, an edicted Tivo user was back in service within days, despite the fear I'd never get her service working again! Thanks and keep it up!"
Bradford T. Graham, Vernon Hills, IL
2006-09-28   "Hi Weaknees Folks: I just wanted to drop you a line complementing you on your product. I recently purchased a replacement Tivo 2 hard drive. You answered my pre-sale questions within two hours. You shipped the product the day that I ordered it (at 6 PM on the east coast) and it arrived exactly on time. The directions (with pictures) were superb and I was able to install the disk less than 15 minutes. The machine booted right up and although I had to spend more than an hour on the phone with DirecTV, the problems were unrelated to the new hardware. I am very happy with my purchase and your service. I will recommend it to everyone. Thanks"
SG, Newfoundland, NJ
2006-09-20   "I was leary about ordering and installing my own hard drive for TiVo. I called around locally and no one would be able to do it. With some hesitation, I ordered my hard drive from you. I got the thing installed and TiVo put back together in 20 minutes!!! Thanks for getting this out to me promptly, too. I should have timed my ordering a little better bacause because before I know it, the fall tv season is upon us. I ended up getting overnite shipping. After paying for the faster shipping, I started getting concerned that my order would be tied up for days in "processing". I ordered it over the weekend and I got it on Tuesday. Truly overnite. I won't have to miss any shows of the new season now because of conflicts. Sad that I'm so addicted to tv. Anyway...thanks again."
Leigh Ann Galinsky, Des Moines, IA
2006-09-18   "You guys rock! The shipment to fix my Sat-T60 came quickly and had the best, most user-friendly technical instructions I've ever seen. Please keep up the great work!"
EF, Herndon, VA
2006-09-13   "I just want to say that everything worked out of the box as advertised. The instructions were chrystal clear, you even included the Torx wrenches. Will definitely do business with WeaKnees again."
David Rhind, Monte Sereno, CA
2006-09-07   " I just did the "TiVo Series 2 Dual Tuner 80 Hour TiVo Upgrade Kit" adding a 300gb drive. I was intimidated by doing this and put it off trying to find a place local to install an upgrade for me. Also I was waiting for the new DT brackets to arrive because my TiVo is only a few months old. After reading so many posts about the ease of the project I went ahead. Man, am I glad I did. It was pretty easy and rewarding to do it myself....Thank you for a great product!"
Mike J., Portland, OR
2006-09-05   "I just received the new hard drive for my sd-h400. Package arrived quickly, drive was packaged perfectly, and directions were crystal clear. I swapped the old drive for the new, and I am back into tivo world! Thanks weaknees!"
Jesse Meece, Canton, GA
2006-09-04   "I just installed one of your upgrade kits in my new Tivo. I was a little hesitant about tearing into my brand new Tivo, but after I started installing the kit, it felt much better. The kit went in without any difficulty. All of the parts in the kit were well designed and fit very well....Overall the kit was outstanding, I had it installed in no time and I am very happy with the results. I am going to recommend your kits to everyone that I know that has a Tivo. Thanks for making a great product,"
Jeff Barkalow, Cedar Rapids, IA
2006-08-31   "Thank you so much... I ordered a replacement on Sunday, it arrived Wednesday. My husband installed it the same day and it is working perfectly. What terrific customer service. You are certainly the "best kept secret". But not for long... I am telling everyone about you and how to keep TIVO's alive. Again, thank you for providing this valuable service."
Karen Lopes, West Sacramento, CA
2006-08-31   "Thank you!! I couldn't agree more with all the Customer Comments I read. Your website made it very easy to identify what I needed. I ordered a new HD and it shipped the same day. It took me approx. 15 minutes to install - thanks to your great instructions. I am 100% satisfied. Thanks again!"
Kim Lindahl, Burnsville, MN
2006-08-31   "I'm sure you guys get love letters all the time... So here's another one!!! It was so easy and it all worked!!! I love TIVO and I love WEAKNEES!!!!"
M Blum, Irvine, CA
2006-08-30   "Hi, I just wanted to drop you all a quick line about the add-on HD I just finished for my TIVO. I did a 180G add-on to my Series 2 Dual 80. 1. Fantastic, it was just as you said an easy do it yourself kit with great instructions. 2. The website and ordering was easy and fast. 3. Thanks for the FAST shipping. I did the install, including warmup in a little over an hour.[] We've been very happy with our new TIVO, but now that we've upgraded to 260hrs with your kit it has become complete. Thanks and best wishes"
Don Bell, La Mesa, CA
2006-08-17   "Thank You! What a great company & product. First, your diagnosis was right on. Power supply as identified by lights/pattern. The printed instruction set with photos gave me the confidence to try it myself. I got hung up (by not carefully following photos) but your tech talked me through it in about 30 seconds. Finally, when I plugged it back in, NO SMOKE! And it actually worked. I was able to save all of my daughters TV appearances on Nash Bridges & Grey�s Anatomy, and I have the wonderful bonus of having my TiVo lifetime subscription intact. I will get those priceless recordings onto a DVD ASAP, and when I want to upgrade, obviously, I know who to call. I don�t know if you are affiliated with TiVo in any way, but you sure know your business. I was disappointed that the people at TiVo would not give me even a hint of what was wrong with it. It was clear that they knew, but would not do the right thing. I can and will recommend your service at every opportunity. Thanks for your good help."
Larry Ward, Pleasant Hill, CA
2006-08-12   "I received the fan and installed it. What a BREEZE! Anyway, thank you for such quick service and a great upgrade. We are now ready for football season!!!"
Faith Koyasu-Ines, Honolulu, HI
2006-08-12   "Just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to have found you on the internet. I ordered the power [supply] and it arrived yesterday. Today my brother-in-law came over - he has experience with computer components so I thought he should help me - he took about four minutes to replace the part. When I plugged the Tivo in and I saw 'powering up', and the Tivo logo - I was ecstatic. I am downloading my updated programming information right now. All of my saved programs are right where I left them!!! I really appreciate how fast you emailed me back and diagnosed the problem. You really helped me by sharing your knowledge about this system and I will be sure to recommend you to others."
Cindi Brody, Beverly Hills MI
2006-08-11   "Hello, I just wanted to let you know my new modem came and thanks to your simple instructions, it was one of the easiest "installs" I have even done. I think it was less than 2 minutes from plug-in to line test. It works PERFECT! My TiVo is fixed! Thank you WeaKnees!"
JRH, Woodbury, MN
2006-08-09   "The order arrived in record time, was easy to install and worked flawlessly. Thank You,"
David Gallivan, Duarte, CA
2006-08-09   "My refurb Toshiba TiVo unit died, and I ordered a replacement kit from your site, which arrived promptly. The instructions had me up and going in about 20 minutes, flawlessly! You guys have got it going on!"
Bob Meads, Alpharetta, GA
2006-08-07   "Your kit is the best!! I now have 300% my original disk space. It really was easy and well documented. Thank you for expanding our television watching."
Faith, Honolulu, HI
2006-07-29   "Just installed our new hard drive, and it WAS easy. Nice directions. Hubby is watching his beloved TIVO as I write this, and our lifetime subscription just keeps on giving!!!! Thank you, life without the second TIVO just wasn't as much fun!!!!"
Donna Alle, Roseville, CA
2006-07-21   "For the great service fast shipping and great information on my recent order. The installation was very smooth. Thanks again."
David Mora, Mt. Clemens, MI
2006-07-21   "The replacement hard drive for my Philips 704 worked like a charm. Thanks for saving me from that horrible R15!"
Brian Trudel, Burbank, CA
2006-07-21   "I have DIRECTTV/TIVO combo HR10250. Everywhere I went, I was told that I would be unable to download my show schedule with my new VIOP phone system. THey were wrong! You TV modem replacement kit did the trick. Simply hook it to the back of the TIVO with the seperate purchase cable , and the other end to a phone outlet. It's well worth the money and is so simple a child could hook up. And it works!!"
Ross Peeble, Baltimore, MD
2006-07-18   "Just wanted to let you know that the replacement hard drive fixed my problem and was super easy to replace. The enclosed directions were perfect."
DF, Morton, IL
2006-07-14   "Cake! That was easy! The picture on our TV would stop then start randomly. Then the sound turned to nothing but a hiss. I ordered the replacement drive, installed it in about 10 minutes (5 of which was blowing 4 years of dust out from inside the case - had to take it outside when my wife saw it), plugged everything back in and it's like a new box. I've sent your URL to all my friends who have TiVo boxes (one of which has a dead TiVo.) This was cake!"
Rob Smou, Marriott-Slaterville, UT
2006-07-12   "Thanks for the quick service and awesome product. Piece of cake to install and I am a happy TiVo user again!"
Andrew Oberweger, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
2006-07-11   "UPS delivered the kit at about 2 pm. I read the instructions, opened the machine, installed the new drive and replaced the original in the bracket, added the new fan and closed the unit. Hooked it up and I was back in business at 3:30 with over 250 GB of new recording space. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this upgrade. It was just as easy as you state on the web site. Thanks"
Frank William, Cottondale, FL
2006-07-07   "Replacing the hard drive did the trick. It couldn't have been simpler. Ten minutes, max! With its much bigger drive, my machine is better than ever. Thanks a lot,"
JO, Cedar Falls, IA
2006-07-04   "This fix worked very well. Thanks for your help on the phone and for this product with easy to follow instructions."
Bob Meredith, Canfield, OH
2006-07-04   "Whooooo Hoooooo !!!!!!! WeaKnees done brought my Toshiba back from the grave....Gracious thanks, the new 160gb drive and the new OS seem to be working fine, and my Wife and I can watch our shows again without the urge to throw a hammer at the tv... O:-)" Thanks again, "
Chuck Lukacs, Hazel Park, MI
2006-06-28   "I added a second drive to my TiVo last night using your kit. It took one hour from start to finish and it was a completely painless operation. Your website is clear, clean, and completely understandable, as were your excellent installation instructions. What a great experience. BRAVO!"
Tim Devine, Shoreview, MN
2006-06-28   "Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I received my order very quickly. I'm also impressed by your very easy to follow instructions! I was able to replace the hard drive on my TIVO easily and quickly. It's working great. Thanks for your great product. I'll be keeping your website as a favorite for the future. A Satisfied Customer"
Deborah Medina, Chicago, IL
2006-06-25   "Your description on my TIVO problem/solution was right on. Fast turn on the order. Great and simple directions for power supply installation and in just a couple of days I'm back in business. I figure you saved me the price of a new Tivo and the cost of a lifetime subscriber account - Thank you."
Dennis M. Ridnouer, Marshville, NC
2006-06-24   "I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how thrilled I was with your replacement kit I ordered and the ease of installation. My drive was going bad which was confirmed by your staff and various internet sources. The kit came as described with tools, instructions and warnings appropriate in this time of consumer stupidity (Who would work on their Tivo while plugged in... someone must have eh?). Anyway the hardest part of the job was removing my Tivo from the entertainment center disaster of wiring, then 15 minutes later putting it back. Thank you again for your excellent product, outstanding service and bringing my Tivo back from certain death. Sincerely"
Noah Miller, Cooper City, FL
2006-06-23   "Great Service Model TiVo TCD140060, died on Tuesday, replaced Power Supply, back in Service Thursday Morning. Good Instruction on Trouble shooting,great response time on delivery."
Gerald Doty, Pleasant Hill, CA
2006-06-21   "Wow!!! That was a really easy storage upgrade. The instructions were incredibly detailed and simple. I have never opened a TiVo and I got it done in an hour. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a little extra space - novice or expert. Thanks!"
AS, Columbus, MS.
2006-06-14   "Dear Weaknees: You asked for my feedback on my installation. I was intimidated by the directions posted online which is peculiar because I have had experience fixing VCR's. but I let the 5[00] Gig upgrade kit stay on my office floor for a week. It's probably because my wife would kill me if I screwed up her saved shows on the factory hard drive and I completely rely on my Tivo units. Well, I was very careful reading everything twice before I did it and because of that it took me 1:20 to upgrade my Hughes HR 10-250 HD unit and it was easy and simple to do and nowhere near as intimidating as the photos looked. It booted up perfectly and I now have 91+ hours of HD programming available. Thanks, Weaknees. Best,"
Scott Sorensen, Los Angeles, CA
2006-06-14   "Got my upgrade kit today, had it installed in 20 minutes. Now I have 230 Hours! Was very easy to upgrade....I would definitely recommend this for any Tivo. Thanks a lot"
Frederick Richter, Lehigh Acres, FL
2006-06-13   "Once again, Weaknees has saved the day. This is the third item I've bought from you, and the third time I've had complete satisfaction. My drive arrived this afternoon, I got home less than an hour ago, and my Tivo is happily updating itself. If anyone is considering an upgrade or the purchase of a Tivo, they need to look to Weaknees. There is no one better. Thank you, Weaknees."
Robert Phipps, Morgantown, WV
2006-06-13   "Another satisfied customer! Got the upgrade kit for my Hughes DirecTV TiVo DVR and installed the new drive in 15 minutes. Everything works great and I couldn't be happier. Now I can avoid switching to the DirecTV DVR Plus system (which I tried and found totally lacking). Thanks for your company -- you keep TiVo products and information available for the TiVo nation."
Charles Apperson, New Orleans, LA
2006-06-12   "This weekend I installed the new hard drive into my 10-250 and � well � it went perfectly. Very clear instructions. Box is now back in tip top shape."
Tom Gillette, Gloucester, MA
2006-06-03   "Dear Weaknees- I just ordered a new hard drive from your store for my ReplayTV. The drive in my unit crashed on Monday, I put in an order on Tuesday (talked to a support guy on your end who was helpful), and got the drive on Friday. Your included instructions were excellent and clear. Within 10 minutes I had the new drive in and it worked perfectly. The whole time I was installing it, I kept saying "these are excellent instructions!" I'm so glad I found your site and am impressed at your service. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know. THIS is how an online store should run. ps. Please, please keep your Replay drives available! I love my ReplayTV and if anything happens to it, I'm coming back to Weaknees."
RB, San Francisco, CA
2006-05-31   "You saved our lives!! Our hard drive went dead on a Wednesday and you were able to send us a replacement by Friday. I followed your easy to understand instructions and we were back in business on Friday night! It was truly amazing! Thanks so much. We are telling all of our Tivo owner friends about your wonderful company!"
Sue Dressing, Campbell, CA
2006-05-23   "I just wanted to thank you folks for providing me with what was one of the most painless upgrade/replacements I've ever had to do! My HR10-250 had thrown a hard drive, and I didn't want to get involved with the whole "leasing" thing, so a friend suggested your company. The instructions were clear and concise, the parts were in great condition and my set is in full operation again! Thanks, Weaknees.com for giving my my DirecTivo back!"
Bill Rothe, Fullerton, CA
2006-05-22   "I have a TiVo TCD140060 with Lifetime on it that died the other day when I was updating my image and swapping the drives around (recording downgrade). Needless to say, with one other box in the house on a month-to-month, I was in a panic! Your troubleshooting guide was right on the money, and I replaced the power supply with one of your refurb units just now and I'm back in action! You rule! Thanks for all the hard work, keep it up!"
John Knapp, West Hartford, CT.
2006-05-22   "I offer some positive feedback for you. I just bought a Tivo from WeaKnees. Why did I buy from you? Your web site provided a lot of information that I couldn't find elsewhere. That "free" support tells me that you are interested in more than commerce (although that is probably your first concern). And, you offer upgraded Tivos (even though I bought a std. unit). A sign that you know your stuff. All of your on-line documentation supported my impression. You have a good web sit; easy to use and informative. As a minor issue: I went to UCLA for a long time (three degrees). I appreciate your West LA address. Not a big deal, but ... "
Dr. R. Boyd, Seattle, WA
2006-05-17   "I received the upgrade kit tonight. Took less than 10 minutes to install. Turned it ON and went thru setup. Everything works. Great product. Thank you."
Alex Jung, New Port Richey, FL
2006-05-16   "I recieved the hard drive yesterday and replaced my old one with it in about 15 min. It works great . It was definately a time saver, as taking my Tivo to the shop to get fixed and then picking it up 2 weeks later would have been inconveiniant to say the least."
Mike Asnis, Chicago, IL
2006-05-15   "I just received the 250 GB hard drive for my Phillips 7000 from you, and I want to let you know how good your instructions were and how easy it was to install. It works perfectly. Thanks for the excellent product and service."
Jim Fosnot, Encinitas, CA
2006-05-11   "I rcvd and installed the upgrade kit today. I followed your enclosed instructions and was back up and running in less than 30 minutes. I now have a reported 180 hours of storeage time. Thanks,"
CM, Gresham, OR
2006-05-10   "My kit arrived in perfect condition. It took about 45 minutes to install (and I am VERY meticulous). I fired the unit up and it is perfect. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!"
JB, Union Grove, AL
2006-05-03   " Just a note to say the receiver arrived in excellent condition and plays perfectly. I am very impressed with your selection and customer service. Rest assured that I, and everyone I tell, will be WeaKnees customers from now on. Thank you very much for making this such a pleasant transaction. Take care."
BT, Lincoln City, OR
2006-04-27   "Thank you for your great service. I wish all companies had customer service as friendly, efficient and no nonsense as yours."
EM, Sun City, AZ
2006-04-25   "I am really happy with the modem replacement kit I bought from you!!...GREAT!!!"
JR, Mount Gilead, OH
2006-04-17   "I just wanted to send a quick message to say thanks. I ordered one of your twinbreeze bracket kits and installed a second hard drive into my Tivo. Let me say that the bracket was professionally made and the instructions were extremely detailed. I had the unit up and running in about 30 minutes. In a world with pathetic customer service, you guys come out way on top. Great work, I wouldn't hesitate from buying other products form you in the future."
JD, Markam, Ontario
2006-04-17   "After a great deal of research, I decided to purchase one of your upgrade kits. Not only were the instrcutions clear and concise, but the parts fit like a dream. In under 30 minutes, I went from a capacity of 40 hours to about 230 hours. I am sure my friends will be ordering from you soon. Keep up the good work."
JS, Lansing, MI
2006-04-15   "I received the replacement's replacement on Thursday and it worked perfectly. I've been telling everyone about the amazing company where live people actually answer the phone and help you. Thank you for your great product and great service."
SS, Newbury Park, CA
2006-04-15   "Just wanted to let you know that I recently ordered a hard drive replacement kit for a DSR6000. Your kit worked perfectly, and it was super-easy to install."
DK, Kenosha, WI
2006-04-12   "Just wanted to write and say how skeptical I was at first. But, upon placing my order and you guys shipping it out same day. I received it the very next day, opened it up, used the easy to follow directions, and in ten minutes I was booting my TIVO up! One week later and it's running perfect! And the best part is, I have double the HD space! Thanks so much! You guys are the best!"
KL, Altadena, CA
2006-04-11   "You shipped my replacement HD the SAME DAY you received the order! No one does that. No one! With great fear I opened my DVR to attempt the HD replacement. Five minutes later it was done! Great directions!!! The DVR booted up fine and TIVO is working. Thanks for your great service!"
DC, Orange Village, OH
2006-04-10   "Just wanted to let you know that I installed the replacement hard drive on my TIVO Series 2 and everything seems to be working fine. It had been suffering from frequent bouts of freezing and through your website, I was able to find and order the correct replacement very easily. Using your instructions, installation was a breeze (dare I say, "idiot proof"). Thank you for returning our world to the safe, happy place it is when our TIVO is healthy."
PA, Leominster, MA
2006-04-01   "I just want to thatk you for you awesome service. The new drive worked flawlessly. It was also very cool that there was a recent version of the TIVO software on the drive and I did not have to use the phone line instead of my network."
JB, Chandler, AZ
2006-04-01   "Last Wednesday morning, I woke up to a �Powering up� screen on my Hughes SD-DVR40....The household was in chaos. No Directv and no Tivo. I called you guys as soon as the time difference allowed, and you suggested a new hard drive and I could return it if that wasn�t the issue. I decided to go bigger and ordered a single 250GB disk for next day delivery. Wednesday night we, for the first time in years, watched local TV from an antenna. I had forgotten how bad it was. Thursday around 4:00 PM, the new disk arrived. Everything was so simple. I had the new disk installed and the case back together in 15 minutes. It powered up without incident....I�d recommend you guys to anyone. Most importantly to me in this case, your guy at your 800 number 1) answered without me listening to music on hold 2) He knew his stuff 3) English was his first language 4) he took the time to go over my options and 5) after choosing a solution, execution of the solution was flawless. I�m a very satisfied customer. Thanks. "
MS, St. Louis, MO
2006-03-30   "I want to thank you for the prompt service and outstanding products. My TiVo had died & with the help of a replacement disk and your easy to follow instructions we are up and running again. It is rare that something is really as good as advertised, you guys are better than advertised. Keep up the great work!"
GC, Houston, TX
2006-03-29   "I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for a quality product! I received the order quickly, and the replacement 400GB hard drive has brought my DirecTV H10-250 back to life once again. The hard drive was easy to install--just under 15 minutes with your easy-to-understand instructions. Once again, thank you, and keep up the good work!!"
AG, Atlanta, GA
2006-03-28   "Just received the replacement H.D. today. Works great! Good job on the great and prompt service. thank you,"
WH, Vancouver, WA
2006-03-28   "It has been a pleasure doing business with you. We received the DVR the day after we ordered it. The unit has been installed and activated. It works Great."
LE, San Pedro, CA
2006-03-27   "I just installed your 250 gig HD. It went in flawlessly. I got the unit out of the entertainment system, cover off, replaced the hard drive, cover on and back into the entertainment system in less than a half hour. After the TiVo setup I was up and running. Thank you, great doing business with you."
TH, Salem, NH
2006-03-26   "Drive already installed and working AWESOME ! you guy's at Weaknees Rock!!! And the guided setup was soo much eaiser this time. The only question I had to answer regarding channel lineup was what I recieved on channel 14 Cnn Etc. I put in CNN and I was basically done. Thanks for the great job you guy's do every day! A very satisfied Weaknees Customer!"
TC, Ladera Ranch, CA
2006-03-23   "I ordered the replacement drive for my R10 on Monday. I received it the next day, and got around to installing it last night. It only took 20 minutes. I must say, you sell a great product. Not only have you revived my 4 month old R10, but I now have 140 hour capacity!! In the past, I upgraded my original dsr6000r "the hard way". I'm thinking my HDVR2 and Phillips 708 will get opened up in the next few months after my move to Texas. Thanks for a great product. I'm sorry I waited so long to actually buy from you. I am recommending you to all my friends!!"
LT, Lakewood, CA
2006-03-23   "WOW - what great service. Got the hard drive...installed it. Perfect instructions. Up and running in 15 minutes. Loved the 30 sec skip tip. Just a great experience. Thank you"
DH, Bloomfield Hills, MI
2006-03-23   "Ordered the new drive & fan for my Sat T60 on Sunday. It arrived yesterday (Wednesday). Took about 20 minutes to install. My formerly loud & whiny box is as quiet as it was when new. My lifetime TiVo subscription lives again! I am a very happy camper! Thanks for the quick turnaround, excellent instructions, and quality product."
PP, Sacramento, CA
2006-03-21   "Dear Weaknees - Thank you thank you thank you!!! I have DirecTV and was an unfortunate purchaser of the DirecTV Plus machine - but NO MORE! Thanks to you, I received and hooked up my R10 today and just have to decide the demise of my wretched DirecTV Plus machine. Thank you so much!! I'm back in TIVO-land!"
PM, Pittstown, NJ
2006-03-16   "Just got my hard drive from you guys , installed it in a few minutes and its up and running. Thanks for a Great product."
JG, Lawrenceville, GA
2006-03-15   "Just wanted to give you feedback on my hard drive replacement. My TiVo died after several lightning strikes in a row close to my house. Ordered a replacment hard drive from you, arrived in four days and took only 10 minutes to install successfully. Over four times the capacity of my original system also. Great product, great service. Thanks!!"
NO, Parker, TX
2006-03-15   "My Tivo was acting up after a series of thunderstorms. I did an internet search for "Tivo troubleshooting" and got the Weaknees website. It was easy to deduce that I needed a replacement hard drive from your site and I received the new drive less than 2 days after placing an order. Installation took minutes, it was very easy. My beloved Tivo is now working great and with even more room for my favorite shows. Thanks Weaknees!!"
AC, San Bruno, CA
2006-03-09   "I was pretty bummed when my DirecTV DVR with Tivo wouldn't start up after a power outage. Then I was psyched when DirecTV said they'd send me a new one for the cost of shipping. Then I was bummed again when the DVR they sent didn't have Tivo. It was hard to use and didn't have nearly the functionality that my old Tivo unit did. Based on the info from Weaknees' Troubleshooting page it seemed that I needed a new drive for my old unit - confirmed with a quick email from one of your techs. Free shipping and a week later I got my new drive from Weaknees - easy installation while enjoying a cold one after work and I was back in business. Thank you. Great customer service and a great product."
MM, Lynnfield, MA
2006-03-04   "Power supply arrived Friday, March 4th. Took about 10 minutes to install. As expected, I was back up and running within the hour. You guys provide a great service for the do it yourself clients. For $50, my Tivo with a lifetime subscription has been brought back from the dead."
DS, Olathe, KS
2006-03-03   "Anyone who has a DVR needs to step up to the plate and give your upgrades a try. It's a guaranteed hit. I installed your dual 160 hard drives and went from 60 hours to 412 hours! The easy replacement process only took 15 minutes. Now I can Tivo all my reality shows without the fear factor. The fear that they'll be deleted before watching. Thanks again Weaknees!"
LY, Pleasant, CA
2006-03-02   "Thanks so much!! You guys are awesome. Even replay TV couldn't fix my unit. Your disk fixed it in 10 minutes and I did it myself. You Rock!!"
ET, Wilmington, NC
2006-02-27   "Got it today. This was the easiest installation and operation that I've ever experienced. You guys have got this down PAT. Thanks a million."
MJ, Maple Valley, WA
2006-02-24   "Just wanted to let you know what a great product/service you offer! Ordered my Weaknees Twinbreeze TiVo Upgrade bracket for my Directv HR10-250 on Monday 2/20 Recieved it and installed it on Friday, Thanks to your clear instructions and interactive selection for chosing the right software to download and burn to CD, I went from 30Hours HD to 63Hrs HD! I will gladly recommend your website to anyone interested in Weaknees Upgrade or Weaknees DIY products. Thanks a million!!"
SG, Glen Burnie, MD
2006-02-22   "Just finished Tivo set-up with my new hard drive from Weaknees. If I can install it, anyone can. As we used to say when I lived in the Pacific Northwest---'I'm happy as a clam!' Thanks"
MD, Goodyear, AZ
2006-02-21   "Thanks, WeaKnees! 300GB upgrade to my TiVo Series 2. Crystal-clear instructions, 10 minutes of effort, works perfectly."
JL, San Francisco, CA
2006-02-18   "Just wanted to take a moment to compliment you folks on your service, helpfulness, and great attitude. We've come to rely on Tivo to ensure we get to see all our favorite TV shows, and we've now come to depend on YOU to keep our Tivos up-to-date and running. I've bought an add-on kit, a new master drive, and you've helped me to get them working right. Your service was courteous, fast, and very reliable. thanx very much, you'll definitely hear from me again when I need help with my Tivos! "
KW, Davidsonville, MD
2006-02-03   "I just wanted to let you know I'm very happy with my purchase. I purchased and installed one of your hard drive upgrade kits and I found it quite easy to install and it works perfectly. Thanks for saving me quite a bit of money!"
TC, Oakland, CA
2006-02-03   "This is to notify Jason and his supervisors he provided excellent customer service and I feel he went above and beyond to obtain customer satisfaction. After the whole shipping fiasco and living in a rural area my hard drive was finally received. The whole installation was a breeze just in time for the Super Bowl. I can not wait to use the extra space available. I will definitely tell my friends about your website and my satisfied service. Thank you again"
RH, Old Town, FL
2006-01-24   "I just wanted to send a note of thanks!! I recently ordered a Tivo hard disk replacement (even super sized it) and was worried about installing the drive myself. Lo and behold when I got my new drive and followed the directions step by step I had no problems whatsoever. When I plugged in the Tivo and hooked up my broadband connection I was going through the guided setup. No problems. Thanks so much for everything. You all made it a piece of cake."
JP, Batavia, NY
2006-01-18   "I just wanted to let you know that I received my TiVo upgrade drive yesterday as expected, and the installation went precisely as described in your advetising and documentation. It's a rare occurance when everything goes exactly as advertised, so I wanted to Thank You, and let you know that I will be sure to recommend your company to my friends and family. Great Job!"
Richard Lindsey, Reno, NV
2006-01-17   "Thanks for a great product. I just installed a 250 GB drive in my 40hour Tivo. Just popped in the new drive, powered it up and went through the standard Tivo set up, couldn't be easier. This is a whole lot easier than trying to put in a second drive on my own, which I did try and it did not work. Now I can record like crazy."
JA, Oakton, VA
2006-01-17   "I can't thank you enough for giving TiVo back to me. I had a Hughes HDVR2 DirecTV/TiVo combo unit that I used and loved for over 2 years. It then went bad on me, and started having pixel issues. Thanks to DirecTV ending their deal with TiVo, they would only send me an R15 unit. I had read bad things online about it, but nothing could prepare me for just how horrible the R15 is. It's not even close to a TiVo in functionality and reliability. I had nothing but problems with it from the first day I received it. It then just stopped working at all. I'm so glad I found your site, and that you sell DirecTV/TiVo units. I purchased one of your refurbished units, which I just received today. I was very pleased with the fast shipping. I'm so happy to have TiVo again, especially with the upgraded 140 hours of space. I can only hope DirecTV will see what a mistake they made with ending their deal with TiVo. Thank you so much WeaKnees.com. Keep up the great work."
Jason Pollard, Riverton, UT
2006-01-13   "Just wanted to say, I just recieved a 250GB HD to replace my 40 hour HD in my Humax DRT400. It took me less than 10 minutes to do the physical installation, then the mac[h]ine worked perfectly once plugged back in! It even gave me 31 hours more then advertised at 301 on basic quality, although I use high quality usually in which I get 99 hours now compared to 13 hours before with my 40 hour drive. Thanks a lot!"
TB, Schaumburg, IL
2006-01-10   "It worked. I've got to give Weaknees credit, you've really put together a valuable product. Our lifetime subscription Tivo was headed to the trash because of hard drive problems, and now it has new life with double the storage space for recordings. Thanks again for the help."
TR, Andover, MA
2006-01-08   "Just to let you know from someone who has the "Real Men Don't Need Instructions" syndrome. Your replacement fan I ordered for my Sony SAT T-60 was the easiest replacement fix I've ever experienced. Your instructions were right on and everything went just as you said in your instructions. Based on this experience, I've bookmarked your site should I ever need replacements parts. Thanks again for an easy fix."
DY, Littlerock, CA
2006-01-06   "Dear Weaknees: Your company is awesome! I received my shipment in a very short period of time, it came complete with the harddrive, tools and instructions. All companies should take a lesson from you on your instructions! They were clear, detailed, precise, and easy to follow. Even the part where you get down on your knees, 6 inches from the tivo, to give yourself the proper leverage to remove the cover! Everything happened on tivo, just like you said, and it functions beautifully! many thanks to your company - get the word out, you are great!!!!!!"
KR, El Sobrante, CA
2006-01-02   "Friends, I recently experienced the horror of having my Direct TV TiVo hard drive go bad. I ordered a replacement from Weaknees including having the TiVo OS installed on the drive. From the time of order entry to order delivery to installation and subsequent performance, my experience with weaknees was exceptional. My TiVo is running great and has double the storage capacity. This is my first experience with Weaknees, and it was one I would heartily recommend. If you can use a screwdriver competently, you call follow Weaknees' instructions and do the installation yourself. Great job! Thanks."
JL, Salem, OR
2005-12-30   "Received order #326822 today. In 30 minutes I replaced the hard drive in my Toshiba SD-H400 DVD-TiVo como unit & it went throught the setup process flawlessly. I couldn't believe how easy it was. Thanks for a great product with clear instructions!"
LZ, Charleston, SC
2005-12-23   "Just wanted to let you know that I installed my Tivo hard disk upgrade. The installation was very easy and went smoothly. We were up and running in less than 30 minutes! Thank you!"
MF, Belford, MA
2005-12-22   "I just replaced the HD of my 240080 with your 250GB kit and also replaced the fan. The procedure was quick and easy with your clear instructions. The machine restarted without a glitch. Great job guys! Thanks."
JW, Berkeley, CA
2005-12-20   "I just purchased a replacement power supply and 300GB drive from you, and wanted to let you know how pleased I have been so far. The new drive installed without a problem, and the power supply got our other TiVo (storm damage) running again quickly. Please let the people/person responsible for the very detailed and well-written instructions know they did an excellent job. Compared to so-called "manuals" supplied with many other technology devices, your plain-English document was quite pleasing. You can count on me for referrals and praise. Kudos to the Weaknees Team!"
RC, Atlanta, GA
2005-12-20   "I just upgraded the above unit with one of your kits and it was so simple and easy. I used the add-on kit to go up to 180 hours of recording time. 20 minutes and it worked perfectly. Thanks"
WH, Longmont, CO
2005-12-19   "I read about you in "Wired" and checked out the website. The site was clean, inviting and very informative. I immediately ordered the 90hr rreplacement drive kit for my failing Sony SVR2000 Tivo. The unit shipped within hours and arrived about 72 hours later. I was impressed with the packaging and the inclusion of the needed wrenches and instructions. The illustrated step-by-step instructions couldn't have been clearer or simpler- even for a relative novice. After allowing the unplugged unit to sit for five minutes as directed, I had the drive installed and running in about fifteen minutes. MAN, was that EASY! It works perfectly and I am psyched to have triple my original storage space for less money than I paid to buy the unit in the first place. I couldn't be happier with my experience from beginning to end. Well done guys and thanks from a new fan!"
RT, Denver, CO
2005-12-18   "I just finished installing one of your add a hard drive kits on my DirecTv Tivo. Wow, I have to tell you that it was a very impressive kit. The mounting bracket is well designed and fit just perfect. Your instructions make it easy for any skill level. Great kit. I would recommend weaknees to anyone interested in upgrading a Tivo."
PC, Leo, IN
2005-12-13   "You guys are AWESOME! I got my HD today. I installed it at my house, fully expecting that I would have to bring it into the office to run guided setup after testing the drive for noise. First of all, it was whisper quiet compared to the hard drive that came with the Tivo. Second, I was able to run through guided setup using my wireless USB adapter! The extra capacity is excellent too. Fast delivery, reasonable prices, and ridiculously easy setup. I'm impressed! Thanks for all your help."
SP, Sterling Heights, MI
2005-12-08   "Got my HD upgrade for TIVO yesterday - It was as easy to install as a light bulb and it works great. I thank you for shipping it so quickly. I will probably be needing another hard drive soon for my other TIVO and am so pleased with how easy it was to deal with you that I wont hesitate to order again. "
KP, Logan, UT
2005-11-28   "the week and it could not have been easier. Good instructions...everything worked the first time! Increased my storage from 40 to 164 hours! Thanks for the product, I am recommending to family and friends...."
TH, Portsmouth, VA
2005-11-26   "Hello Weaknees... Thanks for your more than helpful website database. With the information I found there in just a short period of searching, I was able to diagnose a problem with the TiVo Brand "TiVo Series 2" TCD140060. Your database information was right on the money. Replacement of power supply is what was needed. The TiVo is now back in hopefully several more years of service. Since I was local, the ability to be allowed to will-call the product was more than appreciated."
JP, Long Beach, CA
2005-11-18   "What a well designed install kit, you could not have made it simpler. I ordered the upgrade kit, to add mucho capacity to my hd-dvr, and the install was a snap. Had everything back up, and running in just under an hour. Great job on the detailed instructions, down to showing where to lay the cables and hold the bracket. Another customer for life, thanks."
MA, Livermore, CA
2005-11-16   "Weaknees is a pleasure to do business with. Professional and knowledgeable in every aspect with lightning fast shipping. They stand behind there warranty 100%. The best company I've ever dealt with on the internet. I would highly recommend Weaknees to anybody with TiVo troubles. Thanks Again! P.S. Purchased four upgraded Sd and Hd TiVos from Weaknees."
BH, Bemidji, MN
2005-11-11   "it's not often that i'm delighted with a company. i am happy to tell you that you are the exception. after using your website to diagnose my TIVO problem (hard drive death), i ordered a replacement hard drive. this was on friday. the order was processed the same day and was shipped the next. with regular shipping, it arrived 6 days later. i followed your very clear instructions, with helpful photos to both remove my hard drive and install my new one. it could not have been easier. my TIVO is up and running again and i couldn't be happier. thank you."
CS, Westerville, OH
2005-11-07   "You guys have the coolest service available! Just put in a new drive on another Tivo box....the old one was still good but a year old...just for the extra space... Smooth, seamless...the way it should be. You guys definitely deserve two thumbs UP!"
SR, Davie, FL
2005-11-06   "I just updated by TiVo with your Maxtor disk. Easy to follow instructions. My "freeze" symptoms disappeared and the picture quality improved!...I'm happy as a lark."
KF, West Chicago, IL
2005-11-03   "Hi! I just can't believe how wonderful you are!!! I am 100% PLUS satisfied with your merchandise AND your excellent service!!!!! I've never dealt with a more supportive company! How can I leave feedback for others to see? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)"
RF, Saranac Lake, NY
2005-10-29   "I just had to write to let you know how delighted I am to have found your company. When the drive on my Pioneer DVR-810H went bad, I thought I'd have to buy a whole new unit. However, a quick search on Google led me to you. I got the new drive only one day after I placed my order (which was wonderful for someone going through Tivo withdrawl)! What impressed me most, however, were the detailed instructions which accompanied my purchase. As someone with no experience with electronics, I was amazed at how easy it was to install the new drive. Whoever writes your instructions is a genius. They were so easy to understand and follow, and no detail was left out. My new drive is working perfectly (and has twice as much space as the old one) -- it's like having a whole new DVR. I have raved about your company to anyone who will listen to me, and now I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am. Thanks!"
KK, Las Vegas, NV
2005-10-27   "Thanks again for all the help. Installing the new drive, re-establishing TIVO service, etc....like buttah. :-)"
BJ, El Dorado Hills, CA
2005-10-25   "I just want to let you know how happy I am with your company and its products !! Last week lightning took out my TIVO modem and I was devistated (the unit has lifetime service). I went to your website and you had just what I needed. The instructions that came with it were excellent and now I am up and running. I will definately recommend you to others. Thanks again"
LF, Whittier, CA
2005-10-18   "I just wanted to let you guys know that my add-on hard drive is working great. Thanks to the great instructions, I had my HD Tivo upgraded in 1 hour and enjoying 63 hours of HD. Kind Regards,"
EH, Philadelphia, PA
2005-10-01   "I recently threw in a 140hr upgrade drive into my DirecTV 7000; took only a few minutes and it worked like a charm. Money well spent. another happy customer,"
JC, Carrollton, TX
2005-09-29   "Just completed my TIVO upgrade by installing a second drive and new fan. "Fantastic" instructions and information. Did the whole job in 30 minutes taking my time as you suggest. Saved me at least 2 weeks without the unit (fan was already bad) having to send it to SONY and some $$$$$. Thanks for your company. Will never hesitate to buy from you again."
TJ, Center Rutland, VT
2005-09-23   "WOW! I usually don't provide feedback to on-line retailers but I'm impressed. Extremely fast delivery and extremely easy install. Everything was as close to 'plug and play' as installing a harddrive can be. TIVO owners are lucky to have you as a resource."
MS, Reno, NV
2005-09-16   "I plugged in my modem and cable last night and it worked as advertised without any hassles on my part! That shouldn't make news these days, but unfortunately it does, as many products simply don't live up to the advertising promises. Thanks and keep up the good work. You will be getting recommendations out of me."
ML, Murfreesboro, TN
2005-09-10   "I recevied the moden replacement for my first generation TIVO. It works great!. The instructions were excellent and installation was a breeze. Thanks for the help."
RL, Birmingham, AL
2005-09-07   "I upgraded my Sony SVR2000 last weekend using your 165-hour upgrade kit. It was amazingly easy. Your instructions were dead-on and the whole procedure took less than 10 minutes. Great job! Great service!"
JB, Freeport, IL
2005-09-06   "Received my second hard drive today....installed it and had it up and running again in less than an hour.... "
WA, Albany, NY
2005-09-02   "Hi - my computer-savvy cousin found your external modem repair kit for me after I called him in my desperation. Sony customer service screwed up my TiVO by telling me to go through Guided Setup when my problem was a failed modem (ARGH!). Of course, after that I couldn't use my TiVO at all. I was really relieved to see instructions on your site and in my kit for people with a broken modem and stuck in Guided Setup. It was nice to know that I'm not the only one. ANYWAY, I was so happy and thankful to receive the external modem I ordered from you last night. I had it installed in 5 minutes flat. My TiVO was up & running again in no time. THANK YOU!!"
AH, New York, NY
2005-09-01   "I purchased an external modem and two high capacity hard drives to replace the single hard drive in my Series I Tivo. The directions were clear and simple, and they communicated exactly what I needed to know for each step. One of the things I really appreciated was the careful attention to tell me what I needed to notice before and/or after some action I was going to take. The kit contained everything I needed to switch the drives, except for a Phillips head screwdriver, which I assumed I would need and which I already had. All that extra care and attention to detail enabled me to switch the drives in less than half and hour - and I have no experience working on computers! Excellent work!"
JO, Waban, MA
2005-08-18   " Team, I don't want to let the week expire without telling you that yep, your modem kit was a complete success. Thanks. I should state what I'm thanking you for. For sure, I appreciate the responsiveness, the superb order fulfilment, and all that. But what pleases me the most is that you had this workaround all set up, in stock, ready to ship. That a quick fix for a blown-out internal modem could be so readily provided is yet another testimony to the essential robustness of the TiVo platform, but it took you guys to actually implement it. This is real support, and is only possible from people who know what they're doing. pm"
PM, Port Jefferson, NY
2005-08-17   "I received the TiVO replacement hard drive today, installed it as per your instructions, and it worked perfectly ! Thanks Weaknees -- you guys are great !!!! Best Regards,"
GG, Madison, WI
2005-08-09   "I ordered a new Tivo/DirecTV box as my old, original had fried. I got extended hours plus the cooling options. The receiver arrived in 2 days even though I chose the lowest cost shipping option, I plugged in and activated in just a few minutes. Great price, great product, and the extra capacity and the cooling options are working flawlessly. Nice! I would buy from you again but I have a feeling I won't need to for a long time."
DB, Scotts Valley, CA
KH, La Jolla, CA
2005-08-04   "Two weeks ago, I bought an upgrade drive for my 35 hour Tivo and it works great. The installation was quick thanks to your thorough instructions. Today I purchased a drive as a gift for my dad and two of my friends will be buying kits from you in the next few days. You sell a great product."
SK, St. Louis, MO
CM, Selma, AL
2005-07-23   "Received my upgrade 120 MB disk drive and installed it a few days ago. Instructions were great. Upgrade works well. Much easier than I thought it would be. Thank you and keep up the great work. I will certainly buy from you again."
JD, Oshkosh, WI
2005-07-23   "Hi, I ordered a TiVo upgrade earlier this week, and just finished doing the install. I have to say WOW!, your service is impecable and you delivered your promises beyond my expectations. The ease of ordering was great. Receiving the order the next day was great. The quality of the kit components was great. The ease of install was amazing. In one word WeaKnees is GREAT!. You've earned my business and I'll be promoting you to friends and family. Kind Regards."
JR, Los Angeles, CA
2005-07-20   "I just installed your 400 MB drive in my Pioneer 810H and I want to let you know it went like a breeze. The installation took about five minutes after which I went through the guided setup. My only problem was locating my local channels which had moved to the 800s (DirecTV). Thanks for a flawless process."
AN, Lewisville, NC
2005-07-08   "How often have I done this? Seldom. I did feel it was necessary to tell you how great you guys are. My TiVo bit the dust recently, due to a lightning storm. I couldn't connect to Tivo and after talking to Tivo did a Google search on mdem problems revealing your company. I clicked on your site, found that my problem was not an uncommon one and called immediately. I bought the modem and serial cable for my TiVo, the customer service rep (who was very friendly and helpful, took my order and two days later I'm downloading information. Thank you WeaKnees. You've saved me hundreds of dollars and kept me from buying a new TiVo with a new service agreement. This customer appreciates all the help you gave me."
JH, Plattsmouth, NE
2005-07-06   "Dear Weaknees, thank you for diagnosing my problem with my tivo, I got the power supply from you and had it in the unit in 15 minutes and tivo was back up and running. Thanks again!"
SM, Bell Buckle, TN
2005-07-05   "I just wanted to tell you that within 20 minutes of delivery of a replacement power supply from you guys, my TiVo is once again up and running and processing info from the TiVo service to make up for the downtime. It was really easy to replace and such an easy fix. I can't thank you enough!"
MB, Manchester, NH
2005-06-27   "I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help. When my Tivo died I thought I would too. There was no way that I was going to pay for a new Tivo lifetime membership so I thought my Tivo days were numbered...then I found your site! I emailed you with the problem and asked what part you thought I needed and within hours you responded. I ordered that part right away and within a week had it. The installation was way easier then I could have imagined, and now not only does my Tivo work again, I now have so much extra storage it's insane. I am sooo please with you and your service and I am definitely going to tell others about you. You have just gained a customer and fan for life!"
AF, Albany, NY
2005-06-19   "I just wanted to tell you how smoothly my TIVO Series-2 (40 hours) upgrade went last weekend to make it a 140-hour unit. I ordered the new 120 GB drive (old drive was 40 GB) and new fan and had the box in only a 4 days; very prompt shipping. I prepared the old TIVO for downtime and transferred any shows not wanting to be lost to the upstairs TIVO. I began the upgrade on Saturday 6/11/05 at 11:00 AM and was finished at 11:45 AM. Once I had the TIVO software back up to date around 5 hours later and soon we were transferring shows back down to the improved TIVO that now has 80 hours of MEDIUM quality and 60 hours at HIGH. How shweet is that??? Even though the web site name weird, you guys are not and gave great service and I am telling others how smooth this went and to buy from you if they decide to do this. Thank you very much,"
SB, Kingston, PA
2005-06-19   "I want you to know how wonderful my experience with WeaKnees has been. From the presales call, to the online ordering, to the speedy delivery, and the finally trouble-free installation, I couldn't be more pleased. I wish everyone I did business with was as professional as your team. Best regards,"
ST, Phoenix, AZ
2005-06-08   "Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the quick response to our order, and also thank you for the excellent instructions. You really made a seemingly daunting task very easy! I changed out a hard drive, fan, and installed an external modem. Many thanks"
KM, Port St Lucie, FL
2005-05-31   "Dear Weaknees, I just installed a two-drive upgrade to my early model TIVO, and I am very impressed by the well thought-out package and clear instructions. You made this upgrade easy. Thanks!"
AS, Carrboro, NC
2005-05-27   "Just wanted to add my voice to your (presumably long) list of very satisfied customers. Although I have been a professional technician for over 30 years and have been hacking with Linux since before kernel 1.0, I believe that your clear instructions would allow just about anybody to successfully install a capacity upgrade in mere minutes and fully expect things to work with no problems. Weaknees -- It just works. Much thanks."
BW, Cheyenne, WY
2005-05-23   "Last Monday I ordered a new hard drive for my TIVO. It arrived in two days. On Sunday I opened the box, found the instructions, followed them to the letter and my TIVO is up and working! Thank you for your quick shipment, clear instructions, and great product! You exceeding my expectations! I hope my TIVO keeps going for a long time, but if it doesn't, I know where to go. Keep up the good work!"
LF, Hayward, CA
2005-05-16   "I just wanted to tell you guys how IMPRESSED i was with the ease of installation! everything went great and i couldn't be happier. i love it so much that i want to upgrade my other tivo! thanks again for making this such an easy experience. "
CS, Williamsburg, VA
2005-05-15   "I received my hard drive on Friday and upgraded my TIVO today. Thanks for your step by step instructions, all went well. It took me about 15 minutes. I just had to let you know how easy it was and how pleased I am. Sandra"
SP, Concord, CA
2005-05-11   "Just wanted to say thanx for the speedy shipment and the ease of the upgrade. It took me less than 30 minutes to upgrade and it was very easy. This was a much better deal than buying a new TiVo!"
DS, Spring, TX
2005-05-10   "Dear Mike and Jeff: Your upgrade kit is an engineering excellence and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Thanks again"
AA, Chicago, IL
2005-05-06   "Thanks guys!!! FedEx delivered my upgrade kit at 3:55pm today, and by 4:55pm I had a 230 hour TiVo. Your instructions were great, the bracket, the fan and the assorted hardware were perfect, and the install went without a hitch. Imagine, a 230 hour for only $178!!! ( I got my new TiVo-TCD540040 for free, after rebate at Circuit City). This sure beat the hell out of my Series1-HDR 112 upgrade, completed about 4 years ago. No need to open up my computer, program the hard drive or jury rig a mounting bracket. I'll be contacting you again real soon to upgrade my brother's Toshiba TiVo/DVD Player. Thanks again"
RG, Plantation, FL
2005-05-01   "I've had this TiVo unit for quite awhile. Your drive replacement was easier than expected. The only unexpected surprise was the amout of dust accumulated in the unit. The job took less than 20 minutes and then the hour to get through the guided set-up. Excellent service, great instructions."
BP, Waldwick, NJ
2005-03-30   "Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the replacement drive I purchased last week. Installation was far easy than your already simple directions suggested and my TiVo is up and running better than ever. I know it was a simple hard drive swap but the wife and I swear the unit is faster than it was. Nice work and thanks for the help."
DW, New York, NY
2005-03-28   "Awesome service, as usual. That's why I keep recommending you to my friends. Thanks!"
SG, Sammamish, WA
2005-03-26   "Just finished my upgrade. With your instructions it's simple. It took less than 15 minutes. You guys have a great service. Thank You"
JW, Valparaiso, IN
2005-03-24   "I just upgraded my second TiVo box with the prepped drive from you guys. Flawless! You guys do great work."
GB, Palo Alto, CA
2005-03-24   "I just wanted to drop a note letting you know that I am extremely happy with my transaction with your company. Not only did I receive the upgrade quickly (ie. the next day) but your instructions were very well written and explained. The upgrade went well despite my nervousness in opening the box of my beloved tivo."
BR, Camraillo, CA
2005-03-23   "Just wanted to let you know I got my order. It installed in minutes just as described and is working perfectly. I could not be more pleased with your product and your service. I plan on letting my friends know about you and the services you provide. Thank you for your prompt response to my e-mail. I will surely do business with you in the future. Thanks again."
AM, Cape Coral, FL
2005-03-23   "I recieved my kit today and it was an easy 15 minute install. I replaced my jittery and stuck on "just a few more minutes" hard drive. My Tivo is better than new. It faster and quieter than my old drive. And more memory too!! As I had purchased the lifetime warrenty with my Tivo, it was more economical to replace the drive than buy a new Tivo. All updates downloaded from Tivo including Home Media options. Hmmm... that 2nd drive looks like a good idea now...!!"
RP, Los Molinos, CA
2005-03-18   "Easiest upgrade EVER! Instructions so easy that any techie-phobe could complete. Kudos galore to weeknees!"
DR, Livermore, CA
2005-03-13   "My TIVO unit started to freeze up after about a year of use. I contacted the local TV/Appliance repair outfit and they were reluctant to try to repair it, indicating that parts were almost impossible to obtain. They offered to look at it, re-solder joints, etc. Since I had spent $350 on the unit a year prior, I looked further and found your site. The (VERY HELPFUL) information on your site about symptoms matched what I was experiencing and indicated the need for a hard-drive replacement. I ordered a hard drive, got it via FEDEX within the week, found the installation instructions very helpful and complete, and restored my TIVO to working order with a single call to TIVO to restore local channels. The TIVO unit responds even faster than before to commands. I'm very satisfied with the service!"
MP, Pinetop, AZ
2005-03-09   "Your service rocks!� Your great website helped me to diagnose the problem for my dead Tivo.� New hard drive arrived in 24hrs and Tivo has been revived.� Outstanding service thank you"
SH, Carlsbad, CA
2005-02-28   "Weaknees Guys; Just wanted to let you know the mod to my Directivo worked GREAT.� Your shipping was fast and the instructions were clear and explicit.� I now have 157 hours of recording time! Will tell my friends. Thanks"
NM, Newcastle, OK
2005-02-25   "Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my 140-hr TiVo and your service. The unit arrived quickly, installed quickly and it's great to not have to constantly delete programs and worry about bumping up against that 35-hr limit. I love it! Thank you very much"
VG, Blythewood, SC
2005-02-19   "I've just installed the 140 hour upgrade to our Directv TIV0. I'm not very technical, but completed the job in under an hour! Great kit and instructions!"
LC, Winslow, ME
2005-02-18   "Thanks for the upgrade. It took longer to get the Tivo to download than it took to install the additional drive and set up the external modem. Wish every thing was that easy! Thanks again"
RM, Atlanta, GA
2005-02-10   "I just completed the 105 hour HDVR2 TwinBreeze upgrade with the advanced cooling package. The instructions were clear and the upgrade was easily done with the tools provided plus 1 Phillips screwdriver. All the parts were neatly organized and came in a well padded box. The completed upgrade from turn-off to turn-on took 1 hour including time to clean out the 2 years of accumulated dust. The rubber grommets on the new fans were a nice touch and the noise level remained very low like the original. The TIVO booted without a hitch and the system information screen confirmed the upgrade to 144 hours and also reported the internal temps as normal at 35 degrees. Very nicely thought-out and fairly priced package. Would do it again without any hesitation."
JV, Langley, WA
2005-02-09   "I wanted to take the time to thank you for your outstanding service and products. My wife ordered your product Monday afternoon and we received it Tuesday morning. Your instructions were clear and concise and the installation was a breeze. You have a wonderfull product and I will be referring all my friends and family."
LF, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
2005-02-09   "Hello, I meant to write to you the other day. I received my order and I installed the upgrade very easily. Your instructions were extremely clear and precise. You covered all of the bases. I want to commend the founder/s of your company. What a great idea! I hope that your business is very profitable for you. I don't see how it can't be when you make it so easy for the consumer. Again, thank you and darn it, I wish I would have thought of it first..ha-ha."
EH, Bellingham, WA
2005-02-09   "I ordered your Twinbreeze Complete w/ Power Trip package per a friend�s recommendation. I placed the order on 2/2 and received a package on 2/9. Very good turnaround for free shipping!....I was expecting flimsy bracket and cheap components. I must say everything it top notch. I think that the bracket could hold up to space shuttle reentry....I am very satisfied. I will recommend you to anyone that will listen. I will thank my friend in the morning for his referral to your site! Total install time less than 30 minutes. (I read everything twice) Next time it will take less than 10."
GG, Edgewood, MD
2005-02-02   "Yesterday I ordered a new Tivo Hard drive to expand my memory. I received free shipping and received my drive today!!! It took me all of ten minutes to install it, and the Tivo is working great. Thanks WeaKnees!"
JC, Trabuco Canyon, CA
2005-01-27   "My drive replacement took 12 minutes and I didn�t hurry. Your instructions were easy to follow. My old Series 1 came right back up and I repeated the setup process. The unit works flawlessly � my old hard drive was slowly failing and I�d get a jittery picture at times � and its much quieter. I know my way around a computer, but I�m sure my wife (who doesn�t) could have handled this in all of 15 minutes. I�ve got more capacity and I am pleased with my customer experience. I received my drive four days after ordering and your use of Fed-Ex allowed me to track the package. Thanks for doing it right, and I hope your business continues to grow."
PR, Austin, TX
2005-01-27   "I recently purchased a Tivo Upgrade kit for my parents. My Parents are not computer literate and have never seen the inside of an electronic device before. I offered to help them with the upgrade over the telephone and was surprised this morning when they called to tell me they had just completed the upgrade themselves without any assistance from me or anyone else. The[y] explained the documentation was very easy to understand and had no trouble upgrading their unit themselves and are [now] suggesting to others in their retirement park to consider such upgrading their Tivos because your instructions are easy to follow and your kits are easy to install. I wanted to share this with you as I see so many times people asking if they can do it themselves and now you can tell them that my parents who are nearly 70 and never upgraded a computer before were able to do it without a single problem."
MW, International, MN
2005-01-27   "I am frequently away from home for long periods - the weaKnees upgrade is a great option over the 140 hour Tivo (using Basic Quality). In less than 90 minutes - from unplugging to adding shows to record - I upgraded from about 11 hours to over 56 hours of recording space (from 40 to 207 hours - Basic Quality)."
BN, Virginia Beach, VA
2005-01-20   "I would just like to complement you on what a great product you offer. It�s obvious that a lot of thought went into the development of your kits; from the brilliant design of the hard drive bracket to the subtle things like the rubber washers for the extra fan. I placed an order on the 18th and had my new and improved TiVo up and running on the 19th. Thank you!"
EJ, Costa Mesa, CA
2005-01-20   "I just wanted to write to thank you for an excellent product. In about 25 minutes, my 40-hour Series2 became a 188-hour Series2, and everything went along flawlessly."
GR, Great Neck, NY
2005-01-14   "My drive upgrade arrived next day and within 30 minutes I went from 35 Hrs to 143! My wife is a happy camper now."
DL, Oak Ridge, NJ
2005-01-13   "As usual you guys are great. This was my second weaknees upgrade kit. Ordering was easy and the package shipped and arrived promptly. Within 30 minutes my TiVo was up and running with its new larger capacity."
GE, San Jose, CA
2005-01-12   "Blazing fast FREE delivery on replacement Tivo Drive. All necessary tools were included; and I had my Tivo drive replaced within minutes using Weaknees excellent directions. Highly recommended seller."
KW, El Paso, TX
2005-01-10   "Good morning: Received your modem for my Tivo, installed it according to your instructions and within a few minutes my machine was operating again. Thank you. I have a paid up sub! Now I can use it again. Happy New Year."
GF, Chester, NJ
2005-01-07   "Thank you for your quick service. The instructions for installing the tivo second disk were excellent and obviously written by someone who has English as his first language. I especially appreciated the hints about opening the tivo box. I plugged it in and it WORKED."
BF, Longmont, CO
2005-01-01   "I recently ordered a hard drive replacement kit for my T60. Install was easy, the product worked exactly as promised, even the fan I ordered works great, very quiet. There is nothing better than ordering something online, getting it in two days, and its works 100% as promised. Keep up the good work."
RE, Baytown, TX
2004-12-31   "I have been _very_ happy with my HD TiVo upgrade kit. The quality of the...drive bracket impressed me and other engineers at my company. I will most highly recommend your company to others. Thanks again for such a painless and high quality upgrade kit. Cheers,"
RS, Felton, CA
2004-12-28   "Hello weaKnees, Just wanted to say that you guys are the bomb! I ordered your 160GB 'add' kit late on 12/26, and received it 12/28! Only 2 days from order to install-WOW! Immediately after initial set up of my new TiVo, I had regrets about not getting the larger 80 hour model upfront for $100 more. 40 hours does not go far! What a complete and concise kit. Great instructions and first quality parts! After the EZ upgrade install and getting an additional 180 hours for under $200, needless to say I am stoked and totally sold on your company! Keep up the good work! p.s. thanks for the '30 second skip" code also!'
RM, Valencia, CA
2004-12-26   "A couple of months ago I brought my Direct TV w/Tivo turner in and had you upgrade it with a 160GB hard drive. Shortly afterwards I had to leave town for over a month. When I returned, everything I had setup to record was where. I had hours and hours of all the programs I would have missed had I not had you upgrade the box. Everything is working just great. Thank you for your expert and fast service. I'm more than happy to recommend your company to everyone I've met that has a Tivo. I hope that you and yours have a great holiday season. Keep up the great work."
AR, Burbank, CA
2004-12-26   "I want you to know we have installed the kit by following the instructions. Everything went well and the Tivo booted up with no problems. You have delivered as promised."
DV, Concord, CA
2004-12-24   "Hi, just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Direct TV Tivo upgrade. The order arrived in a timely fashion, was extremely well packed and all parts were as advertised. The upgrade took no more than 20 min. Then came the thrill. After booting I checked the "system information" and saw that I had gone from a paltry 35hrs to 144hrs record time. Wow! But the bonus was that as a result of installing both Avanced Cooling Pack fans, my internal temp went from 44 C down to 39 C. Did I mention Wow? Thanks to you my Tivo is more robust, quieter and cooler as well."
DN, Portland, OR
2004-12-20   "I received my latest HD upgraded TiVo, it arrived overnight as promised. Installed and working great! In the past I've purchased one HD upgraded TiVo and upgraded drives for two other SD TiVos from you, all with great success. Your customer service is second to none. Anybody looking to upgrade their TiVo this is the company to deal with. Thanks"
B.H., Bemidji, MN
2004-12-15   "Dear Michael and Jeff, I am very happy with the work you have done to my TIVO. Had absolutely no problems with connecting and using the upgraded TIVO. Works very well and past problems are absent. Thank you so much for making sure that everything worked and it has been proven, when the TIVO was reconnected. Thank you and I wish you a Merry Christmas for you and the family with a Very Happy New Year. I will highly recommend your services when someone or my friends ask about this and wish to do a similar thing, I had done. Sincerely.... "
FV, Las Vegas, NV
2004-12-15   "Oh..My..Gosh....your kit was easy enough for a GRANDMOTHER to install successfully. How do I know? Because I just upgraded my DirecTV tivo in under 30 minutes. It probably would have taken about 15 minutes, but I kept stopping and worrying: "It can't be this easy--I must be doing something wrong" Still not believing it could be that simple, I reconnected everything and held my breath as it powered up....viola! I went from approx. 35 hours to up to 156 hours. It is so rare for anything to work the way it is supposed to. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Very well written directions and a quality product. It does not get better than that!"
DH, Salinas, KS
2004-12-14   "These were by far the best instrucitons I've ever seen for assembly of *anything* ever. Period. Fantastic !!! Thanks for making the Tivo upgrade simple and foolproof....Thanks again for a great product !!! Worked first time no problem."
DL, Jasper, IN
2004-12-11   "I recently installed a 105 min hard disk and a new fan in my Sony Sat T-60.� Your shipment came quickly, the kit was very well packed, the instructions were good, and it worked the first time I turned it on. Thanks"
MP, Sunnyvale, CA
2004-12-09   "I was not teribbly happy with the dismal 35 hour capacity of my TiVo and decided to upgrade. I ordered the upgrade kit on Wednesday, got the kit on Thursday and installed it in less than a half hour. Now I have over 100 hours! Could not have been easier! Thanks so much!!"
PN, Yucaipa, CA
2004-12-03   "Ordered Monday rcvd Wednesday night and took all of 15 minutes to install thanks to your excellant directions, up and running 45 minutes later. Thanks so much for excellent service via phone and your great website!! I'm happy, my bride is happy which means I'm out of the doghouse - at least for a little while... Thanks"
MO, Napa, CA
2004-11-30   "Thanks for sending the upgrade disk so quickly- ordered last Friday (day after Thanksgiving) arrived today. Packaging is certainly robust! The install was insanely easy and painless, and I've now got enough space to use Best quality again! I was abit reluctant to fiddle with it since I have a lifetime sub, but it was easier than expected and the instructions are fabulous. Terrific. Do you guys get bored with all the praise ;)"
CS, San Diego, CA
2004-11-14   "I�just purchased your 160gig upgrade for my tivo.��� The kit was PERFECT!!!�� Parts fabrication, packaging , instructions and fit were top end.� I actually enjoyed installing the upgrade.�� Everything fit as described and the bracket and additional cooling brackets made the original equipment mountings look inferior.��� I was very impressed with the product and the professionalism of the overall package .... THANKS!!!!!"
MC, Wyckoff, NJ
2004-11-12   "I just upgrade my TIVO with a new hard drive from weaknees. It was VERY easy and it works GREAT! Thanks for having such an outstanding product. Best regards"
RR, Ridgewood, NJ
2004-11-09   "Fast Delivery, Ease of installation GREAT, Post install problems none, Overall experience unparall[el]ed ! .... Thanks, WeaKnees."
RF, Shirley, NY
2004-11-08   "It is rare that I've thought so highly of a product or service that I've taken the time to contact a company. I just installed one of your upgrade kits for a standalone TiVo dvr and the entire experience was amazingly straightforward. I actually enjoyed the experience. Your instructions were simple and thorough. Thank you for a wonderful product!"
JF, North Bend, WA
2004-11-05   "Thanks for your speedy processing and delivery of my order! As a professional technologist (an independent software developer) I am impressed with the wealth of information you make available on your website, and with the clever business you have created. I have found very little substantive info on the web covering Tivo, and a business devoted to providing superior hard drives seems unique. After first searching BestBuy, Circuit City and GoodGuys, I was expecting to be disappointed and not find any Tivo hardware with digital audio output. But, you had the goods:) I hope others appreciate you efforts, and recognize your uniqueness by purchasing from you! BTW, the unit you sent seems to be significantly quieter than the fried Western Digital unit I am replacing. Perhaps, the original disk bearings were damaged from the get go."
SK, Potter Valley, CA
2004-11-03   "I just installed your 240 Gb upgrade in my new Huges SD-DVR40 DirecTiVo DVR, and was very pleased. I ordered the upgrade online with standard free shipping and was amazed when the kit arrived via FedEx the very next morning. The installation was quick (30 minutes) and almost completely uneventful, thanks to your excellent installation instructions. My DVR capacity is now 243 hours vs. its original 35 hours.....Thanks again for an excellent product and excellent service. I will recommend WeaKnees.com to my friends."
MB, Arroyo Grande, CA
2004-11-02   "I wanted to let you know that the TIVO upgrade that I recently purchased was perfect.� Our Sony SVR2000 had been crashing, hanging up and responding slowly.� We had to cycle power to it almost every day.� We contacted Sony and they said that it would cost us $165 to have it repaired (Any parts would be additional $$$). � The instructions that you provided were right on the mark.� The drive replacement took 20 minutes.� Most of the time was spent cleaning all of the dust out of the inside of the unit.� Everything powered right up.� Our TIVO is faster than ever and the extra capacity lets us record and at a higher quality setting. � Thanks for a great product."
LV, New Kensington, PA
2004-10-31   "Thanks for the prompt service. Product worked exactly as described! I will recommend to family and friends!"
MM, Laredo, TX
2004-10-30   "My kit arrived promptly, I did not open it on day 1. On day two I opened and read the instructions. Day three, I summoned the courage to install. Instructions were as well written as any, for a complex device I have seen. Success..when my Direct TV system info showed 144 hour capacity, I breathed a sigh of relief....Thanks for a fine product and good support."
BS, Lords Valley, PA
2004-10-30   "I am two weeks old in Tivo time. I did a quick study on the subject and bought a 540040 locally. Weaknees had a twin breeze complete kit (no drives) to my door in two days. Excellent instructions. Quick service. The bracket fit well. Installation was easy. No surprises. Thanks very much. "
RK, Oklahoma City, OK
2004-10-29   "YOU guys absolutely ROCK! Talking with me about the issue on my old 4532 quickly resolved the matter. I just got your replacement hard-drive. Bolted it in, and watched it TAKE-OFF just like that; probably even BETTER than when I first got it! Customer service and product is ALL THAT!"
JG, Flint, MI
2004-10-19   "Best purchase I ever made. You guys are great. Instructions were easy and we were up and running in a 1/2 hour. I could not be happier. Thanks for the great service and product."
SY, Havelock, NC
2004-10-16   "I ordered a Tivo replacement harddrive and had the drive installed in less than 15 minutes. Your instructions were very clear and I'm very happy with the results. Thanks again. "
DM, Canton GA
2004-10-14   "Dear Michael and Jeff: I rarely have the opportunity to rave about a product or service these days, and I'm happy to say that you are the exception. Two days after I placed my telephone order with you for a replacement hard drive for my Tivo, I received the package at my home via FedEx Ground. Included were: the hard drive; some very easy replacement instructions; and, much to my surprise, two allen wrenches to accomplishment the replacement task. Because you guys provided the tools to get the job done, I didn't procrastinate like I usually do. I immediately replaced the hard drive, which took no more than 5 minutes to complete. I think that you guys must've known that, if you didn't include the allen wrenches, many of us would've put the task off until later. A stroke of marketing genius; and it works. Needless to say, I am ecstatic about doing business with Weaknees. You give quality of customer service a new standard. Please feel free to use this accolade as a customer recommendation for your products and services too. "
PM, Las Vegas, NV
2004-10-09   "I received my TIVO add- on hard drive. It took me 20 minutes to install with your clear and concise directions. Way to go!"
HF, Vernon Hills, IL
2004-10-09   "Gentlemen, Sunday I ordered some CDs from Amazon.com Thursday morning I ordered my upgrade from Weaknees.com for my DVR. By Thursday evening you had notified me it had shipped. Friday before Noon my upgrade arrived. It took about 30 minutes to complete. Now I have 150+ hours capacity. You guys are great. By the way, I am still waiting for my Amazon delivery."
CC, Canyon Country, CA
2004-10-09   "Hi I just finished installing your 2 Hard drive kit for the Sony svr 3000. Before hand It was giving me trouble, shutting down etc. After I installed it-- it worked perfectly and tons of room to record. The job was super easy and well explained in the instructions. awesome job! Thanks!"
PB, Forest Hills, NY
2004-10-04   "Gentlemen, I'm writing to thank you for the great experience of doing business with you. Recently, I purchased an upgraded SD-DVR40 TiVo and a upgraded high-definition HR-10 250. I also arranged a complete DirecTV install through you, having made the switch from Dish Network. Everything went swimmingly. From my initial questions over the phone, to the arrangements of product shipment from LA to Pittsburgh to a follow-up of how the installation went, I couldn't have been more pleased. You run a tight ship and are a quality organization. I would not hesitate to do business with you again. Thank you for your thoroughness and attention to detail."
TD, Oakmont, PA
2004-09-29   "Thanks, I received my harddrive yesterday. Within twenty minutes my Tivo was up and running. Your insturction were clear and very detailed. I will shop with you again."
GK, Dallas, TX
2004-09-17   "Hi, My TIVO upgrade kit was installed and up and running in 20 minutes. Your directions and add on hardware are superb. Anyone who has opened a PC and done any upgrade can do this no sweat. Thanks!!"
PS, Bel Air, MD
2004-09-02   "Just wanted to say thanks, I installed your bracket today as soon as it arrived and it exceeded my expectations. This is a great product with clear and easy to follow directions. Job well done!! "
MM, Aurora, IL
2004-09-02   "I wanted to say thanks for making an upgrade I did to my in-laws Series2 TiVo a breeze.� They went away on vacation and their house got hit by lighting and fried their TiVo.� I ordered one of your replacement drives and installed it in about 15 minutes.� My in-laws told me that they could never live without their TiVo again."
TS, Overland Park, KS
2004-08-31   "Weaknees, you did it again. That would have been twice that I would have thrown my TIVO in the trash, first when the harddrive took a dump, and just recently when lighting blew out the on-board modem. First fix was beautiful... new hardrive and one exta drive for a kicker, and now, your modem kit installed in five mintues. Your instructions are great. You guys are really on the ball. Thanks for exsisting."
BA, Orlando, FL
2004-08-31   "I received the replacemnet hard drive and installed it in less than 15 minutes. Your instructions were some of the best I have ever seen for installing electronic hardware. I ordered the hardrive on Sunday evening. It was arrived on my door step Tuesday morning. Count on me as a return customer. I will recommend you to my friends and family. You saved my TIVO in time for football season!!!"
San Dimas, CA
2004-08-25   "Gentlemen, I have recently installed one of your kits in my Hughes DVR and would like to say that I am extremely happy with the ease of installation and the easy to follow instructions. ��� ��� ��� ��� Thanks very much"
TV, Griffith, IN
2004-08-21   "My drive went out in my TIVO unit. My sons tell me, 'dad you can replace your drive'. Got a hold of you and purchased a new 145 hour drive. I came before I expected it and all I had to do was read the instructions while my 13 year old son installed the drive. It's working like a champ. thanks i will alway feep you in mind if i hear of people wanting to ungrade their units."
CG, San Jose, CA
2004-08-21   "Just want to say thanks for the great service. Went on vacation for a week came home to a dead Tivo on Thursday. Got up Friday went to look for a new box but didn�t like what we saw and really like the SAT-T60 unit. I read about weaknees from the San Jose Mercury news. Got on the net at 11:00 am. Called you guys at 1:00 pm Friday. Was able to get Saturday delivery for a new drive. By 1:00 pm Saturday we were watching Tivo again.Twenty four hours total wow. The kit was complete and easy to follow....Thanks again can�t be without your Tivo as we all know."
PW, Redwood City, CA
2004-08-20   "Thank you for your incredibly informative and accurate web site. My 4 year old Sony Sat T-60 had a wicked hard drive failure and you guys saved the day. I was only without Tivo for 46 hours (seemed like an eternity!). I was able to replace the drive and cooling fan in about 15 minutes. You guys have my highest rating. Thanks again! A Tivo is a terrible thing to waste."
JD, Quartz Hill, CA
2004-08-12   "Item [HR10-250 high definition TiVo with 70 hours] arrived today in perfect condition. It works perfectly, gives a great picture, and I've already activated both the DirecTV and DVR modes for tomorrow's opening ceremonies at the Olympics, in HD no less! Now all I've got to do is get an HDMI-compatible HD monitor, as big as my C/M/Y plasma. Thanks for the great product!"
SG, Scottsdale, AZ
2004-08-10   "Just wanted to say I am very impressed with the speed in which I received my order and the very short amount of time it took to install my upgrade kit. Thank you very much for a great product and a kit that was well thought out."
CC, Tucson, AZ
2004-08-07   "I finally got around to installing the new drive. Works flawlessly! Going to order another one for our other one soon. Thanks a lot for the great product, great price, and great service."
BI, Keizer, OR
2004-08-02   "Thanks for your response. It worked just as you had informed me and all is well. I'll be happy to provide a testimonial that you motto of 100% satisfied customers is true and honest, even on Sunday morning. Incidentally, an e-mail to TIVO got a totally unresponsive reply."
JG, Bellaire, TX
2004-08-02   "I can't tell you how pleased I am with the 120 Gig replacement hard drive I bought from you last week. It was shipped the same day I ordered it, and was waiting for me when I returned from a short trip. The installation was just as easy as advertised and it works flawlessly, expanding my available recording time from 20 hrs to 122 hrs ( from 6 hrs and 47 minutes at best quality to 22 hrs at best quality). Thanks for the great service."
JF, Paradise, AZ
2004-07-28   "Hello, I just wanted to let you guys know that after weeks of trying to get my directivo to dial up over my vonage with the built-in modem, I decided to order your external modem kit. The modem arrived the very next business day, and it dialed up successfully on the very first try!! Thanks a million."
VT, Henderson, NV
2004-07-22   "Shipping: Super Fast Instructions: Super Easy TiVo Upgrade Kit: Super Perfect I cannot believe the difference in my TiVo. It's like it's trubo charged. Thanks very much!!!"
CM, Denver, CO
2004-07-16   "You did a great job on my DirecTV Tivo! Easy ordering process, lots of excellent information, rapid turnaround, shipping updates, and most importantly a TIVO that has over 200 hundred hours of recording time! You even added additional packaging material! Very pleased with your service and my reinvigorated TIVO, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to add substantial value to their TIVO."
MB, Commerce Township, MI
2004-07-12   "I received my upgrade about an hour ago, Tivo is back up, & running with a new capacity of 156 Hours. Sheesh , That was easy."
SF, Cincinnati, OH
2004-07-12   "Just upgraded the hard drive on my Sony series 1. The hardest part was getting the cover off of the box. Great instructions for a great product."
MS, Kenmore, WA
2004-07-12   "Just wanted to say that my installation of the new Tivo harddrive could not have been easier. I will highly recommend you. Thanks."
WW, Chicago, IL
2004-07-11   "I have just finsihed adding one of your drive addition kits to a TIVO unit for the second time. The first was a HDR212 and this one was a Series 2 24004A. The first one was easy but this one was even easier. The dual drive bracket was a great addition. No rubber standoffs or wire ties needed to secure the extra drive. The system works perfectly as expected. I will be ordering another kit for my wife's 24004A just as soon as the factory warranty is up."
KV, Cache, OK
2004-07-06   "Just wanted to say I got the hdd last week and it was so simple to install. Thanks for the great instructions, everything is working great. I will recommend you in the future for sure!"
SH, Cincinnati, OH
2004-06-30   " have received the kit, it took about 20 minutes to install the new drive and now I have an awesome TiVo with a boatload of space. I just wanted to say Thank You for a great service and prompt delivery. "
RM, Levittown, PA
2004-06-28   "Hey, Michael and Jeff - I got my upgrade kit today, had it installed in 20 minutes (great instructions!) and now my Tivo is working beautifully. The old drive had been making noise for some time, and I figured I would need to replace it soon - it froze up for a while on Tuessday, failed for good on Wednesday, and it got fixed on Monday...not too bad - I just wish I had done it sooner. Thanks for all your help"
BB, Pittsburgh, CA
2004-06-25   "Your instructions were to the point, easy to follow, and the installation went in flawlessly. I went through setup and confirmed my new capacity (91 hours on an 80GB drive! w00t!) Too many customers complain when things go bad and don't praise when they go right. I am not that kind of customer. You guys have offered a FANTASTIC service to the public, and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for ressurecting my TIVO! I've nicknamed it Lazarus now, since you brought him back from the dead. :) Thanks again!"
AM, Vero Beach, FL
2004-06-22   "Just wanted to thank you guys for a great job! My TIVO arrived on time as promised, works great. You guys are the bomb!"
CF, Coral Springs, FL
2004-06-12   "I just upgraded my Hughes DVR with an additional 120GB drive. Just wanted to say how impressed I was at the ease of the entire process. Thanks to a well designed upgrade kit and thorough, concise instructions, the whole process was completed in less than 45 minutes. I wish all upgrades could be this straight forward. Excellent product and service!"
MS, Ijamsville, MD
2004-06-11   "I telephoned you twice just prior to placing my order online to get some questions answered. Both times, a live, knowledgeable, and helpful person answered the phone.... My order shipped just 2 hours after I completed my order online (as confirmed by your email and FedEx's tracking, which showed the time FedEx had my shipment in their possession) - AWESOME! I received my order in 5 days as estimated. The hard drive was well packed and protected, and the box arrived in perfect condition. Although I have successfully installed hard drives in PCs before, I have never been comfortable with opening and poking around inside delicate electronic components. I had never opened my DirecTV TiVo prior to installing the hard drive upgrade. But your instructions made upgrading my DirecTV TiVo's hard drive very easy. I was back up and running much faster than I had imagined, now with triple my previous recording capacity. Bravo! (While I was inside the TiVo, I removed the fan, cleaned it, and reinstalled it - a nice little bonus for me). I am not a big fan of purchasing items via the Internet, especially fragile electronics, due to some past personal experiences I have had with online ordering (ex. - confusing checkout procedures, products showing as in stock but are immediately listed as not available only after the order is placed, products arriving late and/or damaged, slow or no response to emails, no personal contact available, not abiding by stated privacy policies, security issues, etc.). But your integrity and service are simply excellent - top notch, impeccable. Thank you very much."
AW, Allen, TX
2004-06-08   "received your 120bg hard drive wednesday and installed it in about 30 minutes without a hitch. my svr-2000 now has 144 hours on the clock. i would have done it sooner but was unsure about being able to pull it off. bottom line: good product; good service; good directions and good value."
RBW, Norfolk, VA
2004-06-05   "I have been very much satisfied with two product that I purchased from your company. Great Products and excellent service. Please keep up the good work. Thanks again"
RS, Wichita, KS
2004-06-02   "Thanks for a great product! I upgraded the 30GB hard drive in my Panasonic Showstopper with one of your 120GB units last week. The installation instructions could not have been more concise . It only took about 15 minutes to remove the old drive and pop in the new one. I went through setup and voila, 4 times the space. Thanks again!"
JT, Louisville, KY
2004-06-02   "Ordered on Monday � Drive Shipped on Tuesday � Received and installed in 20 minutes on Wednesday! Your 160 GB replacement for Series 2 could not have been easier. Instructions were flawless. Excellent product � Excellent service."
BR, San Diego, CA
2004-06-01   "you guys are awesome! installation was very easy, now my direct tivo has 157 hours! and it worked the first time i plugged it in after the upgrade. i'm telling all my friends that have tivos to get the upgrade!"
BL, Fair Lawn, NJ
2004-06-01   "I just replaced the 40G drive in my replaytv with a 160G Quickview. Could not have been easier. Thanks for providing this service. Good work."
CE, Knoxville, TN
2004-05-25   "I received my Tivo upgrade kit yesterday. In less than 20 minutes I was back on line with lots of memory. The directions were clear, easy to follow, and very precise. It is a pleasure dealing with people who care about their products like you do! Thanks again!"
CF, Wilmington, DE
2004-05-20   "Received my SVR-2000 hard drive replacement and had my TiVo up and running in 15 minutes! I can't tell you how delighted I was with the easy instructions, and the forward-blip button instrux was a great bonus! I will tell all my friends who have TiVo about you, and please don't stop marketing on the Internet so others can find! Thanks again!"
ED, Bedford, NY
2004-05-15   "Hi Guys.. I just (this afternoon) upgraded our Series 2 Tivo from 42 hours to 189 hours with your 120GB upgrade drive. It took me about 20 minutes to read through the easy to follow and clear instructions (which, I agree, are pretty important to review, even if you have a good deal of PC-upgrade experience) and about 30-minutes to perform the actual upgrade. No harder than adding a hard drive to a desktop PC, but there's a bit of finesse to it (as explained in the instructions). I like the way you guy have designed an ABS bracket to accommodate the second drive and extra cooling fan. Everything fit tight and snug. Nice job! I'd recommend using www.weaknees.com to my friends who own TiVo systems."
MG, Sunnyvale, CA
2004-05-07   "Dear Michael & Jeff, Got the drive and installed it. Your directions were proven to be idiot proof, and it was easy to do. Thanks for your product and your service. You guys rock. Randy "
RD, Katy, TX
2004-05-07   "Thank you so much! I just upgraded my TiVo in 10 minutes and now have up to 229 hours of recording time. You guys are the best!"
MC, Grantham, NH
2004-04-29   "Hi Guys, Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I ordered the Series 2 TiVo upgraded to 180 hours and it works great. This is possibly the best product I ever bought."
SK, Havelock, NC
2004-04-25   "Dear Michael and Jeff, Your DirecTivo upgrade kit is awesome and was SO easy to install! I just got my stock 40GB DirecTivo box on Friday and upgraded tonight...now at 200G total, sweet! Thanks for the simple and easy to understand pictorial instructions."
KH, Grover Beach, CA
2004-04-24   "Hello, I wanted to say thank you. I ordered an additional harddrive to add to my DirecTV Tivo, and it arrived promplty. I was very surprised by how thorough the directions were. Very good job. Now we get to enjoy 180 hours of Tivo!"
JN, Lompoc, CA
2004-04-20   "I just wanted to say you guys are awesome. I bought an expansion hard drive for my DirecTIVO and it took about 45 minutes to install. It worked perfectly and with your twinbreeze and extra fans I dropped my operating temp from 43c to 35c... What an awesome product. I'll be looking for a second TIVO in the future and then probably an HD Tivo down the road. I won't even consider anywhere other than Weaknees. Thanks again for a great product!"
DD, Portage, IN
2004-04-17   "Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your upgrade kit. I just finished installing it on my Directivo. Everything went very smoothly,and your instructions were very clear. It took me about an hour, but that was because I was trying to be very careful to not dislodge the grey front panel ribbon cable.(Like you warn about). I powered it up, and now I have up to 144 hours with my extra hard drive. Thanks again, and you can be sure I will recommend your upgrade kits to my friends."
BW, Kelso, WA
2004-04-13   "Yep! The reviews were right! You guys rock! I got my upgrade kit in just a matter of days. (much sooner than I would have expected) It was well packed, and the instructions were awesome! (like a TiVo upgrade for dummies!) I had it all together in about 30-45 minutes and it worked like a charm! Thanks weaKnees! What can I say... keep up the good work!"
JH, El Paso, TX
2004-04-12   "Took my Hughes SD-DVR40 from 35 hours to about 144 hours in no time at all - almost too easy... thanks for making it a breeze!"
RO, Charlotte, NC
2004-04-08   "I just wanted to let you know how great your service is. I was able to upgrade my 40 hour TiVo to a 205 hour TiVo without a hitch. The fact that everything is provided is a blessing. Everything goes as it should thanks to the detailed instructions provided. Now, hard drive space is no longer a concern. Thank you!"
DL, Camp Hill, PA
2004-04-05   "Hi, I just want to let you know that I had absolutely NO PROBLEM installing the TiVo upgrade kit that I ordered from Weaknees. You guys put together some GREAT quality instructions! Installation of the kit took me slightly more than one hour, instead of the 30 minutes that others have claimed. However, because I have absolutely NO high-tech prowess, I typically end up re-reading directions about a half-dozen times before I try something. Easy-schmeezy! Thanks!"
RK, Woodbury, MN
2004-04-05   "I've never taken apart any electronics and was a bit scared. I only tried adding the extra drive myself because several friends of mine had already done so and said it was easy. And it was. Took me 45 minutes. Fantastic instructions and the only skill set needed is how to use a screwdriver."
JG, West Hollywood, CA
2004-04-04   "Hi: Just wanted to let you know that I received my upgrade kit and the installation went great. In about an hour, I was finished and enjoying my TiVo with the new higher capacity. I'm already eyeing the new Pioneer 810H with DVD recording for my second unit! Thanks for your great service and for a trouble-free setup!"
KW, Holly Hill, FL
2004-04-02   "I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that the Tivo rocks with the upgrades. With two new drives in my Tivo I am stockpiling movies like a madman. You guys are great and I really appreciate all of the help and support. Thanks"
RC, Roseville, CA
2004-04-01   "Your company is phenomenal! WeaKnees gave me the best buying experience I've ever had. I simply cannot say enough good things about my transaction--it was simply outstanding from beginning to end. I was having difficulty deciding which replacement to purchase for my dead Tivo. I sent you two email questions which were not only answered promptly, but gave me exactly the information I needed. I ordered a new drive on 3/31, received it via FedEx on 4/1, and I was up and running by Prime Time Thursday. The instructions were clear, the kit was complete (tools and all!), and I had no trouble at all replacing the drive. I initially had an order mixup and Jeff took the initiative to call and clarify my needs. That is truly a rarity in customer assistance and was much appreciated. Thanks again for your great company, your attention to detail, and your superb customer service."
CL, Collinsville, TX
2004-04-01   "Just a quick word to tell you how impressed I was with your product. Got it this evening, and installed it without a hitch thanks to your clear instructions and well-engineered product. I went from a mere 35 hours of capacity to over 140 hours with no difficulty! Thanks very much!"
DW, Lancaster, TX
2004-03-25   "I just installed the TIVO series 2 second drive upgrade WOW what a breeze, just thought I'd let you know great product, great directions and good product."
SJ, Decatur, IL
2004-03-23   "My order arrived today and worked great! Thanks for the fast and realiable service!"
RE, Springfield, OH
2004-03-22   "What excellent service. My email question was answered the same morning, my upgrade was delivered the day after I ordered it (living in L.A. helped, I am sure), and it was 15 minutes from opening the TiVo to closing it with the new drive in place. Thank you very much."
JS, Sherman Oaks, CA
2004-03-21   "Just a word about my Tivo upgrade kit. What a piece of cake installing the new hard drive for my SVR-2000. It took about 5 minutes to install once the cover was off. It is now up and running just fine."
GJ, South Gulf Cove, FL
2004-03-21   "Just a word about my Tivo upgrade kit. What a piece of cake installing the new hard drive for my SVR-2000. It took about 5 minutes to install once the cover was off. It is now up and running just fine. "
GJ, South Gulf Cove, FL
2004-03-13   "I bought an upgrade kit from you - added a drive to my Hughes Directv Tivo. I started the install at 10:45 this morning - its now 11:23 and its installed and working great. I had 35 hours of recording time - its now 144 hours!. The instructions were easy to follow and comprehensive. Thank you for a great product."
DS, Sunrise, FL
2004-03-13   "I just wanted to let you know that I received my Hughes HDVR2 upgrade and it is working perfectly!� I unpacked all items, reviewed the excellent instructions and within 35 minutes I was complete.� I would have been completed sooner, but I double and tripled checked every connection to make sure I had it right.� It was a breeze.� I added to my original drive with a 120 GB upgrade and when completed I had 144 hours of storage.� Also I purchased the upgraded fans and the unit is noticeably quieter. Thank you from a very satisfied customer"
TS, Dallas, TX
2004-03-11   "I have never taken the back off of any electronic device that I could not afford to do without (definitely not the case with my TiVo). I ordered an additional 160 GB hardrive to add to my 80 hour Series 2 TiVo. From the time I took my TiVo off of the shelf until I placed it back and plugged it back in was 35 minutes. The directions were clear and concise, everything fit perfectly, it could not have been simpler. Best of all, I now have a 243 hour TiVo. The genius of TiVo is in the user interface. The best compliment I know to give is that Weaknees does itself proud as a companion to TiVo. Weaknees is every bit as user friendly, every bit as high quality, every bit the equal of TiVo in quality, service, and value. Thank you for dramatically improving the enjoyment I receive from my TiVo. That is the highest praise I know to give. You deserve it. "
RD, Charlotte, NC
2004-03-10   "I received your upgrade kit in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and with little more experience than installing a sound card in a PC, I was able to successfully install the 2nd drive and fan with no problems whatsoever on my Directv TiVo. It took me longer than the advertised 15 min, but I was particularly careful about the known connector issue that you mentioned. I would recommend your service to anybody and will upgrade again in the future after I buy my 2nd TiVo. Thank you!"
EC, Chandler, AZ
2004-03-09   "Wow! Did I mention "Wow!?" What a wonderful experience this was. The package showed up on time and exactly as expected. I ordered a 160 GB upgrade for my series 2. From the time I opened the package to the time I was booted up was 40 minutes. I will recommend your product line to anyone I know with a TiVo. The instructions were clear, components fit perfectly and best of all, I now have 246 hours of TiVo time. Thanks so much!"
BS, Las Vegas, NV
2004-03-09   "Weaknees folks, I recently purhcased a 100 hour upgrade kit for my Philips series 2 DirecTivo. It shipped quickly, arrived a day earlier than expected, and took all of 30 minutes to install. The twinbreeze bracket is excellently manufactured and installing everything was truly easier than plug and play. I now have dual tuners and up to 144 hours of storage time. It is definitely awesome. I am a PC Tech by trade and could have done the upgrade all on my own, but I wanted the conveniece that a kit offered. I was not dissapointed. Thanks, Weaknees, and keep up the good work!"
MD, Blacklick, OH
2004-03-08   "Thank you for such a great product and easy install instructions. I have an old 14 hour Phillips TIVO and just upgraded to your 140 hour hard drive - took me just 20 minutes start to finish!! Thanks again"
GD, Great Falls, MT
2004-03-05   "I just installed your 145 hour kit in my Tivo Series 2. I took about an hour because I was being very cautious--I could have done it faster. I was amazed at how everything fit so easily and well. I plugged my Tivo back in and within minutes it was warmed up and running perfectly--with 110+ hours at medium quality! Thank you for making the upgrade so easy."
FW, Moraga, CA
2004-03-05   "Item: 120 GB Series 2 Upgrade with TwinBreeze � I just want to say thanks for my order. I received it today at 2:30 and had it installed and working by 3:00. I had previously read the install info (downloaded from your website) and had no problems with the installation. Great product!!! � I hope you will soon be working on upgrades for the new HD DVR!!"
DI, Deland, FL
2004-03-03   "I ordered a replacement drive for my Phillips Tivo (the old hard drive had gone south) on Sunday.�� I got your ship notice on Monday and the new drive arrived today (Wednesday).� Even though I've only opened a few Tivo -like boxes (I did add memory to a Mac once), it only took me 15 minutes from start to finish to swap out the drive. � Your tools and instructions made it a snap.� My Tivo was back in action soon thereafter. � Thanks again �"
DN, Moraga, CA
2004-03-02   "Guy's I installed the kit tonight....� Took about 10minutes max....� Really a nice package the way you put it together.� Just wanted to say thanks much."
JS, San Jose, CA
2004-03-02   "Michael and Jeff[,] A very big THANKS to you guys. I received my 160 hard drive and was able to install it without any trouble. the instructions were perfect. Anyone having been inside computer like myself should have no problem at all. Your service is great. I love my new TIVO hard drive.!!!!"
DL, San Jose, CA
2004-03-01   "Dear Michael and Jeff, I received my upgrade kit today - thanks!! I'm completely blown away. I'm a little scared of hardware (programmers were trained to be so), so I approached the installation with a little bit of nervousness. 35 minutes after starting (including waiting 5 minutes for the Tivo2 to discharge), I powered up the Tivo with the additional 120GB drive installed. Everything works perfectly! This is the best significant upgrade kit I've ever used: all of the parts are high quality, everything fit perfectly, without bending, prying, spit or scotch tape. Best of all, the instructions were perfect, including anticipating questions I had. Congrats on a GREAT product! I will definitely be recommending Weaknees to all my Tivo-owning friends."
JF, Menlo Park, CA
2004-02-29   "I contemplated doing the upgrade myself by buying an over the counter hard drive. I'm glad I didn't!!! Your kit was simple and straightforward and well worth the few extra coins- the bracket was extremely well made and everything fit perfectly in my Series 2 unit- The instructions make everything plug and play."
RI, Tempe, AZ
2004-02-21   "Hi. I just watned to tell you about my delightful installation experience. After two years, my 35 hour (original) hard drive failed in my Sony DirecTivo. As you know, Sony no longer makes this model. But I like the remote and I like the user experience -- although I'm not sure which is Sony and which is TiVo. I was dreading buying a new system and then I remembered WeaKnees. I ordered a replacement drive on Monday and received it on Friday. I got home on Friday at 8pm and was back in TiVo-land by 9pm. Your instructions were clear and the your use of pictures and illustrations meant that I really didn't have to read too much. And as you anticipated, I got the failure at 28% -- but I was expecting it from your addendum and followed the supplemental instructions. Overnight, TiVo updated my software and now I'm programming all my Season Passes again. Thanks for a great product, great service, and great instructions. (PS. Feel free to use my name in your promotions. I have posted a rave review on my blog at http://www.productmarketing.com). "
SJ, Gainesville, VA
2004-02-21   "I am thrilled with the kit. It was just as described on your website. Before starting on the upgrade, I looked in my DirectTV's TiVo list for upcoming recordings. I had 50 minutes until the next scheduled TiVo event. I did 'the operation' carefully as per your wonderful instructions, and was able to record the next scheduled event without a problem! It doesn't get any easier than that! I was afraid that the upgrade was going to be like a typical Windows upgrade where everything sounds easy on paper, but you have to trouble shoot for three hours afterwards for what you thought was a simple install. Boy was I wrong!"
GH, Poquoson, VA
2004-02-18   "I now have a 322 hour TiVo in fine working order. It took me under an hour, at a leisurely pace, from beginning to end. The instructions were very detailed and clear. I would rate my level of experience as high - I've assembled my own PCs before, so installing IDE drives is no biggie. I think anyone could do this though - it's easier than assembling a piece of Ikea furniture. The photos with parts labelled were very useful. The items I got in the kit matched exactly what was shown in the instructions. Excellent service from your company...!"
DS, Redondo Beach, CA
2004-02-16   "I just wanted to take a moment to write you about an upgrade package I ordered from you. I easily found all the information about upgrading my DVR on your site as your site is extremely "user friendly." I had an existing 40 GB HD which provided about 35 hours of recording. Problem was, I couldn't even record my favorite football's team NFL season with that capacity. In the past, I have upgraded my PC including memory, video and hard drive modifications but I was still a little leary about opening up my TIVO DVR. With your site's guidance, I decided to go with installing an additional HD as opposed to replacing the original. I purchased the 120 GB HD upgrade providing an additional 105 hours. I received the upgrade on a Wednesday and reserved my Saturday morning for installing it, figuring it would be a real chore. That Saturday, I began the install at 9:30 AM. Your instructions are incredible. Easy to understand and fully illustrated. To my shock, by 9:45 I was plugging my upgraded (now approximately 150 hour capacity) DVR back into the wall. I powered it up and ran the system check and bingo, I was good to go. Thank you WeaKnees for a truly great product and a truly wonderful web-site. Thanks again from a now loyal customer"
MP, Bridgeport, CT
2004-02-09   "The upgrade from 35 hours to 120 hours only took us 20 mins! WOW!!!!!!! Thanks for making his process so painless. We love it. Keep up the GREAT work!"
SW, Los Angles, CA
2004-02-09   "I just wanted to tell you that I couldn't be more pleased with your product and your website. I added a drive to my hdvr2 and eveything worked and fit exactly as described. The intructions were very detailed and easy to follow. What a first class operation you all are running!"
JS, Richmond, VA
2004-02-07   "I just wanted to drop you a line to say how happy I am with the upgrade kit I purchased from you. It arrived right on time. The directions were clear and easy to follow. The parts fit perfectly. I was able to add a drive to my stand alone Tivo in about an hour and it worked perfectly the very first time. It is very nice to order something and have it be everything advertised and more. Keep up the good work! "
SR, Maynard, MA
2004-02-04   "I received my upgrade kit from Weaknees today. I ordered it on Friday, and they shipped it Monday....The directions were superb; I believe that a third-grader could follow them and install the drive."
MS, Chandler, AZ
2004-02-04   "I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. Your website had an easy to use and understand troubleshooting guide and I got quick response to my e-mail question. I ordered a hard drive and you sent it right away (FedEx took their time in delivering it but that was not your fault.) The installation instructions were clear and in english! I am the techie in our house but I think that even my husband could have followed the instructions and been successful in replacing the drive. Thanks for the great service!!"
JA, King of Prussia, PA
2004-02-02   "I just finished the install of your upgrade kit on my SD-DVR40. It was extremely easy, straight forward and enjoyable. Instructions were excellent and everything fit great. I had 35 hours of recording time before and now I have 144 hours. So cool! Thanks for being there."
PJ, Brunswick, GA
2004-01-30   "Finally got around to installing your drive bracket and fans on my SD-DVR40. The system is now whisper quiet and 10 degrees cooler even with a second drive. Thanks for great product and clear instructions Couldn't have asked for more!"
CG, Lincoln, DE
2004-01-28   "I received my new Hughes DirecTivo yesterday (ordered on Monday). All I can say is, 'Great product, great service and a very competitive price.' If I get another DirecTivo unit it'll come from weaknees.com."
Colorado Springs, CO
2004-01-25   "I finished upgrading my DSR7000 from its 35 hours to over 210 hours with your Twinbreeze kit and your interactive instructions. I was so easy and simple. You helped take our TIVO experience to a whole new level. Thank you so much."
MP, Tucson, AZ
2004-01-24   "I recieved my additional upgrade drive, installed it with no problems, and I now have a max of 188 hours on my series two. I must admit I've built tons of PC's so I had confidence, but with your instructions pretty much anyone can do it."
CP, Mountain View, CA
2004-01-18   "I installed everything today in about an hour, start to finish. Everything was exactly as described, the instructions were clear and detailed, and the whole process was very straightforward. To my wife's utter amazement, after I installed the new hard drive, power supply and fan, the machine booted right up, all the settings stayed intact and I found I now have 62+ hours of Best Quality while the temp dropped by 8 degrees C. Thanks for the excellent service and a fine product at a fair price."
JW, Anchorage, AK
2004-01-17   "What a pleasure it was to install your upgrade kit. Everything fit and worked perfectly. Thanks for the great products."
GR, Marlton, NJ
2004-01-13   "I ordered one of your upgrade kits last week. It shipped out promptly and arrived quickly. Everything was well-packaged and easy to use. The directions were well-written and easy to follow. The process of installing the upgrade was simple and took about 20 minutes. Thanks!"
GE, San Jose, CA
2004-01-10   "When my 3.5 year old Tivo went black, I visualized buying a new one plus even worse, a new lifetime service; things seemed bleak. But I googled "Tivo repair" and up popped Weaknees. Three days later, for a modest price and an effortless replacement, our world is bright again not to mention 90 hours instead of 30. You guys are the best. "
RB, Trumbull, CT
2004-01-10   "I installed one of your hard drive upgrades into my Tivo and tripled my storage space. Your design was so simple and the instructions were just great. Thanks for this product. Keep up the good work."
JC, Westfield, IN
2004-01-08   "I recently purchase an upgrade from you. I was a little concerned about the installation; but your instructions were great and everything went smoothly. It was easy and well worth the price and effort. Today, my other DirectTivo, not the one upgraded hung. I went to AVSForum for help and found a weaKnees post that exactly addressed my problem. I am now doubly thankful that I gave you my business."
MR, Ashland, MA
2004-01-06   "When I set up the kitchen table to upgrade our 80GB TiVo over the holidays, there was a lot of eye-rolling from my spouse, who's seen more than her share of technology-driven frustration in our household. Thirty easy minutes later and without so much as a single four-letter word, I was reconnecting our TiVo and easing it back into place. Thanks, guys - your product is a rarity these days: it's reasonably priced, it's easy to install and configure, and it works exactly as you promise it does. Keep up the good work."
DM, Littleton, CO
2004-01-06   "Replacement HD shipped out the same day I ordered it. Install was a breeze. I upgraded my 35 hr Tivo to a 105 hr unit at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. Great service! Keep up the good work!"
MR, Richardson, TX
2004-01-06   "Wow. Installed my upgrade to my Samsung last night and it was a breeze. Your instructions were perfect, all parts fit and worked as they were supposed to and best of all, my unit is now much quiter than it was before. Internal temp is down 8 degrees centergrade as well. The entire experience working with you and your product was excellent. Thanks, Joel"
JW, Oakland, CA
2004-01-06   "My Christmas present (to myself) was an 80 hour Tivo. As I record most things at high resolution, within a few days I was having to manually manage space as the Tivo hard drive quickly got loaded up. After spending some time reading on the Tivo Community Forum, I ordered your bracket and upgrade kit and I had absolutely no trouble adding a 120gb drive to my Tivo. Just wanted to say that the kit was well designed and the instructions were very clear. Thanks for a great product guys!"
CG, Memphis, TN
2004-01-03   "Thanks! You guys run an awesome business. I have 2 of your units. Your service is the absolute best and your instructions are the most detailed and foolproof I have ever seen. And your kits are complete all the way down to included wrenches. Feel free to use this testimonial. I wish you guys all the best."
PD, Golden, CO
2004-01-02   "Received your Twinbreeze bracket and fan kit.... I was greatly impressed by the quality of the kit and instructions. The enclosed tip about enabling the 30 second skip was worth the price of admission! I'll be sending a bunch of TiVo pals your way."
LG, Encino, CA
2004-01-01   "I just performed my 160GB upgrade for my HDVR2. The upgrade kit was way more professional than I ever expected! Everything was perfect including the instructions and thr upgrade went flawlessly in less than 30 minutes. I am a computer engineer and considered doing the upgrade myself using tools from the web, but now I am thrilled that I used WeaKnees instead. I will be telling my friends."
AA, Swedesboro, NJ
2003-12-31   "lets start with saying that when it comes to electronics I'M AN IDIOT. i got my upgrade box, my daughter said dad do it saturday afternoon it will take YOU 4 hours and you will for sure get stressed out. i said no tonight is the night, i opened the box saw all the parts looked at the instructions and was kicking myself for not buying my tivo from YOU already upgraded. i debated sending it back and paying you guys the service fee to do it for me. BUT i laid it out on the kitchen table and voila 20 minutes later it was done i did not have a single problem, your instructions were amazing. Let me remind you i am an IDIOT. AND I DID IT STRESS FREE IN 20 MIN. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR AN EASY UPGRADE"
TD, Fountain Valley, CA
2003-12-31   "After reading about you from epinions.com and tivocommunity.com, I got a sense that you guys were the ones to buy a modded Tivo from. My Tivo (180 GB with upgraded fan package) arrived a full week earlier than FedEx predicted and is whisper quiet. I love the fact that I didn't have to mod it myself, saving me a lot of time. You sure made a believer out of me and I shall recommend you to all - thanks and Happy New year!"
MM, Boynton Beach, FL
2003-12-30   "Thanks for the great upgrade to my Phillips 212. My wife purchased the 120Gb add on hard drive. It installed with no difficulties at all. And thanks for the tip on opening the TIVO case. A great product with great service. Regards,"
RS, Westchester, CA
2003-12-28   "Thanks for the easy upgrade for our HDVR2. You said it would be easy, but I had no idea just how easy--the hardest part was extricating the TiVo from the 'entertainment monolith,' that stack of five boxes under the TV. (The audio equipment is in the next room, fortunately.)Your instructions were excellent, and the price competitive. Brilliant!...Again, thanks for the great upgrade kit. It just doesn't get any easier. I don't know which was most impressive--the mounting bracket, the customized parts kit, or the detailed instructions. I guess I have to vote for the instructions, because even most equipment manufacturers no longer provide such detailed information."
MG, Indianapolis, IN
2003-12-26   "Its my second order and my second outstanding experience. The order was 100% correct and delivered before I expected it. You have perfected the all too elusive internet shopping formula: Quality Products+ Competitive Pricing and a truly excellent Service First attitude Thank you very much!"
NR, Aurora, IL
2003-12-21   "You guys have the greatest product and service! Where else could I get my Tivo raised from the dead in just days? I placed my order Sunday night and received and installed my drive on Wednesday night. It took longer to get DirecTV to set up correctly than it did to open the TiVo and swap the drives. You are awesome. Thanks for doing what you do!"
NM, Colorado Springs, CO
2003-12-20   "Just installed my 'add' kit to my SVR-2000. The original hard drive died a few days ago. I found your site on the TiVo Community forum, ordered it and it was delivered today. Installation was a breeze and I'm back up and running. Thanks for saving my TiVo!"
PM, Canton, MI
2003-12-12   "When my Sony SVR-3000 (not even 1 year old!), started freezing and making a strange chirping noise I knew I was in trouble. I got on the internet to look for a repair center and luckily Google also came up with your site. At first I was a bit skeptical, but after reading your press and customer reviews, I decided to order a replacement drive. The drive came with clear instructions and I was up and running in no time with more recording time than I had before! I'm glad I didn't waste the time or money to send the unit out to a service center. Who knows when I would have gotten it back and how much it would have cost me. Your service is terrific and your products are the BEST solution. Thanks a million!!!"
CM, Los Banos, CA
2003-12-11   "Hey Weaknees, Got the shipment yesterday as promised. The instructions were great! The entire job, replacing drive and installing new fan, took me 30 minutes. My Tivo's back up and running, missed only 2 days of TV. Thanks guys! I'll be shopping with you again when I need Tivo stuff."
OM, Hancock, MI
2003-12-11   "Hey guys: Your service is .... In one word.... AWESOME! I put the drive in, and it worked immediately! Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!!! Sincerely,"
RS, Lake Worth, FL
2003-12-07   "Two weeks ago, I purchased a single HD upgrade for my HDVR2. The install couldn't have been simpler! 20 minutes after opening my order, my TiVo was rebooting with expanded space. You provided easy to follow instructions plus all the tools needed!! Thanks! You guys are great!"
MW, Rocky Mount, NC
2003-12-06   "Just finished my upgrade of a Hughes HDVR2 to a 144 hrs and I wanted to let you know what a great kit you provide. Everything fits perfectly, is easy to install, and the directions are foolproof. Nice job!"
SH, Round Rock, TX
2003-12-01   "My Direct Tivo upgrade was fast and easy. Good directions, solid bracketry support, long connection cables. Directions were very good. Easy to follow."
JL, Arvada, CO
2003-11-26   "... I'm not one to quickly praise a product right after I purchase it, but in your case I must make an exception. Being an old Linux hack, I thought long and hard about performing a hard disk upgrade myself, but after pricing out the components, and time involved, I chose to go with one of your kits. My package arrived in record time, and after 20 minutes of beginning the installation, I was once again watching my TiVo, with lots of recording space. The instructions were excellent, and the installation was a snap. Thank you very much."
AB, Glenrock, NJ
2003-11-22   "Hello, After receiving my order, I had to e-mail you. I am not the type of person that writes or e-mails companies about product satisfaction often. In fact, I think this is my first time. I would like to let you know how satisfied I am with our TwinBreeze product. The build quality is superb. The parts selection great!...Thank[s] for making a fantastic product at a great price. Take Care,"
AM, Lake Waccamaw, NC
2003-11-22   "I would just like to extend my extreme thanks to you for the quick order processing and deilvery of the tivo upgrade for my HDVR3. It is by far one of the best things I have ever ordered off of the internet and your kit was designed nicely. It works perfectly and has added tons of time to my recording. I assure you that any of my tivo needs in the future will be sent through you and I will suggest this kit to all of my friends that do and do not have tivo.... Thanks again."
JM, Philadelphia, PA
2003-11-21   "Dear Weaknees, All is good in the world...I have been without my TiVo for about 3 months 'cause I thought I could fix it my-self. I finally decided on Wed that I'd had enough! I logged on Weaknees.com and placed an order. On Thursday (am) I decided I wanted my new hdd before the weekend so I called weaknees and asked if they would alter my order to have it here today (Friday). Got home and popped it in, Low and Behold, MY TIVO LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't say enough about the folks at weaknees."
BG, Winnsboro, SC
2003-11-19   "I just needed to write you guys and say THANK YOU! I ordered one of your upgrade kits and it was exactly as you described on your website. Your directions were very simple but detailed enough so that there was no confusion about what to do in the installation process. You guys made things extremely simple -- it took me less than 25 minutes from the time I unplugged my TiVo to the time I was able to plug it back in, and that's including waiting for 5 minutes at the beginning to let the power supply discharge. You offer a great service, and I'd recommend you to anyone who is interested in boosting their TiVo's capacity. Thanks again!"
SS, Watertown, MA
2003-11-18   "Thanks Weaknees, got the HD, and the install was a breeze. Keep up the good work."
RB, Golden, CO
2003-11-17   "Installed my 120 GB upgrade in my 60 and it works great. Thanks guys. You do cool work and your website is super!"
CC, Monroe, GA
2003-11-12   "Thank you so much for your outstanding service and competitive pricing. The items I orderded arrived ahead of schedule in perfect condition. You have earned a satisfied repeat customer. Nice Job!!"
DD, Lombard, IL
2003-11-10   "I bought a DirecTV Tivo Unit a few months ago. It is working perfectly w/140 hours capacity. Last week, I ordered a Tivo 2 Hard Drive upgrade. Shipping was really fast. Installation time: less than 5 minutes. You are doing a great job. Thank You,"
LO, Davie, FL
2003-11-08   "I just installed my first TiVo hard drive, which I purchased when my factory-installed hard drive began to fail. At first glance, I found the instructions a bit intimidating. However, once I sat down with my actual TiVo with the instructions, the process of installing the hard drive was incredibly easy. Although I am fairly adept at 'putting things together,' I think almost anyone could follow these directions. Thanks for making it so easy."
JM, Fridley, MN
2003-11-08   "I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the nature of your operation. I recently ordered an upgraded HD, and was greeted with curtious help over the phone, timely and informative emails, and a quick and quality shipment. The installation of the HD was very simple, and the product works flawlessly. Just wanted to share a satisfying experience. Regards,"
MC, Lebanon, TN
2003-11-07   "I received my order and am very happy! Timely shipment, excellent documentation and lots more room on my TIVO! Great job -- thanks!"
MD, Palo Alto, CA
2003-10-30   "Just a quick thank you, It took 5 min. to upgrade hassle free. You guys are 1ST class company from taking my order til i installed it.Thanks So Much"
SW, Humble, TX
2003-10-29   "I upgraded my Hughes series2 DirecTivo sucessfully. I now have up to 141 hours recording time as stated in system information. Y-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Thank you"
DB, Tampa, FL
2003-10-28   "Thanks for the great service and the prompt shipping. I installed the new fan and hard drive this afternoon. The instructions were thorough and easy to follow. Thanks very much"
MJ, Seattle, WA
2003-10-26   "The install couldn�t have been easier. I�ve installed a lot of computer hardware over the past ten years and your instructions were the clearest that I�ve ever used. I plugged the Tivo back in and bingo, back in business with 163 hours of capacity. You all sell a great product."
KH, Plano, TX
2003-10-25   "I received my upgrade kit and would like to complement you for the excellent step by step instructions and the ease of installation. It took me about an hour, but everything went exactly as the instructions depicted. No surprises! What a joy to do business with a company that does just what it says it will do. Thank You!"
JF, Cheswick, PA
2003-10-23   "I'm unhappy with Weaknees: Because the upgrade I just bought from you works so great, I will have to buy another upgrade for my other unit. Gee thanks....:-) Seriously, I just installed your 120GB upgrade in a Sat-T60 that was noisy and slow. BIG difference. Very quiet drive, and now I don't have to wait two minutes after selecting "Record Program" for the unit to regroup and return me to the working screen. Thanks folks!"
ES, Durham, NC
2003-10-23   "I just wanted to let you know how easy it was to install the upgrade kit. My TIVO now has almost 50 hours on the best quality and I had the new drive installed and working within 15 minutes. I am very impressed with Weaknees, from the detailed information on the web page to the ease of installation of the hardware. Thanks for creating quality products with great customer service!!"
JH, Redding, CA
2003-10-22   "Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with both the products I purchase, and the service I received. I was able to install the TwinBreeze bracket, the add-on 160GB drive, and the Advanced Cooling Kit in just over 30 minutes. The TwinBreeze bracket is incredibly sturdy and well designed. The instructions are top notch. The website is very informative and easy to navigate. Every question I had about the products and the upgrade procedures were readily available on the website. My overnight order was right on time, and packaged well. I can't find one thing to complain about. In one word... WOW! Thanks. "
JW, Albuquerque, NM
2003-10-08   "I received my drive yesterday and we are once again enjoying Tivo! I just wanted to let you know that I am quite impressed with your company. Top to bottom - from initial ordering to the clear instructions - nothing was a problem. It is a pleasure to deal with a good company run by good people."
JS, Columbus, OH
2003-10-06   "I am truely impressed! I have now done two add-drive upgrades. One, a Philips Series 2 DirecTivo and second, an older Hughes DirecTivo, and both upgrades were a breeze. The parts were all there, the instructions were clear and easy to follow, and the custom parts for the Philips (hard drive bracket and cooling fan kit) fit perfectly! Plus, of course the added benefit of now having 141 hours recording time on both units. I'm sorry I waited so long! Needless to say I will recommend to all my friends. Great product!"
BG, Marietta, GA
2003-09-29   "Great job on your upgrade product. Everything was well documented, and the upgrade took less than 30 minutes. It worked perfectly the first time. Thanks for everything. I would be pleased to recommend Weaknees to anyone."
NR, Columbia, SC
2003-09-25   "You all are the greatest thing since TiVo itself. When my TiVo died earlier this week, I went all twitchy and freaked out. What is a gal to do without her precious TiVo? Well, providence brought me to your website, and I've been saved. You got my replacement TiVo brain to me overnight (even though I ordered it rather late in the day), and I was able to perform the necessary surgery right in my very own home. He may have been a complete amnesiac after the surgery, but at least he's not dead -- causing me to need a new unit AND service contract (which is what I'd been thinking I'd have to do). If I could kiss your feet, I'd do it. Thank you weaKnees!!"
JJ, Chicago, IL
2003-09-24   "So: received and installed in under half an hour. I'm thrilled. Thank you SO much for the painstakingly constructed instructions-- I spend a lot of time inside my computer, but this is the first time I ever "cracked" a.v. equipment. You made me wish there were more things I could take out and replace, just for the fun of it. Whooee."
SE, Cambridge, MA
2003-09-22   "Hey- Just a note of profound thanks! I received the new hard drive today, installed it in about 15 minutes, and my TiVo was back. I guess I've finally experienced real addiction -- if I didn't have the TiVo, I would probably just have to give up TV altogether. One weekend without was enough -- thanks!"
DH, Monroeville, NJ
2003-09-17   "I just wanted to thank you for your awesome product. I was able to upgrade my DirecTivo box. I found the instructions very easy to follow and it only took me about 15 to 20 minutes to do. I went from having 30 plus hours of record time to over 150 hours of record time. This comes in very handy for a guy like me as I love to record and watch several college football games every weekend and my wife loves to record several of her favorite shows. Now we don't have to scramble to record everything to VCR or watch it right away and then delete so that we can record the next show. Thanks again."
Noel Torres, Dallas, TX
2003-09-15   "This kit works great and just as described on your webpage. I think it took about 10 minutes to unpack, read the directions and hook-up and get it dialing. Something my defunct Tivo modem hadn't been able to do for months. It's great to feel the power of Tivo again. When I save up my nickels and dimes for a disc upgrade I know right where to go: Weaknees.com!!! Thanks for all you do."
WD, OFallon, IL
2003-09-13   "Thank you guys sooooooooooooooooo much! I got the TwinBreeze very quickly! I installed both of my drives on the very sturdy bracket and also mounted the fan on the bracket and replaced the case fan! Once I finished, my Directivo still look factory! The instructions were excellent! The fans are very quiet and has dropped the internal temp by 7 degrees! Thanks again on the quick service and a excellent product!"
CA, Hurricane, WV
2003-09-11   "I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the completeness and accuracy of your upgrade instructions. Everything went exactly as the instructions for my SAT T-60 upgrade said they would and now I am a very proud owner of a 141 hour SAT T-60. As I suspected there is a reason your feedback on the TiVo community forum is so positive! Thanks again"
HF, San Francisco, CA
2003-08-29   "Absolutely stellar upgrade kit, WeaKnees! I just put in a 120 gig hard drive into my HDVR2 and it went off without a hitch. The little guy's been recording stuff virtually nonstop! Your instructions were very clear and the twinbreeze hardware is fantastic! Wanted to say thanks!...Thanks so much and keep up the great work. I can't rave and rave enough about weaknees to all my TiVo friends."
KH, Glendale, C
2003-08-22   "I am 100% pleased with my purchase and your company. Your web site is well designed. Navigation was quick and easy. I found so much great information on your site. Your web site contained information regarding my problem, how to repair it, even the consequences (like what data would be lost). I was completely prepared! My hard drive replacement has fixed my video stuttering problem. The package was securely shipped and everything I needed was included - even the superbly written instructions - and if I lost them I could always download them from your website. The ordering process was quick and easy too. I give your company 10 out of 10. I can't imagine my life without Tivo. I am glad I found your company. Thank you"
DD, Glastonbury, CT
2003-08-20   "I just purchased a 105 hour replacement disk from you for my brand-new, never-been-powered-up, HDVR2 unit. It installed very easily (NICE instructions!), and worked flawlessly. I now have the original factory disk with a pristine never-been-booted image on it as a backup. Thanks for the great service!"
JM, Vienna, VA
2003-08-19   "Hey guys! I have to report my total satisfaction in my TiVo upgrade with this drive. It took only a short 25 minutes to complete! In fact, it took longer for my wife to microwave our dinner while I was doing the work on my HDVR2."
JC, Houston, TX
2003-08-18   "I just wanted to say how easy it was to replace my broken hard drive on my Tivo. Your trouble shooting guide was right on the money. The new drive arrived so promptly and the installation was a breeze thanks to your organized and easy to follow instructions. I was back up and running in 10 minutes. Thanks for a great service and supporting my tv addiction! If I had known it was this easy, I would have bought a larger drive a long time ago!"
MB, Redwood City, CA
2003-08-17   "Attention Jeff, Just wanted to send this note to let you know that the replacement Hard drive that I ordered is working just fine.... I am now one of your biggest supporters and have told all my friends with tivo units about the ease of doing the swap. The directions were clear, concise and so easy to follow. Even someone with no hardware experience could do it."
MY, Parlin, NJ
2003-08-16   "I just wanted to thank you for making the replacement of my Tivo SVR-2000's hard drive such a breeze. It literally took me about 10 minutes to accomplish. The most difficult part of the swap was sliding the cover off the Sony unit (as your PDF instructions warned). So, thanks very much for a quality product and the detailed "how-to" which gave me the confidence to try it myself. My Tivo is performing flawlessly once again."
JA, Northridge, CA
2003-08-14   "Got the parts today & installed them, truly a first class package. The drive bracket is outstanding. I kept the original fan but used the supplied washers and installed the new fan. My internal temperature is now 37C, was 46 / 47C before, good job!!!!!!! The instructions were easy to follow.... Once more this is an excellent product."
KL, Richmond, VA
2003-08-12   "Michael and Jeff, The quality of materials in your Twinbreeze kit was quite impressive. I was tempted to go with a "home grown" approach initially, but the resulting ease of installation and professional appearance were well worth the kit's price."
PC, Bryn Mawr, PA
2003-08-11   "I just received your 120GB add on hard drive for my Series 1 Sony TIVO. My basic quality time jumped from 30 hours to 180 hrs and 38 minutes. Worth every penny. And the install was simple and took under 10 minutes. I was reluctant to order, but am very happy that I did. There were no hidden costs, tricks, or necessary add-ons. Every required tool and bracket was included. I work for a electronics store and will defiantley be recommending you to our customers. Thanks."
DH, Bloomington, IL
2003-08-11   "Ordered yesterday. Received today. Installed in about 25 minutes. (Kept dropping hard drive mounting plate screws beside HD and using needlenose pliars to get them out.) Doing guided setup now. Can't wait to never see ("that will cause your other program to be deleted earlier...). Thanks a bunch!"
JS, Los Angeles, CA
2003-08-08   "Received my replace drive today, had it installed in the Tivo within 10 minutes. It succeeded in repairing AND upgrading my DirecTivo, in one simple shot. Thank you all for the great service, great price and great product."
CA, Euless, TX
2003-08-05   "I received my upgrade kit recently for the Series 2 TiVo. Last night, I actually performed the upgrade; it went flawlessly. The kit was very professional looking and the bracket seemed very sturdy (unlike most products out there today). You have a great company based off of a great business plan. I just wish I would have thought about it first! There was one thing that was left out of the instructions, though. You never told me how I can keep my cat off my workbench when I'm doing the upgrade! Maybe I should have let my cat play in the TiVo before the capacitors lost their charge. ;)"
JL, Birmingham, AL
2003-08-05   "You asked for a response: You have one VERY happy customer!! I don't know WHY Sony itself doesn't get into it (I asked them) but your idea is great! The instructions (for a 120hr replacement for my Sony SAT-T60) couldn't have been clearer (except the "pesky screw" is more pesky than "pesky"),and whoever thought of the idea of including the 2 Torx L-Keys deserves a medal!! I recently replaced the hard drive on my Compaq lap-top computer and had to take it to a computer store to borrow their L-key to open the lid!!! Already the TiVo is responding MUCH faster while programming it! Thankyou, thankyou!!!"
JAB, Bala Cynwyd, PA
2003-08-02   "I just received your kit to install a new drive in my SONY SVR 2000. After reading the online instructions on how difficult the box might be to open I was anxious to get going. I was suprised how easy it opened (that might not be your experience) and after that the switch was easier than upgrading I've ever done to my PC. I'm thrilled that I purchased the upgrade and want the world to know that if you've ever opened up your PC you should have no trouble with an upgrade from Weakness.com Thanks!"
DC, Barrington, RI
2003-08-02   "Guys, I recently bought the TwinBreeze Complete. What a quality product, and super fast shipping!...[Y]our kit made the upgrade fast and easy. The instructions were well written and easy to follow. I would recommend your kits to anyone! Thanks,"
BM, Lafayette, CO
2003-07-23   "I just wanted to drop you a quick note about my recent experience with your company. I can't say enough about your service. I sent you my SAT-T60 Tivo via onvernight mail and the shipper didn't deliver on time. Rather than making me wait, you went above and beyond to turn around my item in less than one day! All the while, you were always available for questions or comments. Amazing. More importantly, the new drive installed works great and I couldn't be more pleased. Again, amazing work guys - I appreciate it and will return again!!"
SS, Derby, CT
2003-07-20   "I wanted to thank you for the excellent WEB site, excellent service in shipping upgrade hard drive and very clear idiot proof instructions in dismantling and reassembling the Tivo unit. Faultless !"
KJ, Morristown, NJ
2003-07-16   "I just received the "single drive to dual drive" upgrade kit for the Sony DVR-3000 Tivo unit that I ordered last week. It took about 15 to 20 minutes to install the drive and then Tivo started right up. Painless and almost effortless."
PM, New Bunswick, NJ
2003-07-16   "My DirecTivo hard drive was clicking up a storm and finally gave into the green screen of death. After hearing about Weaknees at the Tivo community boards, I jetted over and found a 80GB hard drive to replace the old one. In 15 minutes, I installed the hard drive and the Tivo booted up good as new, but this time with 67+ hours recording time! Any reservations I had about purchasing a hard drive for installation were washed away when I saw the Tivo man on my screen again. Thanks!"
ML, Phillips Ranch, CA
2003-07-14   "Michael and Jeff, Got it as promised, installed it in 20-30 minutes, works like a charm. You guys have definitely got it together. Thanks for a pleasurable experience."
GA, Battle Creek, MI
2003-07-14   "Just wanted to pass along a quick message to tell you what a pleasure it's been doing business with you. Admitedly, I was somewhat hesitant to order a Tivo upgrade kit through the web, let alone open up my Tivo and perform the upgrade myself. But, approximately one day after my online order, your package arrived at my door (I live in Los Angeles as well). Within 45 minutes, I had bumped my Tivo capacity from 80 to 225 hours! The instructions were very clear and there weren't any of those spare parts/screws leftover afterwards (I call it the IKEA syndrome). Anyways, just wanted to thank you guys for creating a great service/product. I've recommended you to all of my friends who own Tivos...Best regards,"
PW, Culver City, CA
2003-07-12   "I am now free of "the green screen of death". My sony SAT60 now rocks again! While I had it open I also replaced the fan. The directions were stellar! Only 20 minutes from open to plugged in! This is the first hard drive replacement for me to perform. What could be easier! You are the greatest!"
MM, Salt Lake City, UT
2003-07-11   "The new diskdrive and fan work like a charm. Amazingly easy to replace. My knees were weak but it worked!!"
RC, Tucson, AZ
2003-07-10   "Like so many others, I found your service wonderful. I received my replacement and upgrade drives last week and had a computer friend install. He said the instructions were easy to follow and to give his complements to the chef. I plugged in the tivo last night and it worked like a dream. Thank you very much. It is so nice to find a company that delivers exactly what it says it will."
AB, West Belmar, NJ
2003-07-09   "I just wanted to let you know that I had a brand new Tivo that the Hard Drive quit, and after fighting with Tivo not to pay the $99 service charge, I found your site. I doubled my hours for almost the same price and fixed it within 20 minutes. Kudos Weaknees!"
JK, New Tripoli, PA
2003-07-08   "My old Tivo went from 12 hrs. to 200 hrs. in about 30 min. It took longer to read the directions than to do the work."
DC, Vallejo, CA
2003-07-07   "Received my upgrade kit this morning. Within a half hour from the time the fedex guy left, the unit was back in the rack and working. The instructions covered every eventuality, the brackets all fit. everything worked."
GB, New York, NY
2003-07-05   "I just wanted to let you know how simple it was to upgrade my Tivo with your easy to understand directions. I'm no technological genius, but I managed to add 120 hours to my hard drive in little over an hour. Being generally clueless in such endeavors it was quite a buzz to accomplish this task without a hitch. Fear kept me from doing this upgrade for about 3 months ... how silly I felt once I experienced just how easy it could be. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product."
BS, Los Angeles, CA
2003-07-01   "Thanks for your prompt response. I have my TiVo hooked up and it is a dream come true. Sincerely a very satisfied customer."
JL, Medway, OH
2003-06-27   "The upgrade was documented, design[ed] and supported beyond belief!!!! You bring the confidence and value back to internet purchasing."
RS, Carslbad, CA
2003-06-25   "I give you highest marks for your add-on Tivo upgrade kit. I am a non-techie and just looking at a motherboard scares the static charge out of me, yet your instructions were extremely clear and I had no trouble breezing through the entire installation process in under 45 minutes. My Tivo is now running quieter with two fans and two hard drives than it did initially. The air venting from the rear of the unit is at least 20 degrees cooler than before. And most importantly, I now have 184 hours instead of 40!! I highly recommend your service to anyone considering upgrading their Tivo."
BB, Dallas, TX
2003-06-20   "Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how satisfied I was with your upgrade kit. Easy installation, flawless performance, great service. I'll definitely use your company again, and pass on your URL to all my TIVO buddies."
MH, San Francisco, CA
2003-06-19   "I received my upgrade kit today. I am a senior woman and was able to install it in less than an hour following your directions. Thanks to you and a great product, with clear, easy to follow installation instructions, I now can record about 146 hours."
SW, Livermore, CA
2003-06-18   "I took me less than 20 minutes from removing the screws and adding harddrive, putting screws back in and powering up unit. Tivo showed that I know had 233 hours of standard recording. On our last vaction out of the country, I actually lost stuff, but that won't happen again. Thanks to you"
RR, Minneapolis, MN
2003-06-17   "I just wanted to say thanks. Two days ago my old Phillips TiVo HD up and died after almost 5 years of faithful recording. Here it is two days later, the new HD arrived this morning, setup's all finished and I've re-entered my season passes and now I have more capacity than ever. Service was excellent, physical replacement took 15 minutes max, your web site is informative and I am wondering why I didn't do this ages ago before it croaked on me. You saved and revitalized my TiVo. Thanks!"
RJ, Fairfield, CA
2003-06-16   "Hey Guys! I got around to installing the additional disk/twin breeze (after letting it sit in the box for a week or two). I was expecting to spend an hour or two.... 20 minutes later we were successfully back on line with increased storage.... Great, easy to follow, and comprehensive instructions. Well designed and fabricated bracket. Many thanks.... I'll be referring friends your way!"
TB, Siler City, NC
2003-06-16   "Hi, I just received the 120g HD that I had ordered as a replacement to the 40g that came stock in my series 2. The instructions you provided were pretty good and the install went fine. I just wanted to thank you for the good service. Take care"
MC, Elk Grove, CA
2003-06-13   "Just a note of thanks. I ordered your upgrade kit yesterday, and it is installed and running today. Start to finish the whole process of installing the new drive took about 30 minutes (at least 10 minutes of which was untangling my Tivo from my home theater set-up). The instructions were very easy to follow. Everything in the kit was of the highest quality. I wanted to upgrade my Tivo for a long time, but was intimidated by the process. You guys made it a breeze. I'll definitely be recommending WeaKnees to my friends that have Tivos. Thanks again and continued success."
JP, Burbank, CA
2003-06-12   "Hi Michael and Jeff. I received my Tivo upgrade yesterday, and the entire installation took ten minutes. Admittedly, I am a computer geek, having many times repaired and built computers, so this was no great exercise for me. However, the ease of the installation, together with the easy to follow directions, make your upgrades suitable for even a novice. Keep up the good work, and thanks again."
JW, Commack, NY
2003-06-12   "I upgraded my TiVo with two 120gb hard drives and your blazing fast replies to my questions immediatley put my fears to rest. My Sony SAT-T60 was the only problem with that "pesky" screw, but your flawless instructions gently warned me of the impending hardship. Also the way you package the products I ordered was amazing! Great job! What can I say but super product, super service, and super support!! Thanks."
PK, Altadena, CA
2003-06-11   "This is the second 120GB upgrade I have now purchased from you. Since I have installed another HDVR2 in our bedroom I can not be without the additional recording space. The first 120GB upgrade I purchased from you a few months ago works flawlessly. You guys market a quality product with great support and a great web site. I only wish the other businesses I deal with would have the same business ethics and mentality as you guys have. Keep up the good work!"
VL, Valencia, CA
2003-06-11   "Hi There, Just a quick note to say thank you for getting my upgrade to me so quickly. The upgrade to my HDVR2 was fast and easy thanks to your excellent instructions and the high quality of the components, especially the TwinBreeze bracket. Very nicely designed and made. Now my Tivo is more capable and more quiet as well. Thanks again."
DE, Los Angeles, CA
2003-06-11   "I ordered my new drive for my hdr312 stand-alone unit. The drive was shipped quickly and received within 2 days as requested. Your packaging was perfect to protect the drive during shipping and the installation only took a few minutes. Now my old 30hr basic qty system is now 141hr basic qty. I'll definitely use your company again in the future for my Tivo needs."
SD, Greenville, TX
2003-06-09   "I recently purchased a new hard drive for my Tivo Unit from your company. I could not be any happier with the service you have provided. Your knowledge of the product was key to me choosing your company. The instructions were so easy to follow I was up and running in less than 30 munites. I also received the product in under 4 days from when I placed the order. Thanks again for the great service, I will be back if I ever need anything else for my Tivo."
CT, Normal, IL
2003-06-09   "I am a complete dummy when it comes to following instructions: my girlfriend has to put together our Ikea furniture. But following your step by step manual I was able to upgrade my 60 hour Tivo to 222 hours in about 40 minutes. I am very impressed with your product and its ease of installation."
SL, La Habra, CA
2003-06-09   "I received the TIVO Upgrade on 6/6/03. The hard drive was packaged great. The install was so easy with the provided directions that anyone could do it. I'm very pleased with the product and service and would highly recommend you to anyone else that needs a TIVO upgrade. Thanks again..."
JB, Poughkeepsie, NY
2003-06-08   "I recently purchased an 80 GB Hard Drive from your site after the Hard Drive in my Phillips DirecTv/Tivo reciever died. Rather than completely replace the receiver (for which I can only get 35 hours), I came across your site and decided for a much more reasonable price, I would replace the drive and double the space. I do work in IT, and I am familiar with computers, but never worked on the inside of one. The whole process from start to finish took me 30-45 minutes and I am back online! The instructions were REALLY SIMPLE to follow. I would highly recommend your product! Thanks again."
SL, Flanders, NJ
2003-06-08   "Hi! I received my upgrade kit on Friday and yesterday, following the instructions, it took me about 30 minutes to install. Great job, guys! The instructions couldn't have been more clear and everything worked just as advertised right out of the box. Thanks again for a great job."
JS, Ypsilanti, MI
2003-06-04   "I've wanted to upgrade my SONY Sat-60 hard drive for sometime. I was going to do this with the tools on the net with a generic hard drive but when I saw the segment on Tech TV I decided to try your hard drive upgrades. I ordered the drive on Friday, It shipped the same day and I received the drive on Tuesday. It was very simple with your instructions and tools supplied. I now have a 120 hour Tivo and the original drive as a back up. Great service and product."
GMF, Connellsville, PA
2003-06-03   "I just installed an additional 120GB drive and two fans into my TiVo series 2. It went flawlessly. Rarely have I seen instructions that were so simple to follow for what could be a scary process. Great job!"
JS, San Carlos, CA
2003-05-30   "I would just like to say you provide a great sevice. My original drive died and with no back-up and having never upgrading you guys were a lifesaver.Your product did exactly as promised and was delivered in a timely manner at a fair price. I also want to say thanks for all the help I have received form Weeknees on the TiVo Forums."
CS, Clawson, MI
2003-05-28   "I did the fan replacement and disk upgrade this past weekend and everything went almost too smoothly. Everything fit, and the directions were perfect. Congratulations on providing a great service in a professional manner. BTW, it only took about 15 minutes from shutdown to restart! Keep up the good work!"
DL, Gibsonville, NC
2003-05-23   "Just installed a 120GB upgrade w/fans in my HDVR2. I couldn't be happier! Your instructions are superb. Thanks for a great product."
RF, Pleasanton, CA
2003-05-23   "You guys are great!! Thanks for making a wonderful product that is so easy to install."
JG, Fort Worth, TX
2003-05-23   "Michael and Jeff, I would like to say 'THANK YOU' for about the most pleasant on line purchases I've made. Not only did you put up with all my silly questions, you got the product out to me in MACH order. You are certainly to be commended on the way you go overboard to please your customers. BRAVO!!"
PM, West Hartford, CT
2003-05-22   "I just wanted to give you a BIG Thanks! Your website & service are the best! I ordered my Replacement HD Tue at 4pm EST & received it the next day at 2pm. FANTASTIC! I was so bummed out when my Tivo died & so thrilled when I stumbled upon your site! And your rapid responce to my Emails were just short of incredible! What a refreshing pleasure to find such a helpful place to for service. Im sending a email to Home Theater mag they need to know about you guys!"
DC, Fort Lauderdale, FL
2003-05-22   "I just wanted to let you guys know that the upgrade I purchased went so well that it has been the high point of my month. Thanks again for the great products and services."
HB, Carson, CA
2003-05-21   "Just wanted to send you guys an email to thank you for the wonderful customer service I received when attempting to install a new hard drive in my Hughes HDVR2. When the system wouldn't boot up thanks to an error on my part, I sent you an email which had a reply within minutes directing me to the source of the problem. Now my unit has 140 hours! Thanks again!"
JH - Camp Springs, MD
2003-05-05   "It worked great! My TIVO failed just as I was getting ready to replace the drive. It now works perfectly again. Thanks a bunch!"
DJ, Yorba Linda, CA
2003-05-04   "The upgraded HDVR2 I purchased from you continues to work flawlessly. It's nice that TiVo fans have people like you to depend on. Keep up the good work. Like your redesigned website!"
TB, Athens, GA
2003-05-02   "Ordered the [120GB] upgrade to my Sony Tivo. Just installed it. The upgrade was perfect, smooth and nothing was left out of the instructions. GOOD JOB!!"
JF, Southold, NY
2003-05-02   "Hi, I just finished installing the twin 120GB drives and cooling fans in my Hughes HDVR2. Wow! Very easy to follow instructions. Literally a breeze to do! ... Many thanks for your products!"
RB, Queensbury, NY
2003-05-01   "Thanks! Your instructions were excellent and the installation went flawlessly."
BS, Palo Alto, CA
2003-04-30   "you guys rock, product was easy to install and now my tivo is 'pumped up'"
SF, Marblehead, MA
2003-04-30   "I got the drive yesterday...that was fast! The install was easy...the setup quick...and the drive and quality of the picture rocks! I now have enough space to record all my shows at Best Quality!!! Thanks so much you guys!!!"
DW, Diamond Bar, CA
2003-04-25   "Michael / Jeff, Thanks for the prompt reply. I can't believe you guys! My friend said that you give prompt service, but that was an understatement. I was just handed the upgrade kit that I ordered YESTERDAY. I look forward to purchasing another kit for my other TIVO when I am finished with this one. I will recommend your company to all my TIVO owning friends. Yours truly,"
HB, Carson, CA
2003-04-23   "Dear Weaknees, Thanks for the great product. I'm so happy that I decided not to configure a drive myself. Fifteen minutes total time and my SAT-T60 has 105 hours. I'm sure I'll soon be upgrading my wife and kid's HDVR2 with one of your kits."
SC, Thibodaux, LA
2003-04-23   "Michael & Jeff, I know it's been a couple of weeks since our transaction, but I realized I never took the opportunity to thank you for your prompt and courteous service. I couldn't have asked for a faster more efficient experience. You answered all of my questions promptly, and the end product was all you said it would be. It's been a real pleasure doing business with you and I will highly recommend you at every opportunity. I LOVE all the extra space on my Tivo!" Thank you again, Todd Shear
TS, West Hollywood, CA
2003-04-18   "I recently purchased an upgrade kit and installed in about 10 minutes. Very simple and straight forward. The restarting of my Tivo took longer than the installation! Thanks for a great product."
RH, La Palma, CA
2003-04-18   "Thank you sooo Much!! I received the order today 4/18/03 Only three days after I placed it! Took me only 20minutes tops to install new drive. Everything seems to be running fine and I cannot thank or recommend you enough."
JB, Altus, OK
2003-03-30   "Just a note of thanks for your fine product and service. And one final tipping point for the add-vs-replace question: the new drive is at least 10dB quieter than the one that came with my unit. It's a substantial improvement even ignoring the tripled capacity."
DH, North Bend, WA
2003-03-25   "you all have made us very happy here in the nation's capital. what quality! what quickness! what a great idea! what execution! broken tivo made us sad. then y'all descended like angels and doubled our power! and it was so easy too! normally i'm a buffoon, but hey, you made me feel like a champ. now i gots crazy tv propa! thanks a heap! YOU GUYS TOTALLY RULE"
RS, Washington, DC
2003-03-24   "Jeff & Mike, My new HDVR2 arrived. Easy to set up to replace my old unit. Thanks to your advice, I was able to recover the cost of my old TiVo standalone unit's lifetime subscription via auction.... I cannot believe I did not just buy my first unit from you. You were VERY helpful over the phone, via e-mail and were an absolute pleasure to do business with. I will recommend you in the future to anyone I know that wants TiVo or to upgrade an existing one. Thank you again!!"
MG, Boynton Beach, FL
2003-03-15   "Thanks for the excellent service! My upgrade kit arrived Friday, 2 days after ordering with FedEx 2 day service. Perfect! About 30 minutes after arriving home last night, we had 118.25 hours available on our Tivo. Wow! Your instructions sheets were very well done; I had zero problems installing everything. After cleaning about 12 months worth of dust from inside the unit, the new drive and it's custom bracket and parts fit exactly as they were supposed to. When plugged back in, the unit powered up exactly as if I had only just un-plugged it... except there was a bunch of new hours available. Sincerely, Your Latest Very Satisfied Customer."
BS, Annapolis, MD
2003-02-28   "Got my 120 GB self install drive, added it to my Series 2 60 hr Tivo in 1/2 an hour, and this is the first time I ever opened a computer component! Easy to install, only worried when I accidentally used a magnetized philips screw driver to secure the new drive. I didn't even think about themagnetized part until after I was done, but fortunately, it didn't cause any problems.... [M]y Tivo jumped from a 60 hr machine to a 220 hour machine and I couldn't be happier! Thanks a lot! You guys rock!"
CB, Los Angeles, CA
2003-02-21   "I just finished installing my TiVo upgrade kit I purchased from your Company. I build Computers so don't generally read the Instructions Even thou I have a Masters in Electronics I must admit I don't understand fully how TiVo works so relented and read the Upgrade Instructions. ... My Son and Grandson were both waiting to see how I liked the Upgrade before the purchase it. I just gave them the GO."
BP, North Port, FL
2003-01-30   "To Whom It May Concern: I received the Upgrade I purchased last week. I was very impressed with the way the instructions left nothing to chance. It works like a champ. Thank you."
WM, Etowah, NC
2003-01-29   "Hi Michael and Jeff, I previously upgraded my TiVo brand 60 hour Series 2 and added a 120GB hard drive which I purchased from you and it went very smoothly. I just received my new hard drive that I ordered from you for my Sony SVR 3000 and the installation was extremely easy once again. As before, the instructions were simple to follow and made the install a no-brainer. Well, almost anyway. I did have one question to ask about the jumper on the existing hard drive (not your fault, just my lack of knowledge). You replied to my email with the answer within 5 minutes so my install was not held up at all. And also since I live in CA, I received the poackage in two days by Fed Ex ground. Ordered Monday and received Wednesday. Thanks so much,"
PW, Modesto, CA
2003-01-25   "Ordered your external modem. 10 minutes to read directions & install. Works great!!!!"
DH, Sylacauga, AL
2003-01-19   "Hi, We bought a used PTV100 TIVO which had the 14hr hard drive. The TIVO already had a Lifetime subscribtion purchased for it, and as we used it, it quickly became our favorite device. The only problem was the 14 Hr limit for saving shows. We ordered the 120 gig replace drive from you which would increase our recording time to 114 hrs. The hard drive was received very quickly and took only about 20 minutes to do the replacement. Everything went smoothly with the easy to follow instructions. Everything also worked perfectly fine after restarting the TIVO. We are very pleased with the results, the service, and the advice. Thank you so much for your help and dedication to your business. TIVO really has changed the way we watch television. Being able to pause live tv and all the other great features has made it a must have for us now."
2003-01-18   "Just a note to express my satisfaction with my new dual 120 gig HDVR2 Hughes machine. The unit works great and even seems to be marginally quieter than the previous stock HDVR2 which I returned to Best Buy.... I was surprised that the quality of the recordings appears to be as good as the direct feed I got through my previous RCA DirecTV standard receiver. I added a multiswitch and retained the RCA for direct viewing and notice that switching between the Tivo and the RCA feeds really don't show that one is noticeably superior to the other. I have a pretty good 32 inch Sony XBR squared (the one that some of the reviewers used to say gave the best picture they had ever seen on ANY television) and I don't really see a real difference. I was prepared for a certain amount of picture degradation (but better than the Super VHS recorders I usually use for time shifting). Anyway, I am very happy."
2003-01-17   "Dear Weaknees, I'm sure you must get a dozen of this exact same email every single day but, after one has installed a new harddrive and it works and you have to wait for Tivo to set up, what in the world else are you going to do except write your thank you note. I am a 54 year old woman who is not prone to taking stuff apart or putting it back together. My Tivo's harddrive started to sputter in the last month or two after years of dedicated (and a whole lot of) use. So I researched solutions. Everything pointed to you. But, could I do it? Your website gave me courage and I ordered. Your delivery time was excellent and the free shipping was sweet. Thank you. I planned my upgrade carefully as I had to watch everything on the harddrive first. Not easy. But, I did it. The hardest part, as you can imagine, was getting the cover off. I nearly gave up several times. Then those little screw drivers you sent are cute but those screws were in there tight and where are the nice big rubber handles to grip with? Not to worry, I managed. In fact, including the dusting out with canned air, the whole thing from unhooking to rehooking took 20 minutes. Total, tops and I spent a lot of that time reading the directions. I plugged it in and turned on the TV and voila! We currently importing even as I type. Thanks so much for a great product and great service. I now not only have a brand new bigger harddrive but the satisfaction of knowing I did it myself. Kinda. Thanks,"
2002-12-30   "Just wanted to advise that my order... arrived quickly and I am thrilled with the product. Your instructions were excellent and the install was so easy that I actually had fun doing it�it was interesting to see the TiVo�s guts. Your website made it easy to figure out what I needed and your prices were competitive. Good job!"
2002-12-30   "AMAZING! I got my drive today, thanks... It went in without any problems and booted right up. You saved me from having to deal with Sony customer service. I would have been without Tivo for weeks.Thanks for the super fast service!"
2002-12-28   "Fellas! Thank you for such prompt service (and delivery)! I didn't think that I would get this before Christmas - I even had the order recepit printed up folded inside a card. You see, this was a gift for my wife. We love our TiVO, but when SciFi ran the "Taken" episodes (10 x 2hrs each) we ran out of room on our 60 hour unit (we only record in BEST mode). Weren't we surprised that the VERY NEXT DAY FedEx dropped off a box (before 10am, even!) - not too shabby.The upgrade went without a hitch and we now have a 220-hour (well, 68-hour @ best) TiVO! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Regards,"
2002-12-26   "Hello, Installation took less than 5 minutes. Booted up and everything worked perfectly. Just wanted to register my satisfaction. Thanks."
2002-12-25   "Hi, I installed my upgrade yesterday and I have to commend you guys. I had some trepidation, but the instructions were great and made every step simple. I will be recommending you to all my friends whom I talked into buying a Tivo."
2002-12-24   "Thought you would like to know the whole process (including ordering and shipping of the drives) went absolutely perfectly. Thanks very much (FYI-Best quality time available went form 9 hrs to 81 hrs-more than just a slight upgrade!!)"
2002-12-23   "My TIVO has been working for a little over one week and it is great. Thanks for your help, you did everything you said you would and it has been a pleasure buying from you."
2002-12-19   "I got my drive and installed it. It works great -- wonderful to have that extra space. AND my HDVR2 makes just about half the noise now (quite subjective) -- nice to have it quieter!"
2002-12-15   "Just installed my new TIVO Hard Drive Upgrade. Your installation directions were excellent, I had my TIVO up and running better than new in less than an hour!! I highly reccommend your service.... why buy a new TIVO system when it's so easy to just upgrade the one you have and keep your Lifetime Subscription!"
2002-12-11   "I wanted to pass along my sheer delight in my experiences with you. I ordered a 120gb replacement drive for my Tivo late Monday. It arrived today in a well-padded box. Thanks for that. The instructions were terrific. On a side note: Without a doubt, getting the cover off IS the hardest part!!! :) In less than 30 minutes, I was back up & running on the new drive. The indexing has just finished, and I'm elated with the new disk space I have at my disposal. Thanks for your efforts. I'm off to browse your website to see what other goodies I might find!!!"
2002-12-04   "I received a reconditioned hard drive for my TiVo a couple of weeks ago. It works great! Thanks so much for your help and input when I ordered. I am the person that uses the TiVo for a springboard diving practice.... Thanks, again, for your help! You guys were a lifesaver!!"
2002-12-03   "Easy install. Added time really improves tivo. Make all recordings at best quality now and have lots of disk space. Great product! Many Thanks!"
2002-12-02   "Weaknees, You guys may have saved the holiday season. After my original Directivo harddrive went to harddrive heaven, your website was an absolute savior. It answered my questions and allowed me to determine that it probably was the harddrive. Rather than spend the money on a unit, I was able to save $70 and order a larger harddrive all ready for installation instead. And let me tell you, the installation was as easy as can be. Your instructions were the best I have ever seen. My 3 year old now can watch Out of the Box and Sesame Street on demand bringing a bit of sanity to my life during this hectic holiday season."
2002-12-02   "Thanks Guys. Drive arrived fine and I installed it in the same time it took my wife to have a shower :-) Excellent service and really complete kit to do the job. regards"
2002-12-01   "Just a quick note that I received the 120GB HD upgrade that I ordered from you on 11/20/02 for my 40 hour at&t TiVo. Got the drive last Wednesday and installed it before we left town for the holiday. Installing it was a breeze and it has not missed a lick the whole time we were gone! I could have downloaded the software... taken my computer apart... made a backup... well, you get the idea. Just wanted to save some time and the extra money was well spent! I would gladly do it again!"
2002-11-23   "Hi, I rec'd my new upgrade hard drive on Thursday but didn't attempt the install then as I was not feeling well. I did read through the instructions quickly though and started feeling a little apprehensive about doing the install. But this morning (Saturday) I took the plunge and did it. One I had the machine in front of me and opened the instructions became clear and the upgrade went smoothly. The only tough thing was getting the cables to fit properly. Very tight squeeze! I have to compliment you on your easy-to-follow, precise instructions. I've seen many instruction manuals that were vague and general but you sent instructions that are written specifically for the product that you shipped. And the upgraded TiVo is so-far-so-good. I now have 220 hrs instead of the original 60. Many thanks!"
2002-11-04   "Just wanted to say I installed my new hard drive and external modem I ordered from you over the weekend & it was a lot easier then I thought it would be. Because my Tivo is out of warranty Sony would have charged me over 250 bucks just to repair the modem. For a few extra bucks I didn't have to send my Tivo away and tripled the storage capacity. Thanks again; I'll recommend you guys to other people for sure."
2002-11-04   "I have the first TiVo installed in my area. It is a stand alone unit which originally had about 14 hours of basic storage . I just installed the upgrade hard drive to my TiVo. The instructions were clear, succinct and easy to follow. And there weren't a bunch of parts left over. A first for me! Now I have increased my storage capacity 10 fold. Good Job!"
2002-11-03   "Thank you for developing the modem kit for TIVO. I had been without the use of the modem on my Tivo for almost a year because I didn't want to send it to get another cheap modem installed by the manufacturer. It took only a few minutes to get it working and installed. I learned about your company from The Screen Savers television show. Your website is a new and necessary bookmark for me now."
JB, Archer, FL
2002-10-30   "I got my 80GB TiVo upgrade today. It took me all of 20 minutes to install. started up my TiVo and was pleasantly surprised to find that I went from a 20 hour recording capacity to a 171 hour recording capacity. Thanks so much!"
2002-10-30   "It worked! Yay. Your directions were simple, everything was in the box. I was skeptical that it would all work but it did. You just saved me 300.00 over what I would have paid to have a repair shop get my tivo to work again, or the 399.00 I would have had to pay, but would have lost the 2 shows that I had in my "save forever" area of my existing Tivo. If anyone wants to know if you're really everything everyone says about you in your "comments" section, tell them they can write me at [A Note from WeaKnees: Feel free to email us if you'd like our customer's email address; we remove identifying information to prevent our customers from being spammed] and I'll verify that you're worth trusting. Thank you again, it's truly a pleasure dealing with competent and sincere people."
2002-10-16   "Thanks guys for the reminder and for the upgrade service. I have but one thing to say. I LOVE MY TIVO!"
2002-10-02   "I bought a B drive upgrade from you and it works perfect! (80 gigs model) Now I want to upgrade the A drive, is this possible? I would like the 120 gigs model as A drive..... Thanks"
2002-10-01   "[Y]ou guys are the absolute best!!! My new hard drive was delivered to my doorstep in less than a day. It was there when I went out for the morning paper. The easy to follow step by step instructions had my new hard drive installed in less than 30 minutes (it would have only been 20 if it weren't for that "pesky screw" :-) ). I'm now up and running again and with 3 times more recording space. Had I sent it off to Sony I would have been without my precious TiVo for a minimum of 3 weeks and would have gotten it back with the original, puny 35 hour drive at half the price of your 120GB drive. Thanks so much. I am one satisfied customer!"
2002-10-01   "Thank you for the TiVo upgrade! You guys are a pleasure to work with. You have a great company with fast and dependable service, fast response on e-mails, knowledgeable and professional in every way. I will recommend weaknees to anyone with TiVo troubles. Thanks Again"
2002-09-24   "I just wanted to let you guys know that I received my upgrade kit a day ahead of schedule, and had less than an hour to install it as I was leaving for a week-long trip overseas, and wanted to be able to record all the season premieres this week. The installation took maybe 20 minutes, and everything worked beautifully as soon as my TiVo booted up again. Your product is phenomenal, and kudos to you and TiVo for letting amateur computer hacks like me do some really cool stuff so easily. I'm now in London, and have no worries that all my shows will fit. BTW, I found that removing the top of the Sony SVR-2000 was made a lot easier by taking a flat-head screwdriver and wedging apart the top piece from the back panel of the TiVo by just a few millimeters really helped being able to push it off. Otherwise, mine wasn't budging. Thanks again!"
2002-09-21   "I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all of your help with getting my Tivo situation worked out. The replacement drive seems to have done the trick! Installation went smoothly and we are back in business. Thanks again for your assistance. Sincerely,"
2002-09-20   "Hi... Just a short post to let you guys know everything is well with the Tivo Upgrade! Thanks again for the professional and responsive manner of your services. In today's Internet, it is rare to find services that say what they will do and do what they say. How refreshing!!!"
2002-09-16   "Gentlemen, Order was received on Friday, as promised. Thanks for your prompt service. One unit was upgraded on Friday, one Saturday and two of them today. All upgrades went without a hitch. The instructions were excellent. All upgrades yielded a total of 149 hours (more than expected.) Thanks"
2002-09-11   "Received my modem kit and it works as promised... thank you so much!!"
2002-09-07   "I just wanted to thank you so much for the great product and speedy service I received from Weaknees. The fact that you sent the drive out the same day I payed for it is incredible(Not to mention sending me the tracking number for peace of mind). Once the drive arrived, it took me one hour to install it and get it up and running. It really was SO easy. And for anyone else thinking of buying from you I would say two words. SO Simple...and this is coming from someone who had never even seen the inside of a piece of electronic equipment. SO thank you again. I really apreciate it and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone."
2002-09-04   "I was going to write you all and thank you for the wonderful buying experience. The only "pain" in the whole process was waiting for the hard drive to come all the way across the country. I live in Virginia and I never thought it would get here... coming all the way from California. Anyway, my testimonial is this was the greatest investment I ever made...I installed the drive in 30 minutes and had my beefier TIVO fired up 5 minutes later (the instructions were perfect!) Ahhhh, the joy of not having to immediately delete everything after we watch it!!! Thanks!"
2002-08-29   "[M]y TiVo works great and I have let my friends know about your great service. Thanks for your quick response."
2002-08-29   "I found you thru a co-worker. His Tivo died (hard drive) and he used you to not only get back in action, but to upgrade to a larger drive size. He said it was VERY easy to follow the instruction and so that is how you got the order."
2002-08-29   "I followed your detailed, easy to understand installation instructions, plugged in my formerly 35-hour DirecTivo, and voil�! 149 hours! Thanks for a great product-- you are true professionals."
2002-08-29   "Hi Guys - Your product works great and is being recommended to others."
2002-08-28   "Just wanted to say that the drive worked spiffy and my TiVo is happy again. Thanks, especially from a former TiVo engineer."
2002-08-22   "Hi, I just finished installing the tivo hard drive replace kit for my sony SAT T60. It installed, booted and updated to the latest software without any problems. I am really glad that I found your site on the internet. Thanks a lot!!! I will tell all my friends, who have tivo, about you."
2002-07-31   "Hi... Just got my order. Just wanted to let you know that it was almost enjoyable to do the upgrade. Everything went smoothly and your instructions were pleasantly well-written. Maybe you should write computer software manuals. I was up and running easily within 15 minutes. Thanks for the great service you provide....[N]o problem if you want to add my comments to your website. It is so nice to see a product that matches its advertisement."
2002-07-31   "I got the drive and installed it, works great!"
2002-07-26   "Good Morning. Recently, I purchased and installed the 300 hours upgrade package in my, just out of the box, AT&T Tivo recorder. The directions were clear and easy to follow, it took less than 30 minutes for me to install the new hard drives and have the unit up and running, it works great, no problems what so ever, 85 hours of best quality video recording time and 306 hours recording time total now. I am very glad I came across your web page, Oh by the way, the price for the upgade package is excellent. Thanks for increasing my Tivo viewing pleasure."
2002-07-23   "Have received my Tivo, and it is all set up, and now in perfect working order. Many thanks for your expertise and swift turn around. Best Wishes"
2002-07-13   "Our order arrived and works very well. The installation was simple. You have another satisfied customer. Thanks."
2002-06-24   "I have received and installed my TiVo upgrade -- Thank you so much! Everything works perfectly and your product and service is excellent as advertised. I have noticed that my TV is sharper and the colors are more vivid, is this possible? I am a very 'hard sell' and I investigated your company every way possible before sending in my order. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time."
2002-06-10   "Hi, This is just to let you know that the TiVo upgrade arrived, was installed in 10 minutes and works great. TiVo with over 140 hours recording time. And I didn't even lose the recordings which were already on the disk! Thanks"
2002-05-29   "Hi, The upgrade worked like a champ. You do excellent work. I will be sure to tell all of my friends who have Tivo about your site. Regards"
2002-05-20   "Hi Guys Sorry I did not email sooner - things have been busy! Especially now that I can TiVo to my little heart's content... Your claims are 100% true - this was easy, fast and the best way to do an upgrade! My TiVo runs perfectly again and I love it! Thanks for the help."
2002-05-08   "I received my 200 hour (2 drive) upgrade today and installed in less than 20 minutes. Thanks for great service, Torx driver, and excellent instructions. All is working great."
2002-05-01   "I just got my tivo (and my life!) back from you guys. . . Thanks again for the quick turnaround!"
2002-04-19   "You guys are geniuses. Thanks for the great replacement/upgrade drive. ... I love you!"
2002-04-15   "Thanks for your help. If I have any friends that need an upgrade, I'll send them to you!"
2002-04-15   "Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my Tivo. Life is good again. I'll pass your name on..."
2002-04-05   "I have to say that I have been enormously impressed with your professionalism, conscientious and ethical approach, expertise and committment to customer service. I know that you spent like ten times the usual number of hours on this one - and I really appreciate it. If you ever need a reference for a prospective customer, I would be happy to provide one. Thanks again."
2002-04-03   "Guys: You asked for feedback with my order. Well, your shipping was prompt and earlier than I expected, which is a good thing. The new hard drive was extremely easy to install. Your instructions were clear and to the point. The whole process took about 20 minutes at most. I enjoyed doing business with you and would recommend Weaknees to anyone. Regards,"
BK, Dublin, OH
2002-03-30   "Dear Weaknees, Don't take this the wrong way, but I think I love you! Thank you so much for fixing my poor Tivo. It worked perfectly out of the box and is so much better than before. The extra $30 to have you do the install was CHEAP... especially considering what I retard I am with electronic equipment. Thank you so much for your fantastic and PROMPT service. I will recommend you to anyone who is considering upgrading their Tivo - and I know a few now that I've raved about it to all of my friends and convinced them to become part of the Tivo community. Thanks again from another VERY satisfied customer"
2002-03-15   "Received it today. Installed it in 30 minutes. Works great."
2002-02-18   " Thanks muchly for the drive fix! Works like a charm. Now, all I have to do is find out how to make Tivo dialout at 230AM instead of 3pm and im all set! Thanks again!"
2002-01-26   "Michael, I finally got around to installing the drive you sent me. You know how it is "if it isn't broke don't fix it." I'm happy to report that my Tivo works great. Thanks for all your help."
2002-01-03   "Dear Gentlemen, Just installed my new hard drive and all seems well, I appreciate your prompt service. Will contact you in the future if I, or any of my friends have any TIVO needs. Thank you for making a great product 105 hours greater!!!"
AA, Glenwood, NY
2002-01-03   "You guys rock! I ordered the HD late Thursday afternoon, got it on Friday, got it installed (pretty easy), powered up, and was back in TiVo heaven... Everything was reprogrammed before bedtime. AND I've got more recording space. I thought the world came to an end when my TiVo's hard drive died... but everything's back to normal now--and BETTER. Glad your company exists. Thanks for speedy shipment and well-written install instructions. Phew!"
KL, San Jose, CA
2001-12-17   "Michael - I bought a 203 hour unit back from you in July. I am very happy with it. Thanks. I would like to buy two more (which I figure are 196 hours since 2.0)."
2001-07-24   "Hey guys, The TiVo has been great and is running trouble free. Thanks"
2001-06-19   "Just got my TIVO and ran home to plug it in Thanks"
2001-04-26   "Just wanted to let you know my Tivo arrived and is working great. I would leave you positive feedback -- but this was not an Ebay transaction. ;-) Feel free to use me as a referral if you do more off-Ebay deals."
2001-03-03   "Dear Folks,This is just a short thank-you note about your product. I purchased a replacement hard drive for my Sony Tivo unit. The instructions were very clear and the pictures were helpful. Overall, the installation took less than 5 minutes to replace the original hard drive with the new one, and I had absolutely no problems with this at all! I would eagerly recommend your company to anyone who wants to upgrade their TiVO unit. Thanks again for making the process easy and bulletproof. Regards,"
2001-02-12   "I ordered a 91 hour Tivo from Weaknees on 2/2 and received the unit on 2/8. Spent this past weekend playing with it and am so glad I decided to make this purchase and that I found you on the web (since finding Tivos in stores has been difficult, if not impossible!)... Again, thanks for an excellent shopping experience. I will definitely recommend Weaknees to my friends interested in purchasing a Tivo."
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